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  2. You know johnny depp once said “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you truly loved the first one, you wouldn’t love another. that's why i said after meeting ZM, ZZR was sort of forgotten. ZM has awaken the man inside the boy
  3. Thanks for the summary! The one subbing in YT is still at Episode 3, if I am not mistaken. I am just waiting patiently.
  4. @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh Romance will burn me. I can only handle a romance drama once every four years. Whoops. TYH took it lol. Credit @cenching 596 @Lawyerh you should see him talking to a child. It’s too cute lol
  5. I have not seen an english subbed one. If you do or someone does find English subtitles, please do share it. The show looks fun. Sadly, I can't understand too. LOL
  6. ENTERTAINMENT 7 K-Dramas About North And South Korea To Binge-Watch Now Action + politics + romance? Yes, please! by KAREN PANGAN | 4 hours ago ICYDK, 2018 was a big year for North and South Korea. After being separated for more than 70 years, the independent governments have made a series of promising big steps that can lead to their improved relations. The relationship between the two has been a sensitive topic for decades, but this hasn't stopped the media from talking about it, K-dramas included. In fact, it has actually given way to some of the most iconic Korean dramas ever aired. If you're a K-drama fan who loves a mix of politics, action, drama, and romance, then you'll love the list below: 1. The King 2 Hearts (2012) 2. Descendants Of The Sun(2016) While this 2016 hit doesn't really focus on North Korea, the plot includes it as a theme on critical points of the story. Captain Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) try to navigate their relationship as they keep true to their loyalties as a soldier and a doctor. Descendants Of The Sunhits the perfect balance between action, politics, and romance, while also doing a good job in showing a side of North Korean loyalists that often goes unexplored by the media. 3. Doctor Stranger (2014) 4. City Hunter (2011) 5. Iris (2009) 6. Spy Myeong Wol (2011) 7. Blow Breeze (2016) source credit @https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/k-dramas-north-south-korea-a989-20190420-lfrm
  7. @chrissydiva Thanks for the clarification! While I like SH mom's intervention on NJ's impersonation, I'm not sure if she does it partially out of greed for Park's wealth . Remember how she gives up Gun & tosses LSH out of SH's life to replace him with NJ. In any way, I'm alright if NJ stays as the grandson & fights it out with AR over Aura & leave the Parks with nothing. LSH has been fine not knowing his lineage until he gets married as SH mom has been prompting him. He is self-sufficient as a doctor & has never aspired to be a chaebol & won't greed over his birthright.
  8. Glad you are caught up and dropped by the thread to share. Can't wait for tonight's episode!
  9. It's guessing time again, this time on the true condition and whereabouts of LSH's dad. My guess is he is alive but being kept in a mental assylum, not only because of his condition but because everyone believes he was responsible for the wife's unnatural death. I've been pretty quiet the last several episodes because am so frustrated over the development of the story. Am sure LSH snd OSH would have their happily ever after but in the meantime, we have to bear with the many ridiculous twists and turns of events.
  10. @Ameera Ali hes so sweet too in person off screen https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/kim-jae-wook-park-min-young-sweet-chemistry-private-life-filming/ Wow chingu. Stay as Mrs Hwang, u just only recently get married. Lol @sushilicious KJW sometimes a bit awkward in romance, but then he can become quite smooth too. 594
  11. Loll @Ameera Ali like how they say that KNG looks exactly the same in 2009. He is a vampire lolll 592
  12. NU’EST has shared first details for their upcoming reality show! The boy group will be teaming up with CJ ENM music digital studio M2 to launch their new reality show “NU’EST Road,” which will premiere at 8 p.m. KST on May 8. “NU’EST Road” will be a travel-themed reality show that follows the five members […] The post NU’EST Shares Poster And First Details Of Upcoming Reality Show appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. @ktcjdrama , @triplem join as when u have time In HPL @sushilicious u need some romance , all this crime & horror will turn you to vampire -2
  14. Potential break ups count 1. How about the fight on eps 50 where she throw away the wooden hairpin? 2. When she left before the wedding, she kind of cry and stand alone by the river. Is this breakup also? 3. When she considered dead and WJ grieved over her by the grave, i think this is breakup by ZM decision. 4. How about we go back to snake island, when WJ decided not to proceed the kiss? Telling her, when they return to the mainland they are enemies better keep distance with each other. Wow so many breakups moments for the couple. I guess this is the reason why we can move on. There's not enough closure for our hearts. Wow, you should see ZM style, wardrobe and attitude when she 'welcome' the 6 main righteous sects in Lin An temple so much girl power in her there. I think it's on eps 27
  15. @ktcjdrama me too loved episode, I didn’t know father Lee, raise Hwang , it’s most be hard on him to choose his men or father Lee
  16. So after key player in drama industry, Park Bogum ranks 2 in Top next generation of K-movie industry Real article https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=468&aid=0000497272 "Every year in Korean movies, the phrase "discovery of Chungmuro" is followed by a welcome appearance. They have a strong acting ability, a character that looks like they are wearing their own clothes, and a visual that shows their charm." "Park Bo-gum (13 votes) ranked second after Nam Joo-hyuk. Park Bo-gum, who has been recognized for his good looks and his acting skills through a number of works. Park Bo-gum, who has performed in "boyfriend" and "Love in the moonlight" will also perform his true value on the screen through the upcoming film "Seobok," which is scheduled to be cranked in May. Park Bo-gum, who has already been recognized as a new Korean Wave Prince in Asia including Japan and Southeast Asia, is considered one of the main players to lead the K-Movie. Just a note, if we comparing him with other actors on the list, Park bogum last movies aired four years ago (chinatown), but he's ranks 2 who totally amazing. I hope Seobok will doing well, so bogum can maintain his place!" Remember his last drama Chinatown aired 4 years ago, so its amazing he ranks 2 on the list with other actors who totally active in K-movies industry since last year. Other credit
  17. From the interview, I can see Suzy and In Na aren't very close. They only have a common friend, that's all. It is a valid concern, but you know - if two people are truly in love, they can move mountains. So I'm not too worried. What I'm thinking actually, is it might take a while for our couple to admit publicly that they are dating, because the public won't be too keen on their dating announcement if they do it now since it's barely a year since LDW's public relationship (if you can call it that since they were supposed to be just in the getting to know phase when their relationship was made public - and weren't actually dating). PLUS there's the privacy thing. Anyway, I hope it won't take three years for their marriage announcement. Given how hard Wookie Oppa is working now so he can properly raise a family, let's hope they're targeting to marry and make babies next year
  18. @Lawyerh I devoted to those two lots lol. Didn't have much time to do a FP one. 590
  19. @Lawyerh hahaha today I become mrs hwang don’t make me want to be mrs lion gold -2
  20. Love how Zhang Wu Ji’s walking style, wardrobe, and acting on ep 50 - so charismatic as the leader... ‘everyone is own people, no need to be too formal, please stand’
  21. @Ameera Ali Mrs Hwang, my literally laughed out loud session would be when Park answered Kim through the earpiece command. Even watching that the 3rd time I still laugh out loud... I watched it live, raw and subbed, lol...
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