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  2. I hope the longer teaser is subtitled before the premiere episode tomorrow night. Their 1st encounter is both relatable and cute
  3. Somehow deep down, I am afraid there comes a day he will have to leave KJ. Because if Kousuke persist to fight bad guys, KJ will block him every single time. But we just don't know when it will come. Cannot connect post *
  4. In-Ha remembered there is one book that is missing from SH's belongings. She believed it to be his diary/journal, although the cover of the missing book is actually of a classic by Herman Merville. I won't try to type the name here since it will be censored out anyway, lol... The said book/diary below: The witness we're talking about I think it's the person who saw the guard before he was hit by the truck.
  5. All the actors are amazing. But, YSY is too good of an actor, not to be the main lead. Even in the short scenes between YH and JI , there is chemistry on the screen. **** I like this mind fight between YH and lord Hwang.
  6. Yaa i think my GPA will be perfect 4.00 if this topic gah... haha... Master guru @triplem need to bring out her oppa list. Eh oppa shd be older than us right ? Triplem will throw rock to me. Sensitive topics right hahaha....
  7. Ah ok...yeah the on court convo was angsty...and necessary to move the story forward emotional conflict always works ! I also think the reason we didn't see more non-playing was the use of more than one camera...they could make the edits so it appeared they played well although their shooting form told you they didn't have a clue..lol I also think what made HCTM shine is that even without the subs ( like in a old-time silent movie) you could follow plot of the story - the dialogue added to a deeper understanding. Some think Sotus is the Holy Grail...others ( me ) think even with subs it wasn't clear - so there's that...raw was painful. thanks ! it's a linguistic challenge all the way around sometimes...I think it's rather elitist of me to intentionally watch a show in another language then demand subs..when I can help myself a bit...although it seems with the increase in international viewers, more BL series are aired with subs right off the starting block. I know 2moon2 too will be sub at airing. Not sure what they are going to do with Theory of Love - gmmtv is kinda slow on the uptake with subs...
  8. Please share your thoughts on how the drama wrapped things up. 618
  9. nahhhh i wished i can do it for my FYP but it's just because i noticed that this group is down so lighten it up a little. I am waiting for more people to join then i would write mine hahah
  10. As till now, Hiroshi is more interesting than both KWB and Fukuda. How come? I think he means positive to LYJ. He's maybe bad or even evil, power-hunger outside, but he's a good father to LYJ. In other words, LYJ is in his good-nature side, other ppl are not... Interesting theory! I think he's just adoptive father to LYJ, but raising her up and observing her since she was a child nurtures fondness and love from him towards her. In last ep, I watched that he saved LYJ from being killed by Japanese soldier, then extended his hand for her. And when he knew Oda was purposely tailing his daughter in Shanghai, he screamed to Oda's face. It's a natural action of a father when he knows ppl mean harm to his daughter. Btw, I'm confused... I think the lady living with them is a housekeeper? because somewhere in first episodes, that lady told LYJ that she had been hired by Mr. and Mrs. Hiroshi. I assume that his wife passed away, so the housekeeper is now looking after the household and LYJ, and somehow becomes a family member. Probably, the Hiroshi couple didn't have their own child (or they lost their own one), so they loved LYJ as their real one. She had slight feeling for or at least good impression about him. When she was kidnapped by the Shanghai gang (I forget the name ) and was informed a man was barging into the headquarter for her, the only person she thought abt is Fukuda. Such a big regret to Fukuda, if only he had forgotten abt his damn permission or command from the upper and just brainlessly barged into the den like KWB did... KWB surely has romantic feeling to LYJ though he keeps reminding himself she's a time-bomb or inherent risk. Guess this is the case you know it's a cup of poison but you're willing to take it . However, not sure abt LYJ yet... her first motive to get close to KWB is it's an order from Kim-gu. Second, she's attracted by KWB's persistent goal in gaining independence for Joseon. Lastly, their fight together in Manchuria makes them closer but not to the point she has romantic feeling for him. I'm waiting for more signals from her, haha. Let's see her reaction when she hears her marriage arrangement in next eps !
  11. That’s why I suspect SA is adopted. After She has been searching for RG for many years later. She stopped painting as LeeSl right about the time she left RG.
  12. Are u writing your FYP? Lol. Last time i do questionnaire too for graduation. I wish i can do this topics instead Wheres your Kim Nam Gil devotion btw? Bring him on!
  13. Hi @willenette, it was a 12hr flight from Barcelona. So he must be tired. Hope he gets some rest. He will soon get back to work.
  14. Quoted @Ni Wen's posted from ALML's thread because I'm too shy to post there. Same to me...watching many movies and dramas from different foreign countries, I never felt this to any actor or actress. I've never thought I will have this kind of eagerness to participate in forum thread like this, or follow all IG, twitter and other SNSs. Never thought there will be the day that I learn Korean Language just for reading the drama news (and hope one day I can watch live broadcast of her drama and understand all words) Now I understood why my boss's niece also learn Korean to follow her idol. I don't know why but I think the reason doesn't matter. I will keep supporting Shin Hye Sun always.
  15. Han ji min is a really good friend. Despite being busy, she does not forget to support her friends and that is really admirable of her One thing i love of our han ji min, she is really intelligent. See how she answers the inappropriate question. In your face rude reporter, you go our queen lol. While she will always be compared to son ye jin since the project is from the same writer and director, the role is different and i have watched son ye jin too in many of her classis romantic movies and they have different takes on roles. They both are so beautiful and have different strengths so it is so nice of how ji min answered the question. One thing i am sure of is ji min will give life to lee jung in. Just their first encounter and i'm sold. That detailed acting as its finest. So excited for tomorrow. I will enjoy this drama as i know it will take a while again before she accepts one
  16. @triplem regarding DJG, I am guessing he has been involuntarily recruited into some web of deceit in some ploy to take over the company. He seems to genuinely care about Min Ik but has inner turmoil. It’s like he knows half the story and that something bad is up but has to keep mum in fear/worry. There’re secrets for sure! The fact that he wants to quit tells me that he cannot handle it and would rather run away. He isn’t bad or good, just weak methinks.
  17. I don't think in cantonese. I'm sorry but i forget where i downloaded it. Maybe in youtube or website for download drama. Beside from youtube, I downloaded from several website to find the right timing sub. If it is from youtube maybe under name harold McGill or yongki net.
  18. There are some disconnections along the way. Probably nobody proofread the writer's scripts. Another example is SH's house which is bought by NJ. He could have transferred its ownership to the thugs to pay part of his debts. It is not a very small house after all as Esther & Tiffany could even 'play hide-and-seek' with SH dad in their front porch & its located in Seoul. Btw, what is the currency they use in k-drama? It's mentioned they borrowed 60 mil from the thugs. In USD?
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