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  2. Cha Min can return with his handsome face? There must be an unknown rule by the Abyss aka DragonBall.
  3. Where qre you guys watching ep 21 with sub?In youtube official channel it's only upto ep 18 right?
  4. This drama is just perfection. I can't stop thinking about it. It's literally the perfect way to do a romcom. The side stories and back stories are interesting as well but they don't overshadow our leads and their story. The romance is just on another level, I couldn't imagine anyone else as RG or DM. Not sure about everyone else but the opening song is stuck in my head lol that "I wanna be all dayyyy, your precious little girl, oh oh ay oh, all I want is you" verse is forever on replay in my head haha even my 6 year old is starting to sing it cos I sing it out loud without realising
  5. I think we will have V-Live again on May 21st at 2 pm KST for press conference. Found this on facebook of GMA network from Philippines (which recently aired 'My Golden Life'). SHS was nominated for Best Actress of the Year voting. https://www.facebook.com/GMA-AsianSeries-The-Best-Of-HOA-1974587596192893/ And the dubbed version of 'Hymn of Death' will be broadcast on that channel too. ( I hope this channel will air '30but17' too, otherwise some audiences there may think she only acted in sad drama )
  6. Checked it out... Yes, great song as well. Love the feel... I can't find where to watch the drama though. Can you PM me where to find it? 990
  7. @puzlator@hobi e što volim žene sa stavom . Kud smo kao mlađi morali slušati dan- noć o Madoni ima li nešto da nismo čuli nisam je gledala ni sinoć a šta da kažem nostalgija je to /isčekivanje da se ona pojavi za neke/ da opet budeš mlađi Pre finala odslušala sam par pesama. A kad sam videla listu izvođača videla sam da zadnjih par pesama treba poslušati jer su tu bili Italija, Španija i još po neka dobra pesma. Ono najbolje za kraj. He is Psychometric
  8. +2 Oh I'm dissappointed to be honest. I loved it up to S8 but the way they're writing things is just... ugh... Final episode tomorrow (well, tonight but can't watch until tomorrow) and I think that's a good thing. Though I'm curious as to how it will end, I think they made a bunch of mistakes in this season. I don't see any possibility for redemption but who knows. They might surprise me.
  9. Hard to time jump right now as there are 2 other couples involved in this drama. You jump MR and the whole MH story will be messed up. It's usually concurrent story timeline. Its whether the writer makes them break up after he becomes the Chairman's son or before. I think it will be after. Or they may not break up at all with that but break up for another reason. Who knows? I guess it depends on how if is revealed. I still haven't had time to watch it subbed commenting from the scenes I watched. He was quite adamant about not being revealed and IS is the one insisting on it now. I am going back to rewatching the break up scenes in Five Children. Surprisingly it has been very enjoyable watching it. I have probably rewatched the younger sister break up scenes like 20 times or more. A good break up storyline can actually be better than a badly written romance line.
  10. First of all, this is my first post in this forum after many years being a silent lurker here. Anyway, i can’t help to write my opinion here. Since the black car accident in the earlier episode, i suspected DM had some trauma, and after reaching latest episode, my conclusion are: DM, EG, RG, and DM lil bro we’re neighborhood’s friends RG’s mom a.k.a lee seol were too busy paintings so RG just always playing with his friends In some DM’s flashback we’ve seen her letting go lil bro hand. I guess after that happened, the lil bro got hit by some black car. Then DM erased that accident in her memory. Maybe if EG knew this, he is the hidden key of DM past. (From the earlier ep we’ve seen DM almost got hit by car two times, and her expression were different in the first time by black car and second times by white car, and one more, DM can’t drive because she’s scared) DM’s mom in the 11th ep told RG that she doesn’t like DM do fangirling not because DM can’t get a bf but because she had an accident before while fangirling. I think DM’s mom had some trauma too about loosing a child because of accident. And about RG abandoned scene, i guess that was DM’s mom too (hope that’s not true tho) but for adding acceptable bg story the reason she was abandoning RG that night (just my guess), that was the day DM’s lil bro had accident so she was out of her mind and just wanna rush to the hospital. Last, i never thought RG was abandoned by his mom. My guess he got lost and met DM’s mom on the way her to the hospital. Ok, that’s it. Thank you for reading my long ‘makjang scenario’
  11. KimJaeWook & ParkMinYoung have so far portrayed how a real dating couple is like. ******* DeokMi gradually takes Ryan’s hand to go through simple daily joys which had been missed in his youth.
  12. spotting before period on pill phentermine.portfoliobox.net medina county health department

  13. He looks soooo good at the NARS event! He's really becoming a style icon isn't he! Off topic but there's some pics of him and PXR at the event and they look sooo sweet together like usual. I'll forever ship them together!
  14. I'm glad this thread is not as active as the other two.... shippers wars are scary Go Park Min Young! One lady single-highhandedly managed to make shippers war in Soompi discussion forum in May 2019.... This should be part of Soompi's history right? Her sister is probably a lurker here, send our regards to PMY!
  15. Block B’s Park Kyung is gearing up to release new music! On May 19, Block B’s official Twitter account shared the album cover for Park Kyung’s new single “Lazybones” (literal translation), revealing that the Block B member will be releasing a new song as a soloist on May 23 at 6 p.m. KST. Park Kyung […] The post Block B’s Park Kyung Announces Plans To Release New Song With Album Cover appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. Kim So Yeon Shows Off Diverse Charms Through Contrasting Makeup Looks On “Mother Of Mine” by M. Dang Kim So Yeon has been gaining attention for the different makeup looks she pulls off in “Mother of Mine“! In the KBS 2TV drama, Kim So Yeon plays the role of Kang Mi Ri, and the multifaceted charms of her character are highlighted by her makeup. On one hand, she is a charistmatic careerwoman with cool-headed judgement, and this is reflected through strong colors that give off a professional vibe. On the other hand, when she is with her boyfriend Han Tae Joo (played by Hong Jong Hyun), her makeup is done with colors that evoke a loving feeling, presenting a completely opposite image from when she is in the office. The detail of makeup that changes based on the scenario adds another layer of depth to Kim So Yeon’s character. https://www.soompi.com/article/1325532wpp/kim-so-yeon-shows-off-diverse-charms-through-contrasting-makeup-looks-on-mother-of-mine
  17. Hhaahah that ost will be there during the entire drama except for probably the last few episodes where they switch to another ost which i love. Called Half a step more. Wow that song is niceee! And that Male lead was my bias haha. I hold on to him until he got married. Haha 986
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