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  2. Our cold and tsundere YM tries very hard to act and show indifferent towards QY when she showed up in Beijing. But there are countless ways he subtlely shows that he still loves and cares for her. And the writer tackles them hilariously much to our delight! When DC informed him that QY has arrived in Beijing he showed indifference and replied that he didn't want to see her. But quickly objected strongly when was told QY would be staying with DC! On QY's 1st day at work he followed her home in her bus fearing she'd get lost. Then on the bus he protected her from a potential molester! The next morning he woke up early and drove long distance just to pick her up for work. He even bought her breakfast. Awwwwww! Clueless QY was super pleased and gave him a lollipop. Best of all he stayed behind in his car secretly after work waiting for her while sucking on that lollipop and wondering why he was doing that. Earlier he had declined her request to send her home. The long wait resulted in a 100 reminbi car park fees. To cover up for his SECRET of waiting, he mentioned that the car park attendent has problem with his memory! LOLOL! Aiyoh! These 2 playing cat and mouse with their feelings are a delight to watch indeed!
  3. Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing MORE - Now, I wonder if he's still outside Seoul or has returned back now. Hi leeminhosny, thanks for sharing this. So, it's her! Wait & see................. Hi gtLmh, love the picture. syntyche, thanks for sharing this. Actually, I love how he's reaching out to his fans now. It's a very good fan-service indeed!
  4. Okay. Finally caught up with Ep14. What a disturbing commentary on a reality that is playing out way too frequently in schools, mirroring, if not mimicking the ugliness that permeates the adult world. It took me a while to get past the first few episodes - oppressive, painful, frightening and all too real, with barely any room for air, and I had to step away for several days before I could continue the rest. From here on, there is some form of reprieve. Even as the barriers are slowly chipped away to reveal more and more of the truth, what makes the journey bearable is seeing unlikely allies forming - the once dismissive Detective Park; Reporter Choi whose initial personal motives became secondary as he comes to care for the boy and his family; DS and DH who found warmth and support from the Park family, ending up being a bedrock of support to them as well; the class teacher Lee who stood up against the injustices in the school as they pander to the will of OJP... the list goes on. Several main themes thread throughout the journey thus far. Nurture Parental or adult guidance is given prominence here, starkly contrasted in the lives of the victim and assailants. On the one hand, we see Seon Ho and Soo Ho whose family thrives on a foundation of love, tolerance, kindness and warmth - their parents becoming examples in how they live their lives, spilling over to an outward expression of their beings, touching those around them. Then we have the parents of the other boys - most of whom are self-serving, snide and arrogant, believing themselves to be superior to others, encouraging their children to be likewise, and deliberately helping them shirk their moral responsibility when it does not serve them to do so. Intentionally or not, the characters of the children are molded in the face of less than exemplary role models. Abuse There is no lack of abuse throughout the narrative. The scene that intercuts KIH's memories of loving, protecting Seon Ho from babyhood to now, with the flashes of his physical abuse at the hands of those who were once his friends, was one of the hardest scenes to watch - each physical blow an equally devastating emotional blow to her heart. Apart from the physical and even more shattering verbal abuse that tears down the soul, we see it too in the domestic abuse that is prevalent in the Oh family, with OJP's iron-clad control over his wife and son, reducing them into nothing but shells of what they could have been, mere puppets molded into what he determines their place to be. The abuse of authority is also evident, as people bow and scrape to cater to the wishes of those in power, disregarding their conscience and casting a blind eye to the downtrodden. Courage The drama gives us example after example of courage in the unlikeliest of places. We see it in spades with the Parks - their indomitable will to see the truth come to light, and justice for their son, even when all avenues are closed and their cause shut down at every turn. It is there when Seon Ho stood up for Dong Hee against his best friend, and took her place in the abuse that ensued. We see it in Soo Ho who chooses to rein herself in when every fibre of her being wanted to attack JS for what he did to her brother. It is there again when Detective Park, listening