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  2. To be honest for me her Ex isn't horrible, just ambitious. He left love for power and surely will suffer in future because Karma is a richard simmons. He also cares for the other girl. He doesn't deserve the MY for sure and we will see if he turns to the dark or light side at the end.
  3. Oh I’m twenty and I can’t see properly without my glasses. So your size of the words helped a lot hahaha 890
  4. @kokodus don't be sad chingu, I experienced much pain too when I had a zebra finch that was dead but a very horrible death (no need to mention it here). It is natural to love a favourite animal. The zebra finches was part of my family, my sister and brother loved them too very very much, and we had them for several years. They are too friendly, they greeted us each morning whenever we fed them. You will get over it. That is life. -2
  5. Sorry my dear if I’m confusing you, yes when I rewatch 14 episode the last scene especially when DM’s mom took out the picture of Yoon Jae and Duk Mi, I have a hypothesis that maybe Duk Mi’s family foster Yoon Jae for a while when he got lost; and the first meeting of children YJ, DM and EG is when he was left in the playground by himself. But unfortunately DM’s mom wanted to adopt YG but gave up because financially they are not stable. So she decided to leave him to the orphanage without any explanation to the young YJ who was just dump in the orphanage that’s why he had a painful past in that place. What I’m trying to say is if that is true, the mom should have at least explained to YJ that he need a better place to stay and a good family will take care of him, she should not underestimate a child that maybe he will not understand it anyway the situation because he was still young. Sometimes adult make a mistake and assumption that children will not understand if difficult situations arise so we let them figure it out for themself, and let them deal with it not knowing that it develops traumatic experience. Sometimes we should talk to them like an adult and ask them how they feel about the situation. (Well I’m an experienced early childhood practitioner) But of course as a human being we tend to make mistake and it just take to apologize and make up for the things that we have done. Next week finale we will find out the real situation of what happened in the past with Yoon Jae and Dok Mi’s mom, for sure he will have a forgiving heart and will start anew with his future family in law
  6. @nateko hold her down. @ktcjdrama this won’t hurt haha just join us. Join us pray for the rise of Kousuke hahaha
  7. if immature shippers say like that, i will say to them pmy never posted pics with her fomer co-stars Yeon Woo Jin and Yoo Seung Ho, either.
  8. I think some one ever mention if long ago chairman always got alot trouble when make a deal with Wang wei.so i think they knew each other quiet well. It was so funny when wang wei laughed on the chairman.he told her if he isnt interesting with kang miri but his son. Then wang wei suggest him to make his son married a smart woman like kang miri rather than a girl from chaebol family.imo Tj and Miri scene on tj's bed. Seem miri told tj if company noticed their relationship. TJ comforted miri and both not really care because they think that they arent wrong.tj said he will take the blame because he is too dare to date his boss. He make miri smile. Then miri explode her anger toward IS.miri told tj if she really hate IS.she said she want more success than IS,thats her dream.
  9. Update 2. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221546407503
  10. Since I am watching this on KBS World I am still a few episodes back and I still have to catch up on a few episodes that I have missed. But regardless here are my thoughts regarding this drama so far. I know that I have some more to add but will do that later on. Right now I shall try and catch up to the episodes that I have missed so far. So till then take care all of you and keep posting.
  11. Yep at first sure it was not his fault but now with the thoughts he is having even trying to pursuit it makes him just as guilty
  12. I'm so sorry to hear that... Hopefully you can feel better soon. I'm a dog person, and have said goodbyes to many since I was a child, so I understand the pain... I kept telling myself not to get new ones to avoid more heartbreaks, but always ending up with another one... 888
  13. I am trying to make easier to read I really have a problem in my eyesight so I imagine others have the same problem, haha -2
  14. I mean... I dont totally ask her to shut it.. i would love to see her trip photos.. she looks so happy and bright when she went for holidays. Thats the smile I wish for. Doesn't her smile looks so lovely?
  15. To me, I’m similar with you. I always have a very different taste then people. I actually like villains more than good guys. So pretty much people would ignore. (But not voice though haha.) but yeah. I figure that it’s okay to say whatever you want, Soompi is a place for expression. If no one listen it’s okay, because you have got yourself out there and stand by your words. So don’t feel disappointed. It’s alright to share. Just remember, as long as you stand by your words it’s gonna be okay. Plus treat those who mistreated you as a gust of wind, they are just keyboard warriors who hide in their bunny holes and start typing. Don’t take it to heart (this is what I had learnt on this website) 888
  16. PMY can choose not to read comments if she can discipline herself not to. That is why many celebs have private ig where they interact with their friends and only used their public ig to post something for fans. SHK closed her comments section though because of fanwars between shippers and solid fans and even if she can choose not to read them but media reads them and oftentimes make articles based on what fans are saying/speculating.
  17. My pet dog died this morning. He is only 4 years old and he is more like a brother to me than a mere dog. I have this intense overwhelming pain in my heart and I don't know how to overcome it. It was just too sudden, one day he was normal and the next day he was laying dead. I can't even be in my house anymore, every corner of the house reminds me of him. I don't even know how I'm going to live without seeing him first thing in the morning. I just have no words. May his soul rest in peace....
  18. Too late, dear. I'm afraid you've seen too much, we can't just let you go you know the deal, what happens in this thread stays in this thread and all that jazz. We'll just convert you into one of us. Doctor @sushilicious, get us some of those shady tranquillizers, please.
  19. 886 @nohamahamoud2002 ~ yea I get what you are saying... but how come your font size is so big in the post?
  20. Oh noooo... I'm in the company of psychopaths.... Let me out, let me out!!!!
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