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  2. I had to go and re-watch Kim so yeon's I need romance 3 to pass the time to get me ready for this week's episodes...She's such a great actress and every show she's been in she's had great chemistry with her co-stars. Like literally they should give her more dramas since she's so good at what she does.
  4. From Philstar Global https://www.philstar.com/entertainment/2019/04/24/1912204/park-bo-gums-fan-meet-postponed-due-earthquake-blossom-entertainment-releases-statement I know there are a few posters here who are from the Philippines, I hope you and your family stay safe Sending my thoughts and best wishes, hopefully the Philippines makes a quick recovery. I hope everything is alright with you @dukesa1122
  5. Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho was given judgment on becoming a public service worker for his military service after he suffered major injuries from a car accident in 2006. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/lee-min-ho-discharge-military/ Hi syntyche, thanks for sharing this. Wahhh………..he's finally coming back. I do really miss him! I can now see his face without this face mask. I hope he could get back to work right away. Hope to see him soon on the screen. I hope he picks a project right away. Lee Min Ho's military service felt really long although I see his everyday pictures here. Literally feels like his service has been forever! Still, he really served quietly. He doesn't have any controversy. And I'm glad. He doesn't come on the news either while serving except for that "break-up thing". I'm happy his service went well. From some other surveys, Lee Min Ho still ranks first as the most popular K-celebrity outside Korea even he's serving. Lee Min ho is a real Hallyu star. Even those who don't follow K-pop know his name.
  6. @Lawyerh CJes is NG's agent. Fyi lol 558
  7. when in the world this happened....? Don't tell me it's heaven Writer want all of them together. In the Heaven I'm waiting for my prince. More pics SM back to his Rose I'm agree with that( People have forgotten this truth," the fox said. "But you mustn’t forget it. You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed. You’re responsible for your rose.) But without SM his mother will be alone and If SM killed all of them it's better to die rather than behind the bars . So I think there are chances of death of Seong Mo and His Mother too. Or may be only His mother.
  8. actually i like her first and then i went to watch 'Oh My Emperor' just for her
  9. 556. @Lmangla The funny part is he shaved all his body hair to avoid the drug checking. They said drug trace can be tracked from hair follicle. Apparently hes shave is not clean enough Yes hes done now. He also lied to public. He said he dont use drugs. That point nailed his coffin.
  10. @gm4queen, I am so glad for your post, and I love it. This is not my thread. This is the thread to all who want to express and add information about Namgoong Min. Of course, I agree with you totally. I think the first time I saw him was in an 2011 drama, "Can You Hear My Heart." I loved his acting, and I loved his voice. I have not seen all of his projects since then, but I have seen many of them. He truly is a versatile actor, who can do well both comedy and melodrama. I am so glad he is getting the recognition he deserves. I too, am loving Doctor Prisoner. It is a complex character study of them all. Every time I think I know what's going on, there is a new twist...
  11. Voting for Baeksang will end on Friday April 26, if not for KPop stars who also do dramas, our Encounter couple wins that poll as both are in 2nd place at least it shows how much PBG and SHK are loved by the fans.
  12. It looks like FB direct sign in is no longer allowed in soompi. For those planning to watch Bo Gum's Fan Meeting in the Philippines it has been postponed to June 22.
  13. Sorry to be MIA. I had computer issues.. Still do, actually. I am almost caught up on the drama. Will catch up on the thread this week. "Beautiful World" leads in Press Conf. Segment is Eng. Subbed.
  15. OCN’s “Kill It” has released a new behind-the-scenes video of episode 10! The clip opens with Nana and Jang Ki Yong filming an intense scene that involves Nana’s character Kim Soo Hyun getting stabbed in the back. However, the tension was released when Nana kept mixing up the name of a character in her lines. […] The post Watch: Nana And Jang Ki Yong Are Full Of Laughs In “Kill It” Behind-The-Scenes Video appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. Oh my gosh ..they way he treated that child actor is making my heart melt...i guess that boy really like him..
