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  2. I already said I want to put a bid on Aura Group too since it seems so wanted lol The writer is laying on thin. 8 episodes, wrap this up already!
  3. If I recall correctly, yes he purposely did that to both spite and also protect Jinmi. He explains it eventually once they both reconcile.
  4. Do they accept Koreans who were born in another country? cuz I’m full blood Korean I was just born in the U.S
  5. JKY sent JKJ a coffee truck to support her on the set of The Secret Life Of My Secretary. So sweet of him. I’m suddenly missing Namoo and Nak Won. Hopefully they can work together again as a couple in the near future. Credits: leehansolution
  6. Esther’s babbling mouth once again told Namjoon and he regained his memories then he went to Sanha’s house. Esther is still useless and outcast like before. I am annoyed by how she always yell “OPPA OPPA” like she’s the boss.
  7. Excellent. I really hope she does. But then it sorts of spoils the plot if she is not in the office being a power woman. And stuck at home being the Chairman's son's wife. Ergh.
  8. ohhhh.. so you meant what they're showing now completely different from what its supposed to based on? coz to be honest.. it is more looking like "His" Private Life.. and DeukMi is just completely fangirling on her boyfriend..but the story is mostly revolving around Ryan's..
  9. So the new character: Gold Asset Chairman Oh wants to take over WHAT?? Take over Aura Group? OMG I’m done. Why do the new people in this drama want Aura Group that bad?
  10. LOL ... his picture is from the “White lie” MV (one of my most beloved songs from him ;-)
  11. More stills from Shanghai Roadshow Credit as tagged.
  12. Someone made a selfie with Soyeon and PD. *** Soyeon and Jong Hyun inthe latest episode of JTBC variety show "Let`s eat dinner together"
  13. What a surprise. If this is true then wow. Better pay special attention to it. I really like the cover.
  14. @gets0meairthe title of SYJ previous drama with MH is Personal Taste ... and regarding Legend of The Blue Sea, although I watched the drama the story didn’t really catch my attention (I watched the drama bcoz of the casts) ...
  15. He's definitely gonna be the new standard model for all male leads, and gotta learn from him. It's a rare GOLD to find RYAN GOLD, no other Ryan Gold can be replaced. After re-watching episodes back and forth, I love the one he wore during Episode 6, pastel pink and light bluish collared shirt. But seems like the latest one he wore in Episode 13, black and white tuxedo literally blew me off, looking so good on it. Which one is your favourite? This literally blew me off~ We need to keep this thread going~!!
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