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  2. Yeah!! He said don't worry I will protect you. And he really did!! Throughout the whole drama after snake island. How sweet. It seems like he is always on high alert mode with her around. Even during the wedding clash, you can see from his shocked expression that he cannot keep his eyes off her and can anytime plunge on anyone who want to harm her (especially almost everyone at the wedding are her enemies)
  3. Charged with energy in Kobe! Thank you for making me so happy for 3 days See you in nagoya on the 18th . #Compliance with a high-energy charge . I was so happy that I was faster #gobekonseoteu Thank you for being happy for 3 days <3 . See you at #nagoya on the 18th! Join me until the last time (1 ˃̵ᴗ˂̵) w . #김준수 #KIMJUNSU #JUNSU #XIA #金俊秀 #キムジュンス #ジュンス #JapanTour #Concert 190412~0414 XIA 김준수 - Dance Medley (Multi-angle) withxiahcom More here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 4/15- 4/21/2019 https://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2019/04/jyj-news-week-of-415-4212019.html?spref=tw
  4. Charged with energy in Kobe! Thank you for making me so happy for 3 days See you in nagoya on the 18th . #Compliance with a high-energy charge . I was so happy that I was faster #gobekonseoteu Thank you for being happy for 3 days <3 . See you at #nagoya on the 18th! Join me until the last time (1 ˃̵ᴗ˂̵) w . #김준수 #KIMJUNSU #JUNSU #XIA #金俊秀 #キムジュンス #ジュンス #JapanTour #Concert 190412~0414 XIA 김준수 - Dance Medley (Multi-angle) withxiahcom More here: JYJ CAFFEINE: JYJ News Week of 4/15- 4/21/2019 https://jyjcaffeine.blogspot.com/2019/04/jyj-news-week-of-415-4212019.html?spref=tw
  5. i just started watching this drama and i like it! currently on ep 5.. .. i watched wang’s family and my father is strange and i hv to watch this one too coz kim hae sook is on it.. anyway despite the age gap btween Miri and Taejoon, i find them quite compatible together.. the chemistry is there.. look forward to see more of them..
  6. wait till KNG get casted to act with JJH hahah two of my oppas hahaha 978
  7. the whole hand placement and the kisses, let's just say the two of them already got use of being body to body close enough that when WWWSK ended, probably got awkward cuz they could not hold each other anymore. You must be missing to hold her right, captain PSJ?
  8. Joo Jin-mo, Song Young-gyu ,Ko Kyu Pil and Noh Suh-na( Noh Susanna) were confirmed to appear in Investigation Couple 2/ Partners from Justice 2. https://www.mk.co.kr/star/hot-issues/view/2019/04/250973/
  9. Well said! I agree. It was a really good scene. I also like their after reaction when they found out the truth. The whole tear wiping was so so sweet. Loved it.
  10. Me too. In the previous version, it wasn't as nicely done. This one showed how much he cared for her and you can totally see how much he has fallen in love with her. The part where everyone was in the cave talking, he kept staring at her. I also loved her fighting scenes where she got stab. She was super cool. And I like how he stroke her face when she was hurt. AWWWW! Swoony!
  11. https://imgur.com/HpqVUJg I like his face reaction here, when he accidentally wanted put his hand in front of PMY's hand, to stop her from talking.. and his face was like, "damn, why I did that?" And he was squeezing his own hands
  12. Anyone interested on the last scene/ conversation between DH and Mdm Jin from episode 10? I'll put the translation under spoiler since K+ already uploaded the subtitles version. Let me know if you guys want other scenes translation.
  13. From filming BTS with the "office team" Other fan posters
  14. i personally love the moments of WJ and ZM on Snake Island. I thought that part of the show was really sweet. ZM plunging on him on the ship - when the ship shake with waves. And he look shocked and Shy. He even blink his eyes ! Him, controlling his urge to hold her hands when She touched his hands. Minmin Sacrifice her life for him during the Persian fight. He discovered that he really love her but Suppress his feeling as he wish to protect her. The fruits offering to Minmin part. He held her shoulders and told her. Don't worry, I will protect you. I thought this is really sweet. He look at her stunned when she ask him, Hey XZ told me you love me. is it true? He constantly peeking at her when she was talking while listening to JHPP's story. And of course, the Beach chatting part.
