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  2. Lol got warning from wifey... scary muahaha 574
  3. Since subs not yet out, what do you think happened at the beginning? Like they hit Father Han for fun just to warn Kim and then called the ambulance to let him get help? Scar Face remained so cocky and arrogant till the very end of this episode. I wonder how is he going to be subdued? They managed to run away at first. How can the police contain these killing machines?
  4. Either Hae Mi or Mikeala Lol 572
  5. I disagree because here is the statistics how to determine the ratings of cable dramas. This is based on 2018 dramas may change yearly but not so much change per year. 2% falls under Poor.
  6. @dolley Of course he remembered Donghae district in Gangwon dong very very well. Near to their love nest for 8 months. The HK PD even said, so difficult to ask him for a drink after shooting with DH at Ciel Hotel. Wookie said, everybody must have a rest for tomorrow shooting. Hehehe. Old pic with Cody, seems like she got big stars apart from Gong Yoo. Some Donghey moment during the break. Wookie non stop asking for a hug. And always next to each other.
  7. I need to pull their hair , end of the day I am gangster wife @Lawyerh stay with mr hair smooth -2
  8. Lol. Better than nothing right? At least no need fight the crowd lol. 568
  9. Kim Hae Mi??? so you wanna be his twin sister ? 566
  10. @triplem nah it’s fine. I called myself this lolll check it out.
  11. hmmm I think that might not be so easy...because you do know there are many KNG fans all claiming for that spot I think @Ameera Ali is busy making Hwang gifs 562
  12. On profile? Oh just use normal emoticon from handphone. Wow tonight everyone seems to be in love lol... 560
  13. Ok I know he’s a priest, but still... Translated caption says: Father, if you do this, I’m going to have a heart attack. Funniest Coat flapping ever
  14. Oh guys... thank you for all the laughs we have here... Can't believe tomorrow is the final episode already, and yet we're still worrying and wondering about Father Han... I've really enjoyed watching this with you all. Hope there will be Season 2 ~ Park opening an investigation agency...
  15. @Lawyerh how to put hearts ah? no number
  16. he really likes to buy his staff etc shoes ...do you remember he also did the same for the cast and crew of TSYB because they had to walk a lot on the island. He's a sweetheart
  17. The owner of the restaurant said they specifically cooked large fried squid for this scene which is about 30 cm! It;s trending on naver at number one haha
  18. For cable channel 2% above are not bad rating still average..5% above high..10% above a big hit..hpl really popular among idol fan and international..just like healer..pmy gain a lot new fan among idol fan..the successful drama not only base on rating but the content and audience target..hlp will still maintain around 2% until end..course of young people like to watch online..adult and older will not watch..even me not into this kind of drama just watch fast forward online..
  19. Apink celebrated their eighth anniversary with fans! In addition to sharing the fan song “Everybody Ready?” on April 19, the members also posted sweet messages to their fans on social media. Park Chorong wrote on the group’s Twitter account, “To my beloved Pandas! Apink is already celebrating our eighth debut anniversary. I’ve been so, so happy for […] The post Apink Expresses Love And Gratitude To Fans And Each Other On 8th Debut Anniversary appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  20. There appears to be some strategic move with CSH, NJ, and SW teaming up together to dump mean uncle and Mr. Jo. At one point, NJ even calls CSH "Mother", so I'm wondering if the SW "resignation letter" is part of the scheme. CSH is getting some of her fire back and confronts old uncle. What is maddening is the "flip-flop" by the writer with her character being vindicated and she is now going to save the company for her sons. Oh, well.... whatever.
  21. @lu09 I told you that LSH family is not bright. All they know is welcoming snakes into the family. LSH needs his own place like his dad. Then again, grandma is going to force herself on him and moved in like he's a kid. She was worse today. She acts like she's gonna breastfeed the darn grandson. Ridiculous! For once, I need SH mom to be as loud as possible. I see SH is back at the Park house to stir sh!t just like we love her lmao I really don't care if LSH stop working at that damn company. Let his grandpa worry about himself. He forgot that LSH basically revived Aura Bio and he got the public love mostly because he's a doctor. And he really needs to finish his residency or something instead of doing that corporate nonsense. Too bad, they didn't upload the clips with his parents. I have to wait after I go home to see it. Ugh!
  22. @Ameera Ali yes 1 minute late. I might claim your spot. Lawyerh, the h could be hwang @triplem @sushilicious plenty of rest for u sushi chingu. GWS! 558
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