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  2. Whoah! I stopped at Page 173 and waited until I've finished watching Ep 14 (subbed) this afternoon before coming here again. I have 20+ pages to catch up now! You guys are fast!
  3. A lot of the signs point to Shi-an knowing that he and Ryan are related well before the reveal. At least at the point of reveal in ep 13, Shi-an would have to be pretty certain that Ryan is the brother in question. He told his mother later on that he knew he had an older brother. The least he could have done was to speak to Ryan privately and break it to him gently. Ask Ryan if he wants to acknowledge mum and then only once Ryan has had time to process everything, to arrange a meeting. Not drop the bombshell on Ryan in front of everyone else. What if Ryan didn't want to be reunited despite his interest in the paintings? I absolutely loathe the fact that we have to resort to childhood connections every other time in a drama. Deok-mi's mother is already playing surrogate mum to Eun-gi and Cindy. She doesn't need to be involved in Ryan's past. She could still be the devoted mother-in-law who loves Ryan like her own son. As for the shift in focus... Deok-mi's romance with Ryan is still within the realm of "her private life", right? As opposed to her work/professional life. The fangirl aspect is just part of her private life. Most k-dramas focus on the male lead even though the title is about the female lead. This is not a surprising turn, although Deok-mi has had the chance to show that she is more than her fangirl persona with the way she has been giving Ryan emotional support, so there is that. I will also give it to the drama for the nice saves for Eun-gi and Da-in.
  4. The only common factor is the word. The contexts and meanings are entirely different. "that compares the comfort and relaxed state lovers enter after passion to a cool summer night" I.e. Intense sexual love. "I don't want someone who makes me feel like I have to do something. I want someone who makes me relaxed... even without doing anything." I.e. Literally nothing. One thing is for certain: A person who truly loves you would never make you feel like you have to do something. That was clearly an issue, if not the major issue in their relationship. We touched on this before. This is how LSG intended love according to his song "Love": Love, just by having it by my side Without a word, its warmth melts down my day Love, it’s hard to go in front of it Just by my side, without a word, hard to go in front of it? (That doesn't mean they didn't have their moments because they obviously did.) I'm guessing that didn't go down well with her in the long run lol. Cue YoonA's "I did not know it then, it was love/I did not realize then how love looked like" She leads you on for years, acts like she likes you for years, when you finally get together, she acts like she's deeply in love with you, then after a while (we're talking months, a year at most, and even that's pushing it) she quite obviously has a change of heart, and breaks up with you. All while they keep on lying to everyone about it. Fast forward 2 a half years later and she releases a song claiming she didn't know your heart and what love is. Would you ever believe or trust someone like this ever again? Never. With that said, I'm sure she showed constant care and attention in the short time they were together like he says in "And Goodbye..", but that doesn't justify this mess.
  5. How to cure your hard day ... Listening Jieuni grumble in new IU tv update Missed Jieuni badly
  6. Actually i think the redness was supposed to be the flow since PMY drank at the company dinner prior to their sketch scene.... hence it does match it up. afaik pmy usually drinks after the shoot though.. but it might be before the shoot this time round...
  7. Wow, what can I say, a few more posts and we will make it to the 200th page! Congrats everyone for your passion and dedication to this drama
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  9. woah! it has to be true cause he has such good energy around him. like everything seems good about him so i'm sure he smells good too!
  10. Hyesun's expression is so on point. Bad Yeonseo! She's like: Pppffff, darn that flower! Nice smelling... my foot! (throws) Seriously her acting has reached a whole new level. Whether comedic or emotional scenes, she does it all so effortlessly.
  11. lmao i actually wanted to write some other word don't why my keyboard auto corrects it to richard simmons but i get your point
  12. Han Ji Min showed her support for her “Familiar Wife” co-star Ji Sung! On May 24, Ji Sung took to his Instagram and shared photos of himself standing in front of a coffee truck that Han Ji Min sent to the set of SBS’s upcoming drama “Doctor Room” (literal title). The photos show banners on the […] The post Han Ji Min Shows Support For Ji Sung And His Upcoming Drama With Special Gift appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. PSJ can actually ask her to teach him English, since he seems very interested and eager to learn English like he said in one of his recent interviews... Maybe a private tutoring session in his home will do? She can just cross the street.
  14. Yoo there is a legitimate american one she would kill. I think she killed 4 husbandz. 766
  15. Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong 'Secretly Greatly' soft power amplification Korea split into two, conducted in the House of Culture May 9 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxytw19FxEM/?igshid=yz09noncbdjx
  16. Source: Mrs. Eugene Choi @KdramaAddict14 Good story though unrealistic. It is also the reunion of #JeonDoYeon and LBH. Liked the angst of KGE's role but LBH & JDY brought the drama to higher level. Their chemistry is really good.
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