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  2. Thinking about it, he is always stuck with 3 trouble maker kids. First this one and then later Soo Ah, Seol Ah and Si An. At this rate he is fully trained! Are you ready to lead a family life with 3 additional mini trouble makers, LDW-ssi???
  3. Good to know.... Would it be too much if PSJ send a coffee truck to PMY to her drama set. It would cause a riot among fans... hahaha
  4. Wonder how many fanfics after the rain. So far 2 right. Wish I can read and understand Chinese. Must be SUPER HOT...
  5. Park Min-young, Park Sin-hye and Seo Hyun-jin, Romantic Comedy Goddesses Guardar 2019/04/24 | 1419 views | Permalink | Park Min-young, Park Shin-hye and Seo Hyun-jin are romantic comedy queens who warm up our hearts this spring. ◆ Park Shin-hye, a trustworthy romantic comedy expert She has been with Jang Geun-suk, Lee Min-ho, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jong-suk and Kim Rae-won in rom-coms. She got along with every single one of them, and was made rom-com queen. Park Shin-hye and Hyun Bin starred in "Memories of the Alhambra", a suspense romantic comedy. Park Sin-hye played Jeong Hee-joo, a humane character. Park Shin-hye, who performed a natural romance despite the unfamiliar material of augmented reality, was praised for her great work as 'rom-com specialist'. Source : tvdaily.asiae.co.kr/r...
  6. So why suddenly RG went to DM for apologize? Was it because he saw DM’s gift for visiting his house?
  7. @turtle0217 Like you I don’t think SM has become ‘evil’. Otherwise he would become the Monster. Writer is more subtle than that. All the ‘evidence’ that is pointing us to think that SM has turned to the dark side are too ‘blatantly obvious’ for it to culminate in SM ultimately turning to the dark side. Her writing style seems to preference subtlety and foreshadowing. You need to see with the heart. And in my heart I don’t see evil in SM despite all the evidence thus far seemingly pointing to his descent into darkness (same get up as his dad – black cap, jacket, complete with ‘evil sneer’ etc). It’s like he’s taken on his dad’s persona on the outside. The only difference is that SM (unlike his dad) has ‘established ties’ – with his mom, LA, JI and JS. Brotherhood, camaraderie, love. They anchor him. Thus far we see their belief in him shaken one by one – his mom, JS and now LA. JI remains the only one still clinging onto the belief that he’s not the Monster within…despite evidences of the Monster without...she "sees with her heart" (Little Prince quote - "It is only with the heart that one sees rightly") Some think SM will be the one to kill his dad. I seriously doubt so. That would cement his descent to darkness for me. Just like if he were really the one to tell KGY to kill the ladies. But yes I still feel he (SM) will die in the end. There’s been too much foreshadowing for that not to eventuate. The Little Prince offers himself up to the Snake (stalker dad – The Snake in the Bible refers to Satan, the Father of Lies) to die. Much like how Christ offered himself up willingly as a sacrifice for mankind. I think SM will save LA another time…just like how he jumped out of the burning building in Ep1 cradling LA. Full circle. Death for the mother is probably the ‘kinder’ option in light of the potential demise of the 2 men in her life.
  8. Found this footage cfy after Dior event at the parking lot from fan https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4364703879875788/4364703927025279
  9. BLACKPINK IG update "What an amazing night!! Thank you Chicago"
  10. @Matilda_Anne not even once! not on press con, not on interviews, not on their BTS! He calls her "Minyoung-ssi"
  11. Havent watch the latest episode, but just wnna share... People say City Hunter is good and recommended as part of PMY's drama and I havent actually watching it until two days ago, im on ep13.... 9 years old production cant really compare to now isnt... i find the sequence of the drama poor, the songs played seemed out of place and the action wasnt that great... and man, that so called General, aka city hunter's father, is freaking annoying... limited fake acting? Seemed coincidence that LMH was recently out from the military and PMY is more popular than every before and so darn pretty... wonders if LMH regrets and hopefully they ended their relationship without hard feelings. KJW all the sudden looks so dashing in his current hairstyle in MPL... and i wouldnt say that he isnt smitten with PMY in this drama... *off to watching ep 6*
  12. Omooo love this drama. As a fangirl myself, I really can relate to Deok Mi. the only thing that didn’t happened to me is finding someone like Ryan Gold. hahaha. Thank you for the casting director that decided to cast PMY with KJW. I saw some of the fuss because of the last episode’s kiss. Did they really fake the kiss? KJW and PMY both are good kisser. Why fake it.
