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  2. Yes, but our Muse has spoken, so @meechuttso (or @immorethant or any of her love slaves) must translate, for her glory. Points of attraction (just SHS portion)
  3. Another explotions of couple items making us think they're together.. OMG!! Pichi couple~ kill me
  4. There's nothing wrong with being different than others, dear! I think being different mean you are independent & you have a your own identity which I find absolutely amazing! So no worries, dear! Chill out And dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel & @gladys0710 friends, In last year, Daniel just shooted a movie called Beast right after The Ghost Detective ended! His character there is a support role as a young detective (minus ghost) .. No further details yet for a release date!! Hopefully we'll get more info as the time passes... Some BTS stills of him during the shoot... Looking so cute as always!
  5. I can see that for many of us this drama lingers ... many thoughts about what love is : What IW did is not love, I can see the comments of many people that think it is but that is romanticizing, a type of brainwashing that so many women are still suffering from: Always to try to understand a guys behavior, how they just have to find the right button to push to get them to heal and show love - and the brainwashing that little boys still suffer from that tells them they cannot have emotions or vulnerability, that they have to constantly prove their masculinity and all those suppressed emotions often turn into control and violence but, no it is not love. IW could not see MR, he did not know who she was or even really care to find out, it was only his deep seated fear and insecurity that he wanted her to stop, he looked to her to give him his worth and became violent every time he felt she did not give it .... In the all too often real cases of so-called ‘domestic’ violence where someone kills his partner or ex partner, then himself, we cannot know the thoughts right before they end their lives but in this fictional version it seemed to be that he thought, yes he had succeeded in killing her so he could just go and join her, not because she dared to try to save another guy I still wonder, also, if the ‘happy’ ending was not just some sort of dream version because of the heart rate machine flat lining ... I still find the last episode went way too melodramatic and feel unsatisfactory with the ending At least K dramas are trying to broach such serious matters, so these are all baby steps
  6. I'll try to gif it for you when I reach that part... You should watch it. The drama is really good. The leads got chemistry and most of all, watching it made me really miss all those street food 540
  7. if i buy that jill stuart tshirt and put it on my bf, will it make him look sexy+hot+cute+handsome at the same time like PSJ??? i wonderrrr
  8. Feeling so satisfied and empathic reading your all comments. Seems like we all have been her fans or followed her long enough to point out all the differences between her interactions with Hyun Bin and other actors. I can partly point out her responses and behavior toward male partners throughout all those years - For the very first years until 2012 maybe, not just with male actors but she admitted herself that it was hard for her to keep in touch with her co stars. Thats why there was rumor she was arrogant and having starsickness. She didn't and couldn't contact well after the projects although the relationship was good at the shooting time. - After 2012, she said she has opened her mind and her perspective, gained more friends, of course mostly female actresses as we know the 7 Cinderellas group, also she has been kept in touched with her male partners like Sol Kyung Kyu, Lee Min Ho... - Especially in 2018 she seems more and more comfortable with her partners SJS, JHI and HB. If to compare, I can tell with SJS is totally comfortable like with a big brother. With JHI, I can see she was being a senior and treated him kind and generously to make him feel at ease. With HB she was comfortable but also shy. But it was not the feeling of being distance or not close enough, it was the feeling of "some" stage, when it's more than a friend and you want to show your feminine side to him.
  9. I’m really fascinated with a man wearing in black uniform, why so handsome KW?? I love how KW asked about KJ hearing ability, as if He knows everything happen to her while his away (my heart! Boinks!). Stalker KW hehehe. BJ... he is so scary. Good job on staying alive, suicide is not his thing, Im actually disappointed at first when He’s into this suicide thing, like , how come he died by just like that? This is indeed a good script !
  10. Either copyright or something about the eps got leaked? I thought I have nothing to watch last night, but I checked my website and bam! Like 6 new subbed eps along side with 6 raw eps! Gotta be one of the fastest release drama I’ve ever seen in recent years lol. Then I read the comment and someone said it got leaked! At this rate, I’m really behind because it just comes out so fast so I’m kinda fast forwarding a lot lol! (First drama in years that I’m so behind >_<) Idk I kinda like the general :/ even though it’s impossible for them, and he’s selfish but at the same time, uh, he’s an eye candy and his acting is above the male lead! Not exceptional but above him lol! I’m now rooting for the general even though that ship will sink before it’s even started lol!
  11. I don't hahaha. But i remember hahaha. To me is hella smooth. There is no, siting on sofa and just slowly go over to the lips that kind. Is like swoosh lips connect that kind. Haha. 538
  12. Sorry @jakey09 you are absolutely right. First 4:05 only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmYFlHu6jSM Middle 1 minute or so missing from KBSEntertain youtube channel Last 3:07 , starting at 4:52 (onto the streets) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y69leiVDbu0 You can always go back to @immorethant's own copy she uploaded for us.
  13. Kim Gun Mo’s father has passed away. According to several sources in the industry, Kim Gun Mo’s father passed away on May 19 at the age of 79 after battling a chronic illness. His mortuary was set up at a funeral home at St. Mary’s Hospital in Gangnam. The funeral procession will take place on […] The post Singer Kim Gun Mo’s Father Passes Away appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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