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  2. tomorrow it starts, who is excited?? 646
  3. @Lmangla... I'll check it out. I couldn't find anything at all about the writer, so maybe this is a "first". Don't know if that's good or bad. We need a daily to bring us all back together....
  4. It is an Okay Drama for me. A bit too stereotype but all the 4 main actors did a good job. It is just the pace who is a bit too slow. It is already English subbed to Ep51 (of 52) on official YT channel.
  5. Hello everyone, hope you're doing well! I really like their relationship, I'm pretty sure he already loves her but he isn't aware of it, because the way he looks at her etc shows it And gosh she is soooooo cute and does anyone find her voice really soothing?? Because I really do! And like all of you I just hope the secret will be revealed soon because I don't want to watch a few episodes of them being hurt etc
  6. Does anyone know how does actor usually get magazine photo shoot? Is it by invitation of magazine itself or arranged by a company/tv channel/ sponsored brand for marketing purpose? I wish to see KJW and PMY do couple photoshoot before. . I've mentioned this before in the earlier page of this thread when this thread had less than 20 pages I think. There was barely anyone posted at that time. Sorry for repeating the same words. I'm curious to know how does actor get to do photoshoot especially actors who are currently promoting. Han Ji Min x Nam Joo Hyuk, Jang Ki Young x Nana did photoshoot before their drama started. Kim Nam Gil x Lee Honey also had done one. Today I just watched Highcut video of Jang Ki Young and Im Soo Jung for their new drama which replaces HPL soon. Hope KJW x PMY will have one after this drama ends.
  7. Update 2. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221543239988 More pics. at https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4374490814901640
  8. i've just started watching one warm word & geez seojoon's character is just so blunt & headstrong *poof* he makes me wanna punch him & then kiss him at the same time Why he gotta be such a male chauvinist like this & the thing which makes me uncomfortable is when his character says how he wants his wife to be a housewife whom he can feed & protect, he kinda said the same thing about his future wife in one interview too. Saying how he wants his partner to be a women who won't have any 9/5 job so that she could dedicate her time raising their kids cause he himself was brought up in such an environment. So he wants his kids to have both parents love! i kind of appreciate his protective male instinct that he wants create a secure married life but having such thoughts that the male should be the bread earner in the family & the wife should take care of the household & the children is a bit shallow thinking specially in this modern age where men & women both are considered capable of running a home. I hope he has changed that way thinking.
  9. [Korea star list] male star TOP 5: 1. KIM SOO HYUN 2. Kim Jong Kook 3. Hyun Bin 4. Hwang Chi Yeol 5. Park Si Hoo
  10. And of course they had to blur them in the drama... So a rather morbid question... they actually put the cut parts together before her burial? That was very considerate... I guess in the real world, it won't be done that way? Or is it just in Japan? or by request of family?
  11. Stills from yesterday HangZhou roadshow Credit as tagged. Rest of the stills is on previous posts in the spoiler tag. I made a mistake LOL.
  12. In case anyone wondered how Yukiko was cut up, here's one for you, don't thank me BTW, ratings: Ep.3 - 3.8% Ep.4 - 4.5%
  13. 190521 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update “We loved exploring Toronto!! It’s so beautiful. ”
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