  13. Another MV I love, beautiful bgm https://www.bilibili.com/video/av50287472?from=search&seid=2299890861102934364
  14. Kyo sharing an image of touch me not plants.. sending a not so subliminal message to trolls who keep spreading rumors?
  15. No divorce?? I want to kick his butt every time he opens his mouth. Were there flashbacks of their dating days? Maybe they got married because she got pregnant? MS and her mother should not be hitting him but this show is full of belligerent scenes that he seems to deserve it. His mother .
  16. Mnet has viewers excited for the upcoming season of “Produce X 101” with a new relay dance clip! The upcoming survival program recently released a video of their contestants dancing to this season’s title track “XI-MA.” Executed in a relay dance fashion, each contestant performs a part of the song before moving to the back […] The post Watch: “Produce X 101” Trainees Show Off Their Moves With Relay Dance appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  17. Coming to think of it are there any dramas of girls serving in the army ? I think SK is such a male dominated society, so rare to hear girls wanting to do that @triplem ~ thats part of why I love this drama. people think that older dramas are boring and miss out on gems like this. yes the cinematography is not great and the fashions are kind of odd looking back but really one has to look at the story.. there were lots of stuff that still remain fresh in this drama because it was atypical. (tagging @kokodus) ... so mentioned the girl's dream but one of the other things that doesn't get covered often -- a chaebol who goes broke and conned. sometimes we see that almost like a flashback in revenge melos but to have that covered as part of plot in a rom-com? and the guy becomes flat out broke where his friends abandon him and the only people who he has are this girl and some staff who used to work for him... we are used to chaebols who are business smart and know how to run a business but what about a lazy lead who doesn't know the business and actually isn't that smart? .. and so his journey deals with the aspect of going broke, the depression, the heartache and clawing his way back. this is the sort of thing that may get covered in a revenge melo but it is definitely far from rom-com territory. think it is one of the reasons the drama had a 40% rating in its time though it is not well known now. it came out in 2000 after the asian financial crisis when there were many people who were struggling financially. so to see a cheerful story where people are dealing with this kind of crisis in a plucky manner was fantastic. remember my mom saying that actually both the leads have pathetic lives but they are so plucky that it is fun to watch them and it is not depressing... and I share @stroppyse hesitation towards female leads who are in high school when they meet but here it worked because she is actually 2 years older than her classmates (at 19/20) -- so she failed one year LOL and had to drop out another due to her con artists parents. so now her focus is to settle the debt of her parents, graduate and go back home to the countryside -- so she has no time for what she feels is city folks nonsense LOL... so how often do we see a female lead who is not competent and failed high school? LOL and the drama had one of my favourite love confessions because it was kind of backwards. they both ask "why do you like me?" with a genuine puzzled air. her: "why do you like me? am average looking, am not smart, not educated, not sophisticated like city people, have bad family background?" and his response is "why do you like me? am 8 years older than you. am an orphan. am ill-tempered and grouchy. am stupid to get conned and lose the business. so am not smart and now am broke." .. and they both smile and give a simple reason where they talk of just an action the person did. it isn't some grand confession.. but yea, what I liked is that they directly deal with the question "why do you like me?" -- how many dramas do that? in so many dramas, we have no idea why and sometimes it seems like that it has all to do with hormones and chemistry perhaps? 692
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