to his conscience, goes against his superiors to reinvestigate Seon Ho's case; and Dong Hee who finds the moral fibre and courage to stand up and tell the truth, whatever the potential cost to herself. Trust The question of trust is brought up again and again. Does one trust blindly, when evidence seems to point to the contrary? Or does one trust what one knows of a person, and in turn, trusts that person not to betray it? We see it in the Parks, when the accusation of Da Hee's assault is hurled in their faces. It is interesting to see how differently both parents react to that shocking revelation - PMJ choosing steadfastly to believe in his son who cannot defend himself; KIH blindly terrified of the possibility and lashing out, afraid that it is true, until reminded by Soo Ho who her son is, what he is like. I am glad to have seen that part of KIH though... as until that moment, she has been the perfect avenging angel for her son, so it is good to see that put in the same shoes, she is fallible as well, but protected by a family who holds each other tightly in love even when the odds are against them. On the other hand, we see distrust pushing JS to the brink - Seon Ho's belief that he assaulted Da Hee despite him repeatedly denying it; in his mother's actions who immediately assumes that he pushed his friend off the roof, and later her suspicions about his role in Da Hee's assault. The lack of trust erodes him as a person, and I believe pushes him to the other extreme, to be the one that everyone obviously assumes he is. Would he be different if someone held out their hand, appealing to the good that is within him, believing there is good in him? We see stirrings of that when PMJ spoke to him in the car. Will we see him be able to turn his life around, and become a better man in the end? Being a parent myself, one of the things that frustrate me the most is the fact that Seon Ho chose not to confide in his parents about what was going down in his life. Why? There is no lack of love in the family, and his parents, while busy and sometimes distracted, would never have trivialised what he was facing, if he had only told them. Did he think that he could handle it on his own? Did he not want to be a burden to them? Did he not trust them to weigh the situation, guide and support him as only parents can, and face it with him as a family should? His very secrecy in itself, is evident of a lack of trust on his part as well. It is not a perfectly executed drama. Pacing was a bit of an issue for me - dragging in some parts, repetitive and annoying in others, but the overall script, delivery and performances continue to keep me invested. I am unsure if it is the intent of the direction, but KIH's screaming and tears are beginning to wear thin which sometimes make me far less sympathetic than I should be. However, the saving grace comes from PHS' far muted but no less powerful portrayal of PMJ's grief, overcoming his guilt and innate non-confrontational nature to stand up for what is right and just - and it is the combination of the two polar opposites that make this couple one that I root so desperately for and long to see this family heal and find happiness once more. Multi-faceted characterisations, particularly among the younger characters, are well depicted - Soo Ho, forced to grow up a lot sooner but learning to temper her impetuous tendencies while forging her own way to fight for her brother is the product of the best of both parents. On the other spectrum, JS whose stifling existence in a family that is bereft of true warmth and affection, views life with a skewed moral compass, exacerbated by the example and guidance set by his parents. DS and DH whose underprivileged existence should plunge them into despair, find the strength and help to face a better future with dignity, and the courage to speak up for what is right. I think the one that is too perfect, at least for me, is Seon Ho. Despite repeated aspersions cast on his character, he is vindicated again and again as the truth is slowly revealed through one avenue or another. Much as I love him and root for him, I find that he has been too idealised thus far, which makes him a far less believable character than he should have been. Now it remains to see how the last two episodes play out. Da Hee remains a mystery, and while her lipstick is in JS' possession, I am inclined to believe his denials, which then makes me wonder why she, after keeping silent, chose to accuse the one person who defended her as her assailant. Was it because with Seon Ho in a coma, he was a convenient scapegoat, rather than admitting her shame at being toyed with by JS? Or is there another more insidious reason. In any case, I should stop rambling. Suffice to say I go in to the finale, praying that it will continue to be strong and well-scripted to the end.
  5. the ending of the case got me real upset. Then when BJS enters the mood changes completely...