  15. @drakelaw thanks for the warm welcome! I just finished watching Daddy’s long legs. Thanks for the reco! Gosh, it is really a challenge for me to watch Empress Ki since i am not into historical drama.But I’m now at episode 18, way to go girl! Well actually, I stopped watching EK because i tried to check her other drama “the time we were not inlove” and i kinda like the chill vibe (a very diff character from what she usually portrays no?).. so im almost done with it. Haha! Wait, is this guy single? Were there any dating rumors about them? I really hope HJW will find that kind of man in real life coz she deserves all the love. I can’t wait for her new drama. It’s quite interesting to see her being a chef. Something like catherine zeta jones in no reservations movie - a bad richard simmons in kitchen!
  16. I loved Mi ri and Mi sun`s scene. Not only because the sister had a bonding moment but I loved it because it was a good scene for Soyeon. It was showed how deep is Mi ri`s emotional scar. She resents her mother so much that she feels that she should drain all her blood from her veines. And it is the same when she drunk so much because she wanted to forget her mother completely. There is a struggle in Mi Ri. She is angry but in the same time she misses her mom. I think she never stopped waiting for her. I also loved the scene where Mi ri came to sleep with Sun ja. Lovely moment. Speaking of Sun ja. We found out that she was a widow for ten years and that she lived hard times. About Mi sun and San ja`s argument... It was unfortunate but they are both stubborn women and had their part of guilt. Poor uncle Young-Dal. The mediator between the women. Even using his body as a shield. I liked the moment between Mi ri and Mi Hye. They talked and we even found out how Mi Hye helped Mi ri took the medicine in her place when they were young. Maybe we`ll see Mi Hye and Mi Sun`s scene too. I find it funny when Mi hye asked her mother to whom she will give the restaurant as inheritance. Because she is a little blunt/undiplomatic, it came wrong... I thought about the same thing as Mi Hye. I knew that she will try to spend time in the Sun ja`s restaurant as a way to find her new way outside writing. She thinks she should concentrate on the business because it could be hers one day. BTW, people should stop pushing Mi Hye around. She is not an object. The good quality of Tae Joo is that he is a mature man who knows what he wants. He speaks his mind and he is independent. His father knows him well. He knows that he is not a calculated man. He is diven by his heart and his father wishes that he would not form an attachment to people. Chairman Han thinks that his son is still young and his soft side is a disadvantage for business. Tae Joo is capable to confront his father to defend his love. He even left home when he was younger and tried to live alone without his father`s help. He is not attached to fortune. It will be interesting how Chairman Han will manipulate the future events to his advantage, to do what he wants. The worst thing to do is that Mi ri would be replaced by a newbie. It will be horrible. What Mi ri would have done to be downgraded like this? The bigger humiliation won`t be. Mi Ri should quit if that`s the case. Tae Joo will get a promotion soon but I wish he will have a similar post as Mi Ri and they will have to colaborate. Or he will get a bigger executive post. I suspect the later could happen. Instead of Mi ri`s promotion, Tae Joo will get it instead. Tae joo is still new in the company but the Chairman will give him the job because he is the heir and to create discomfort to his son`s relationship with Mi ri. We`ll see.
  17. Since there's so many I'll choose the one that's probably underrated, the scene where WJ was falsely accused by his Wudang uncle. After he immobilised all of them ZM went straight for WJ's jugular and tell him that being falsely accused doesn't feel good right and don't think that just because you keep on the straight and righteous path people won't misjudged you eventually. I think this is a very good scene between ZM and WJ, it really shows that no matter how much she loves him, ZM won't just let WJ off the hook if he's wrong. It also take WJ down a peg, I think sometimes WJ feels like he's has a better moral ground just because he's a "good guy" compare to ZM. That's why I always love when ZM say "Who do you even think you are! Don't think too highly of yourself!" it always shook him lol The 2nd part I like is after telling WJ that, ZM turn around and still defend WJ, since he is innocent, by telling how stupid the Wudang uncles for even thinking that WJ can kill the 7th uncle, show them where the body is and did not kill them immediately, WJ is stronger than them duh! It showed the most common trope of wuxia for me personally, all wulin people whether you're orthodox or not always attack first talk laterbe logical people! Like ZM or HR. It also showed that ZM never try to disprove Wudan uncle's accusation about her killing 7th uncle since she doesn't care about their opinion of her, but she knows the false accusation will despair WJ. 3rd part is when SQS was rushing with the horse even under extreme pressure ZM is a quick thinker, I mean it's a bit convenient but I'll just put it under wuxia trope where somehow everybody can meet at the same place no matter how big China is. And of course when ZM was wiping WJ's tears was sweet
  18. I think after he get married, he Will select a movie or drama that less kiss. I remember after wwwsk, he decided to choose 'saja' . We know he said there was no romance in this film. My delulu said, because he just got romance with his gf in his previous drama or maybe they just start their relationship that make him to think ,he should keep far from gf's jealousy....
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