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  2. Haven't seen yet because weekends are for KDrama and I want to savor the story (lol). But I have seen interest because I am into love triangles, etc. Also, one question, what is the title of the song? thank you
  3. I just finished the latest ep and it was great! If only 0-9 was not arobbot.. i would have wanted a kiss in the last scene..
  6. Hahaha, I would probably give this a pass, since this is more of a show of force for Ming sect, like all those political campaign theatrical show off. Even all the Ming sect ppl are walking and WJ horse is held by somebody right I guess this was shot when Joseph still cannot ride a horse by himself.
  7. Dearest Lion Kim Jae Uck, made me cry, cry and cry in the office today. and I also smile with full of love towards the ending of EP14. Am going to miss Lion & SDM so much when the drama ends. Where can i find a boyfriend like Ryan Gold? SDM has the best birthday present ever. Dream came true. how are we going to move on when the drama ends? Sian new song is a blend of hip-hop & acoustic... maybe his Hyung RG will come in as the acoustic guest.
  8. I have been silent reader all these while though have posted a few comments before. I totally agree with most of the comments on Wwwsk and hpl. To support PMY, I have been watching hpl. I’m still at ep 12 halfway and yet to watch eps 13 n 14. At the same time I couldn’t resist myself but to repeat watching wwwsk again and again as that’s was the best kdrama ever. Just want to praise wwwsk team be the Best team! The storyline of wwwsk ran so smoothly throughout the whole drama. The whole cast, besides the main characters LYJ n KMS, the second leads and all other supporting casts, each has an equal role and fair appearance in the drama. Each supporting role gives the viewers a deep impression of their characters in wwwsk, eg LYJ’s Best Friend, parents, Brother, KMS’s sisters and father. Don’t forget each colleague, every one provide the viewers with deep impressions of their roles in the drama. Kudos to wwwsk team! I will keep repeating watching wwwsk as I miss ppc a lot! Hope PSJ and PMY can be real couple and hear their wedding news. The above is just my personal view if inappropriate pls delete. Thanks.
  10. The stark contrast of KJW’s lobster red complexion with PMY’s complexion is positively astonishing.... If we stick a thermometer on him, the heats might off the chart...
  11. +1 , totally agree with you. I am one of those who are very optimistic at the beginning as I love ParkPark so definitely support PMY and I got second lead sydrome with KJW on Temperature of Love. But I dropped the series at 3rd episode. I don’t just feel watching it. Something is missing and I don’t know what is it.
  12. BTS has reached an incredible milestone! On May 24, the BTS members’ join Twitter account (@BTS_twt) surpassed 20 million followers. The account continues to be the most followed Korean Twitter account, and has grown from 15 million to 20 million in a little under a year as they reached 15 million on May 30, 2018. […] The post BTS’s Twitter Becomes First Korean Account To Surpass 20 Million Followers appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. Some actors have the power to suggest or insist on script changes if they don't think the story or the characters are working well, but otherwise, in most cases, it's up to the scriptwriters and the director. PSJ, for example, is known to ad-lib and improviser quite a bit and to suggest changes that benefit both him and his co-stars. Since his suggestions, improvisations, and ad-libs are known to be really good, the writers and the directors listen to him. Same with Jisung, as another examples. However, not all actors have that confidence, the skills nor the professional power to do that.
  14. yep, agreed! they are just looking forward to their sweet scenes.. not really much the whole story itself. yes they did.. they mentioned it on their interviews..
  15. well well!!!! has been a while but am here i Absolutely love this Drama Am always PMY fan and KJW have alot to say but will skip for now HLP is the best drama. I don't have high expectation over this drama when I watch the first episode. I thought it will be just another rom-com. I'm just glad I get to see KJW playing his first male lead on rom-com and think I could get to see his various expression of joy and silliness, not a sad face of unrequited love again or a serious face in heavy drama the drama really surprises me every episodes. As it comes with interesting scenes after scenes. Hyojin vs SASAENG SINDY! I really LOVE Hyojin's character development. I LOVE how she transformed from just a sasaeng to a dependable coworker and part of the Cheum family. Hyojin has been a surprisingly refreshing character that at first, we thought would hate.BUT can we talk about Cindy's mom again, what a QUEEN I LOVE HER ACTING ! Especially when she goes 'Oh my god'
  16. ..and..the last off topic..today... satanicvaginas2: he outhttps://forursmiles.tumblr.com/post/185094589339/free-lil-cuh-he-out and....high recommandations.....for...the banker..... .. ....and...Chernobyl 2019...
  17. 190524 NCT 127 @ WE ARE SUPERHUMAN album press conference
  18. Stills from last night ShenZhen roadshow Credit as tagged.
  19. This drama turns out to be pretty good. I can't wait to watch ep 12. Ep 11 ends with a very satisfying cliff hanger. Hahaha ... dying to see how Lin Meiya daddy's long legs going to make her ex boyfriend suffer. What a horrible guy. Dump his girlfriend to climb corporate ladder to be with Chairman's stepdaughter and scheming with her to take over the co. Can't wait to see noth of them fall flat on their face. Lin Meiya has 3 guardian angels with her: Ou Lin/yan, her daddy's long legs as well as her best friend in France. All happens to be from wealthy family.
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