  6. Hello my beloved chingus, Hope everyone has been well!! Sorry my caseload has been insane recently but i've made a comeback not that anyone was waiting. With regards to ep 17- i was irritated that IS in her own narcissistic arrogance thought that she could turn her intelligent and capable daughter into a gullible fool by suggesting that MR going away to study was for her own good. It was a triumphant moment to see MR talk back and ask if it really was for her own good. IS underestimates our two love birds and overestimates her place in their lives too. I must say that the writers are now progressing TJ's character. We're seeing a steady rise in his "manly" tastes and preferences. Eg, his switch from cans of beer to whisky- we've seen this in 2 episodes now. It's subtle hints that the writers use to create a sense of maturity in a character. We're seeing a pouty playful boy turning into a determined young man who wants nothing more for his love to be happy. We see his growing care and concern for MR and it is nice to see that he blew off IS during dinner to make sure his love MR was alright. Now i will say a few things about our couple first. I was kind of worried that the whole bed scene would be vulgar and distasteful and might even come out that TJ took advantage of MR's intoxicated state to induce that bed scene BUT i was mildly surprised that it was not done that way. The morning after indicated TJ's maturity and how he comforted her and treated her (not embarrassing her further but re-assuring her) was great. He knew how to make his lady feel good and alleviated some of her embarrassment and that was important to show their growth as a couple and for the characters. Even better his re-assurance that it was not just a one night stand- by producing the ring and already having his around his neck did indicate his seriousness and commitment to their relationship which i was pleased about. MS's mother in law is literally the worst character in this show. I find their family situation has gone from funny to just plain sad. It's a lot darker than the laughs it tries to illicit from the audience. I don't like that she's thoughtless, bitter and selfish but it's nice that she's the antithesis of SJ. We can see that both women may have been hard done by, but then we see how SJ's selfless care for her family contrasts that of MS's mother in law. MS's mother in law has enjoyed her life in the years that she was not taking care of DB. Yet now all of a sudden she's victimizing herself and trying to play wounded martyr the minute she finds out that SJ went on a small trip (not even overseas may I add) and taking a break- forgetting that SJ works 10x harder than she probably ever did by having to single handedly raise 3 daughters and educate them and run a restaurant. MS's mother in law needs some character growth herself. Also MS's husband need a hard knock on his head. He's whiny, greedy and selfishly indulges in things without preparing for his family first. Just like his mother. I'm curious as to whether he has other siblings because MO kept talking about raising children who had gone to prestigious universities- but it's mentioned that JS didn't go to a great uni? I'm a bit confused. All in all it's been great watching these few episodes and I can't wait for next week- we have some cuddle scenes!
  7. ((**the shooting team is working hard)) boohwang89 Shooting journal The last day on the construction site, we put extra effort in shooting. Not only the last day but every location site for this project was from the place like 5 story building without elevator, construction site and narrow winding streets… HA…
  8. *** RAIN posted the pictures + clips 2-days ago.
  9. I had completed Episode 34 subtitles, and waiting for approval. You can probably view them later today or tomorrow. I think. Thank you vicious219 for helping to approve and upload too !
  10. Agreed with this , I think people at KBS might see many footages that finished already and they must be so good that gave them 100% confident to promote this drama so much like this. They might thought to themselves that they're so lucky to get SHS for this project. The only actress I think the most perfect for this role. It's a lot of investment for them to do this first Korean ballet drama, they had to hire professional to practice the actors, to spent 4 months for training while other drama can already finish shooting in the same given time, and to find various locations to get the fantasy dreamlike cinematography, and much more investment for all those promotional materials. They could choose easier, safer and cheaper ways doing drama with same old setting (office worker, detective, police, doctor, prosecutor, spy) but they chose to do this so it means that they have great trust in the casts, director , production team and even the script. Now I'm 99.99 % ready to watch this drama. The only thing left for me that I still want to see is 'Happy Together' ....please. (but now I prefer if they will shoot 'Happy Together' after 3-4 episodes of the drama, so I can see the casts talking about what happened behind this scene and that scene, must be good to watch )
  11. 190517 - 28th Gumi University Festival credit : Rain Cloud Thailand
  12. 190517 - 28th Gumi University Festival credit : Rain Cloud Thailand
  13. MORE -- credit : Raincloud10 / Rain Cloud Thailand
  14. “Mother Of Mine” Achieves Highest Ratings Yet As Hong Jong Hyun And Kim So Yeon Take Their Relationship To The Next Level by E. Cha KBS 2TV’s “Mother of Mine” shows no signs of slowing down! On May 19, the hit weekend drama broke its own personal record once again as its viewership ratings soared to a new all-time high. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest broadcast of “Mother of Mine” scored average nationwide ratings of 27.4 percent during its first half and 33.1 percent during its second. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1325763wpp/mother-of-mine-achieves-highest-ratings-yet-as-hong-jong-hyun-and-kim-so-yeon-take-their-relationship-to-the-next-level
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