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  2. Do u think inna look at ldw n go eun when go eun put hot packs on ldw's neck? She looks jealous to me.. LOL And yes.. finally she did it to him TOO on d last filming of goblin.. ahahahaha..
  3. @Pmyonly yes i also think the scene is beautiful. Think about your crush, and he appear in second... Can feel the longing and the restriction as well. Thats why Im inspired to open shipper thread lol.... Drama just on ep 2, but i already love them @tok-soompi ha ha ha me too, want to know more, hope got more people see and can help us here. Btw do you have the link of that specific interview?
  4. I wasn't into Kdrama back when My Golden Life was released but since then I have discovered the amazing Shin Hye Sun and have watched MGL. To hear that the network had trepidation and somewhat apologized for casting SHS in their pre release promotions for MGL blew my mind. Had they lost their minds? It's hard to imagine how anyone could not see the genuine and penetrating talent this actress brings to the screen. MGL was successful BECAUSE of SHS. Did they not watch their own production clips? To apologise for casting her is unbelievable. if I understand correctly, MGL dominated the ratings when it ran. This is all on Shin Hye Sun in my opinion. Although every other cast member was excellent, SHL stole the show. One look into her eyes, regardless of the emotion she was carrying, was a look into the very sole of her character. Mesmerising! Her character in Angel's Last Mission : Love so far proves this. The network executives who were reticent about SHL prior to launching MGL must now be hanging their heads. They clearly have a superstar on their hands.
  5. 988 KJW with shave cream. I think uri hpl pd nim is a masochist. He wants to kill us every week with all those sexy scenes of kjw but I am still curious why KJW always wearing his shirt? Even in that save cream scene? Btw in angel last mission they change the main program of the company. It is not swan lake but giselle. Swan lake is the dream program of all the ballerina because of the legs technique. I think swan lake relates to the lead girl before her eyes accident. While Giselle is a tragic story of a ghost who is still loving her human bf. And the dancing technique demands a very very very very light and soft movement. I think giselle relates to the whole story of this drama. It is a sad and tragic love story
  6. @kur4p1k4 Thanks the combination of YX and ZWJ/ZM love is awesome! (BTW, I posted another chapter in my modern AU fanfic.)
  7. Looks like we have some OTP moments again . Glad to see romance is slowly moving.
  8. I think right. I would cringe when I had too much. Like I would laugh a lot then cringe haha +2
  9. It's really a mesmerizing vid! Fantastic work by our queen, the actors/dancers on set and the PD. We can really see here how hard they worked to create this level of professionalism for Yeon Seo. Sadly, since it was cut on the drama in small parts, it didn't shine as much as it should. Personally i'm in love with the dark gothic atmosphere of the performance and sets but i also feel sad because i don't think we'll see more of it in the future of the drama. I agree with your two points to 100% but would rate higher the fact that she made an unlikeable character a compelling and dynamic protagonist that make viewers want to tune in for more. It's the heart of her acting skills and the reason why i consider her the best actress of her generation. Very few actresses have the ability to pull such a complex acting techniques. After Eun Soo in SF and Ji An in MGL, she's becoming slowly but surely an expert to those kind of turnaround. It's more related to ALML but i suppose you guys hav seen this interview she did with KMS for Kocowa: I wanted to bring it here because he praised her so much! Notably about her ballet scenes and how good at it she is. He literally refused to let her demean herself. At the start of the promo campaign i thought he was just being nice and polite but it's more evident that he's sincerely happy to play with her and in awe of her talent. After Lim Ju Hwan's insta messages, it warms my heart to see more professionals who work with her aknowledge her talent. Fun facts: in the video, she admitted that she isn't cut out to be a ballerina because they move all day and she can't do that. Probably meaning that she loves too much to rest. Also, at one point they discussed if they would be attracted to the other's character and she confirmed that Dan, the bright, cheery bubbling guy is not her type (also she likes men, not angels ), which make me wonder what's her type ( she never discussed her type before and i wonder if her refusal so far to discuss the idea of romance is connected to the reason why she's doing all those romcom....
