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  2. "Han Na" is the name of the dream girl of Ms. Hong and the way HN was disgusted by calling Hong mom was satisfying, she has debts she needs to pay it off and she is willing to suck up to Hong for that and Hong thinks she hit the jackpot and not the rock-bottom. SK moment with her brother and her confession to him is something her idiot father should have heard and her stupid aunt too and her adultery cheating husband. SK poured her heart out the only person who loved unconditionally. The other sister is still unchanged, she has a long way and a lot of growing up to do, she doesn't deserve that sweet small family she has. Hong still thinks she can win it all and still in denial and still clueless, but at least she is not hiding her abuse toward SY in front of her son anymore. SJ treatment is important he doesn't have a long time to live so for him to volunteer is the right thing to do, what does he have to lose if he is going to die anyway if there is no treatment and to ait for one is only manageable when there is hope, his father wants to control everything and he is also incapable of changing.
  3. https://m.weibo.cn/2937980415/4365238629864583 The stand in actress for Yukee looks pretty too
  4. hmm..reactions about a female lead on psj's new drama are really bad. most people are saying she doesn't suit the webtoon character at all. I hope everything of psj's new drama goes smoothly.
  5. 710 Out of the left field here...Was Ryan Drunk? Why are they in the bathroom together? Somemore asking her to sing? Wait..it’s outside of the house lol
  6. @greezlybee..thank you again for the insights chinggu . I am not a fangirl. So I really dont know how fangirl should react in this kind of situation. Even so, as I mentioned before, earlier I was too a bit bothered by the fact that choosing between SA and RG would be a trivial reason for any relationship to be rocked by. Especially, to top all that, RG already knew how obsessed DM was about SA and yet he still adored and run after her. So, yes, I agree with most you. Sian might not be the main issue here but the fact that "fangirling" is still the main theme of this drama, I could not shake the feeling that Sian might be part or probably the catalyst to the main issue. What is the issue? I've yet to know. I wish someone from this forum can enlighten us with the content of the manhwa. At least, for me, I need to know, to feel less nervous.. After watching yesterday's episode with subs, I too echo some of you about the reasons RG was panicking and running to find her everywhere and then the kiss. The incidents that lead to that point were not too big enough to induce such reaction. But then again, we did watch RG gradually falling in love with DM beforehand and he did see her tearing up when he practically barked at her prior to the kiss. And we also know that he is actually a big softie despite his lion persona. So, that might be the inducer. Still, I hope we get to see deeper reasoning in next episode or at least some explanation to what really motivated him to react the way he did. I also echo most of you about the chemistry between KJW and PMY. It is seriously no joke. i started to post/ follow any threads/ watch live stream again after being in hiatus for many months because of the chemistry of the OTP in Episode 1 (the Chinese Auction House). I never really notice KJW before but now regretted that so much and trying to binge watched some of his dramas starting with Temperature With Love...he is seriously a gem...
  7. Lee Seok Hoon had nothing but great things to say about his former “Produce 101 Season 2” mentees NU’EST! The singer appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s “Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date” on April 26. And while talking about music, the topic of NU’EST’s upcoming comeback came up. Four members of NU’EST (JR, […] The post Lee Seok Hoon Shares Supportive Message For “Produce 101 Season 2” Mentees NU’EST appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. Really ? I hv not seen it . Ok I’ll check it later . ————— Yeo Jin Goo. . He’s a humanoid. @stroppyse 708
  9. I am agree, especially on their first met in the auction PMY mentioned that Ryan looks like Shi An(?).... +2
  10. Am so slow at using this site , getting use to the set up is difficult ... i cant really put to words what this episode did to me ... but the writer/narrator in me has woken up and i cant concentrate on my assignment unless i write what's been on my mine ... i need to clear my mind of this drama sop i can study... am i allowed to review and write about the drama here ?? ( i ask because i tend to write 50 page essays that are confusing and can go on forever with some gifs here an there ) ... my last fandom let me post whatever i wrote??
  11. Interaction between the senior and junior of BH Credit to the owner
  12. crossing our fingers, calling old buddies @kim_nuong @Diana Ho @KdramaSwimmer check out our Jong Hyunnie's new dramas, it's so good and I missed you guys here
  13. Jun Hyun Moo recently shared his thoughts on returning to MBC’s “I Live Alone” during an interview held on April 26. Jun Hyun Moo had previously decided to take a short break from the program after announcing his break-up with model and entertainer Han Hye Jin. The production team stated at the time that they would not replace […] The post Jun Hyun Moo Talks About Plans For His Return To “I Live Alone” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. Yes, we're all speculating that they're brothers. ~ ~ ~ ~ I am now watching My Ajusshi. Hope to finish it over the weekend... 704
  15. @Juni Asat thanks for the welcome...i hope that this thread will be active considering the good reviews and high rating of his weekend drama.. including the upcoming absolute bf remake..
  16. On her filmography, there is a series called "5 sisters" (MBC). Is it this one, perhaps? Btw, I find family sitcom funny. Korean sitcom "high kick" is one of rare non-LYW's stuffs which I watched, it's hilarious and meaningful. I hope LYW can do sth like this in the future. Meeting in Shanghai, I guess... Wow, love at first sight from KWB ??? Fukuda, where were you at important moments? why didn't you accompany her? I'm sorry FuJin shippers, but seem your ship is sinking even deeper to where Titanic lied
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