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  18. Translation for “AFTER-RAIN-SCENE” But please pardon me if it is not well done. You know... hahahah describing how people consummate, is not my forte..... Mod, please don't ban me. Credit to A Weibo writer (her link below) https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404363520639660327 It’s a beautiful Morning, with warmth breeze and sunny weather. There were Man and Woman’s clothes on the floor. The Room is filled with atmosphere of Love. (Sorry Don’t know how to describe this properly LOL) Both of them embraced together. Minmin is sound asleep. Wuji Stroke her beautiful hair, and admire her skin which is as fair as shiny Pearl. She now belonged to him. Wuji Swear to himself. From Now on, no matter what is going to happen, he will not let her leave him again. Minmin open her eyes, for a short moment, she has forgotten what happened the previous night. Then she felt some pain and soreness on her waist and realized , “Last night !!! She…. And Him…. “ Thinking of what happen last night, and seeing herself Naked, She felt instantly very embarrassed and wish there is a hole for her to hide. Wuji felt her moved, he quickly embraced her and ask, “Minmin, you are awake. Did you sleep well last night?” Minmin answered, “no, I am feeling pain” . After replying him, she hid her face in his chest. He felt her hair on his chest and instantly, he felt his heart shakened. A warm sensation filled his body. This feeling overwhelmed him . He think to himself. “Sigh Wuji, you are indeed a lecher “ He feared that he would want her badly again, So he controlled his feeling and desire, and said, “Minmin, you must be hungry, Let me cook something for you.” He stand up and leave the room. After he left, Minmin covered herself up with the blanket, she felt embarrassed. She is now his wife, she thought to herself. It is her first time and she felt afraid and excited at the same time. Luckily, her WJ is very gentle (she thought to herself). She recalled the sweet and beautiful intimate moments that happened last night and smile sweetly to herself. ___________________________ Translation for 2nd part - Grassland Reunion Wuji finally found her. The One he missed badly for the past years. From her backview, he is sure that she is Minmin, He choked with tears while calling for her name. Minmin turn around, her eyes filled with Tears too. He can tell that she missed him too. But She quickly turn herself back, refuse to face him. WJ ran and embraced her. She is still as thin and frail as before. "Minmin, I have been looking for you and I missed you badly. " Minmin answered coldly, “Zhang Jiao Zhu, why are you not with Ming Sect but instead here in Mongol? “ She break free from him and refuse to face him. “Minmin, I resigned from the position of Sect leader, I promise you that I will wander the world with you after I completed my mission and I never forget that” Minmin pause for a moment, and said, “ZWJ, I Forsaken my country and family for you. When my father finally agreed to our marriage, how did you treat me? How did your subordinates treat me? I will never believe you again. I no longer love you.” Minmin quickly walked away after that. Hearing her determined reply, WJ felt pained and hurt. But he knows that he let her down at first, he does not blame her for not forgiving him. ZWJ apologized to her, looking despondent, “Minmin, it is right for you to hate me. I don’t blame you. It is heaven’s gift that I am able to find you in this life time. I don’t wish for you to forgive me right now, but I hope you can give me a chance to make things right. I know you are lying to me, You still love me. And I am determined that, in this life time, I , Zhang Wuji , only want Zhao Min to be my wife.” With his sincerity, he reach out for her hands and hold them tightly. Minmin’s heart shakened. She can’t forget him., she knows. She thought that this relationship is gone and will be forgotten just like that. Little did she expect that he would have found her. She think to herself, “Sigh Zhao Min, Have you forgotten how your father died? Have you forgotten how much tears you shed for the past 2 years? You have already decided to forget him, to start afresh. Why are you shaken now upon seeing him? Moreover, you are already a Mother. You have a Son now. You are no longer lonely. You can forget him and Start afresh. This Child is a gift from Heaven. This Child is a gift from that night of intimacy. He can do without his father, because he has a doting Mother.” She believe she can raise her son Up all by herself. She does not want to experience that kind of separation with her beloved family member again, it is tormenting. WJ led a different path from her. There won’t be happiness if both are forced to be together. She is contended as long as she has her son with her. Determined, She said: “ZWJ, who do you think you are? Please don’t think so highly of yourself. I have already decided to forsake you. Please do not come looking for me again…”
  19. That pair of legs and the guy who is kneeling it's him lol I saw quite a few pics and the set is awesome!
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