  10. I have a question for anyone fluent in Korean. I'm currently rewatching (yeah yeah I know lol) and noticed that sometimes, DM's name is pronounced as Dong Mi (rhymes with "song"), while sometimes it's pronounced as Dok Mi (rhymes with luck, but with a shorter K sound). Any idea why this is so? And I just read this glossary of fangirling terms, is Sung Deok Mi's name some kind of a pun on a fan girl? That's clever and hilarious. Lol
  11. For me myself, sometimes I feel the same as you, many questions in my head, why oh why, but at the end of the day, I always try not to overthink for everything, so they won’t give me nightmares lol. Just let it be. For me, the basic key for shipping world is, never invest our heart too much or we’ll get headache lol. Praying for the best and prepare for the worst. Love PPC 3000.
  12. So i got curious and wanted to see how many pages did soompiers commented on the drama when it was aired. While this page stopped at 227 (7 months ago), the shippers thread have over 800 pages of comments on the couple I've rewatched up until ep10 now and noticed that before YJ dated Secretary Kim, he always met up with his MD Park (Kang Ki Young) for lunches and exercise. Never really noticed that during the drama airing, on how significant is KKY's role back time.
  13. damn ppc real life love story could be turned into a drama itself. there is so many twist & turns also the fact that whole cast & crew knew about their rumors beforehand imagine what their reaction would be while seeing them doing those intimate scenes! no wonder pd nim joked " i wish you guys could only do kissing scenes" so easily hihihi plus that 3 years things still seems a bit exaggerating to me, i mean if you had been secretly dating for 3 years you should be perfectly in tune with your partner without any awkwardness but in the bts there were times when psj seemed really nervous not to mention the proud expression on his face saying "i ate it all" as if he finally achieved what he has been dreaming of :/
  14. Thank you very much for this huge spoiler! Can you tell me how the story ended in the novel? And what's the real identity of the FL?
  15. Btw, to all my lovely Brethren who love sexiness. Have you ever felt there’s too much sexy in certain drama that made you sick? I am asking because some Salt Tribe mentioned it... No number
  16. Just a play of his name Dom Min Ik omg , he never actually saw VP. The woman in leopard print was the doctor’s Friend this This will be interesting - with a device to measure his blood pressure & heart beat .... Gal Hee feeling the pain as he shredded the contract
  17. DJ is having a meal with Uncle in a private room. Talking about some corporate stuff. VP's name is mentioned. Not catching much... Dom is cycling, as Doc's voice over about him having to exercise. He got tired and stopped to sit on the ground. He looked at the wristband measuring his heartbeat and thought about his last conversation with GH when she said she doesn't want to be seeing him. Then his heartbeat increased. GH is at a restaurant drinking alone and regretting for not signing the contract. Dom happened to go in there. He's surprised to see GH, and GH also tried to cover her face with her ponytail, LOL...and then trying to take off her red cardigan, LOL.... but too late, Dom saw her. They didn't sit together on same table, but back to back, as in preview. They kept talking like that and GH saw the wristband and asked about it. The server even commented aish why they don't sit together since they know each other. Dom is drunk sitting outside, he almost fell behind and GH caught him in time. He denied being drunk though, but he got up his bike the wrong way. He told GH that they should report to the police, because someone stole his bike handles, lolol..... GH offered to ride the bike for him then... Drunk Dom at first was holding to the strap of GH's bag, but as GH reached a hump, he then held on her tight, with heartbeat increasing... He wondered drunkenly why...
  18. to be clear, I wasn't trying to imply that KJK was being mean or insensitive. I just didn't think much of it because I wasn't following SJH during that time and I didn't know how bad the response was - to me it's just not a big deal. Also, I thought YJS has teased her about it before on happy together cmiiw. I didn't even think of the angry bird/bad jihyo persona lol. That's a much more likely theory about what KJK was talking about. Anyway, at least these two are comfortable enough to tease each other on camera again. Always a push-pull with this ship.
  19. Dominique is drunk. His blood pressure went up a little. He started to fall and fell right into his unknown lover GH's arms. Lol he's too drunk and doesn't know how to ride his bicycle lol he got on it backwards. Looks like GH will be riding him home on his bike. Awww with all her bags too. What a cute scene. The speed bump made him fall into her even more but he's all drunken talking. His heart was beating harder though and his blood pressure rising.
  20. @Lawyerh yes i dont know how many times i replayed this particular scene cause as jung in said earlier "its not like we will meet again"after she rejected his dinner proposal and bam next she saw him playing basketball lol
  21. Maybe not love at like 7 years old, but I definitely had crushes, grew attached to people and even had a "boyfriend" lol
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