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  2. [GIF] LEE JONG SUK - HE HYMN OF DEATH https://twitter.com/wildflower0914/status/1119252087949250560
  3. Lawyer Heo addressed the shareholders and said that due to the latest negative publicity, which he should have handled better, he would resign and take full responsibility. The plan that NJ, SW, and lawyer Heo came up with is that the minority shareholders (not NJ and SW who are the majority shareholders) would be choosing the new CEO. NJ composed a letter to the minority shareholders and had his team forward the letter, stating that it was important for them to attend and cast their vote for the new CEO. The voting took place with candidates A, B, and C (no names) being presented with their qualifications. When the votes were tallied, it was candidate C who was chosen, and that turned out to be SW. Mean uncle and Mr. Jo are mad and seemingly not going away quietly, so we'll see how that works out. SJ left a voice mail message for NJ and said she was going to study in America, and hoped they could be together again when things got sorted out. CSH has already decided she wanted to find SJ and get things back together. She is much calmer and more normal. JA's mother is going back home as CSH is moving back with the family. Lawyer Heo has taken NJ's mother out to walk in the park and wants a relationship now that he is free. Dumb Bang is following them and sneaking around like a cartoon character with sore feet and his shorts in a knot. What an idiot.
  4. Last night’s PM. Haha had to post when two of them are in the same frame Oh yeah April is Ji Seok month! Hmm you gals like with glasses , no glasses ???
  5. The scene I find the most interesting this time is when MR said, if needed she will give up everything. She might be referencing to her biological mother but it could also foreshadow how she makes important decisions later on in the drama. For example, if the day comes when she gets fired or her resignation is the best way to resolve conflict. I think she might choose that route. Though TJ would likely be the one following her and finding her back. I also love the scene between MS and MR. We learn that SJ's husband died and that's why she had to raise her 3 daughters by herself. And MR's biological father also died and that's why IS remarried. (the scene where MR compared IS to SJ. And how unfortunate she feels that she carries IS's blood, the one who remarried and abandoned her daughter, instead of SJ who suffered through it raising 3 kids alone) Perhaps... SJ's first husband (MR's biological dad) and SJ's husband were good friends? or business pals? And both died from an unfortunate event? This is a pretty wild guess. I wonder what TJ would do having heard from his father that a romance is strongly prohibited because he is of a difference class. Would TJ try to not like MR a bit? or would he continue his own way and progress his relationship with MR. (he's been mostly just doing what he thinks is best for most of the show so far, not afraid to show his true feelings) but his father is very powerful and we haven't seen the side of him where it shows he's ready to take over yet. He sounds like someone who would want to protect the people that means a lot to him, this means IS and MR. But will he actually have the power to do that? It's still a big question mark.
  6. I agree. ZR indeed look very good at last episode Yinli is the very adorable kind of beauty, love her too. But i love ZM the most. I call her 气质美女. Because she emits an aura that shine. Fresh and vigor, sunshine and lively
  7. I wonder what are they going to cut to let ZM appearance in episode 19. I watched episode 6 today and it ended just like the mainland cut. Hopefully they can cut most of ZZR scenes, I found her scenes at Er Mei was rather long and boring.
  8. His fan club posted some nice pics She was the mc of his fan meet
  9. It is not Dior but Gentle Monster. So it was fashion glasses not for Myopia? Credit Arthur_FashionCosmos.
  10. Yesterday
  11. One more i wanna add. She is a very open person. Dare to do, dare to admit, will never do despicable stuffs to hide her mistakes
  12. He is very similar to FP in which he is trying to get revenge. But difference is he can be evil too. +2
  13. 190423 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update "in NewYork!! Amazing view!! #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NEWYORK #NCT127 #NCT"
  14. I am looking forward to TVB episode 19 Which means we will get to see 4 uncut episodes!! Yeah!! That's alot to cover there!! Yeah he even claim to represent Wuji father to object to the impromptu wedding with ZM. I was like, please!! Settle your family issue first!!
  15. I just love that scene when he order WJ to kill MinMin and he said NO. What kind of an uncle is that. His dad died in the war and put the blamed on MinMin. I'm glad that WJ stood up and said that MinMin didn't hurt anyone.
  16. 956. Oh Shark is a drama series... i thought its movie. His style is jjang.... but makjang ending? Can anyone tell me if is this worth watching?
  17. WJ's uncle get on my nerves, selfish and arrogance. That's why I called him bastard and don't consider him to be WJ's close family member. Think about the way he treated his own wife and daughter. What right he had that he can be a father figure for WJ. So not surprised that he want to kill ZM to avenge the death of his father. Indeed, those Ming Cult's members really disappointed me. I loves ZD in the beginning because he give us some comedy relief. Man, he turn out to be an idiot to believed in Cheng Kun's lies and schemes. They almost forgot entirely how despicable Cheng Kun is.
  18. Great analysis i love it! And one more, she did poison the Ming Sect people at Lu Liu Manor
  19. Oh man that would be so good if she showed up early. Please more ZM/RYW/WBB scenes, for a family that adore each other always feel a bit weird that WBB trapped ZM so suddenly, hopefully we get more explanation. Also please explain who ordered the arrows shoot in snake island, I guess it's WBB but please show me the explanation for that ZM alone hotpot scene is going put in I hope TVB edit feels quicker though if you watch the fights, even though so far they still end at the same spot until the latest episodes. I hope they cut XZ's singing scene so we can get to GMD fights faster.
  20. I was thinking JK seemed much more mature this season compared to last season. Turns out he's just faking it in front of SY since he wants to look cool in front of his first love.
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