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  2. I am reading websites www.readlightnovel.com but they really dirty words when Ning Que remind Sang Sang about wedding night they us F...... word that continues next chapters.
  3. WE WILL BE BACK It's such an iconic moment when I saw those words myself a few minutes back. How interesting that time have indeed went by without a hinge...and here we are. The end of Fiery Priest. Taking myself back to the time when i have no idea who Kim Nam Gil was. Only to be wowed by his performance and his looks. Thus making him one of Oppas now. I myself have no idea that Fiery Priest was even a thing. I stumbled upon this drama two weeks after it airs. So you can say that i was relatively new to the Kdrama world...Since i started fully like 2 years ago. hahahah. I really enjoy this drama. Not only for Nam Gil but for the storyline and the casts. It's really well written, that it stayed on me for relatively the entire wait. I really enjoy it. Claps to the production team. I myself..enjoy the times i uploaded photos i see to this platform for everyone. Since everyone is in love with this drama, so there is no excuse for me not to share what i found with everyone. From High Cuts to BTS to Some other stuff that is related to FP. It's awesome. Last but not least. I have to thank everyone who is here. @ktcjdrama @katakwasabi @LyraYoo @Dramanoona for giving us the live recap we need. It really helps to amp up the hype. WHICH IS AWESOME! A big big hug and props to you! To the others that are here on this thread, I would like to thank everyone too! We talked and discuss of the possibility of things...even though sometimes what we talked about might not be real. LOL But a huge shout out to you too! And of Cause @triplem @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama and even @mrsj3n you all, thank you. Thank you for being there when i fan girl. I know...I maybe overboard sometimes hehehe. But i do really want to thank you for holding my fangirl-ling-ness.Lol Cause i go crazy with it. Can't help it! I love this series! So anyways. To end off my long speech...hehehe I really like the ending. The bad guys are dead or get caught. Justice is served. And now, the team is still together. Props to them, props to the team! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO Now....Road to recovery from the FP Addiction hahahahhaha Sassily leave this thread See you all again!
  4. Just finished watching with subs! I cannot believe this is over anyway I have so many things to say: 1. Choco should be in Phoenix Seon’s team too lol 2. @katakwasabi Chief Kim will annoy the h*ll out of Hae Il, he’s so neurotic lol 3. Just how many years away is KNG’s next drama.... 4. Can anyone recommend some non-romantic K-dramas to me hehe thanks It’s been fun chatting with all of you here for two months... We Will be Back!!!! Season 2 가즈아아아!!!!
  5. 190420 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update "Doyoung and I were able to check out Vessel yesterday! New York is filled with such cool places #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NEWYORK #NCT127 #NCT" "The Vessel! #WE_ARE_SUPERHUMAN #NCT127_SUPERHUMAN #SUPERHUMAN #NEOCITYinUSA #NCT127inUSA #NEWYORK #NCT127 #NCT"
  6. ITA. I love all the relationships here. No matter how much JS got rejected by SM, she sincerely cares for his well being. I was really moved by her reaction and pain when she learned about what SM has been through. However, I am no less moved by all the pain JI has been through because she was ostracized where ever she went when people found out about her father. LA did waver when he found out the truth but he eventually overcame this stumbling block and came through for JI. As to our single mom and DB, I also enjoy watching their interactions misunderstandings and all. I like that she’s slowly warming up to DB despite his sometimes thoughtless attempts. JI’s aunt and the senior officer cracks me up but I also enjoy their storyline though he’s definitely gross at times. It was a nice solemn moment when he seemed forlorn and was seriously craving home cooked food and she suddenly appeared with home cooked dinner. SM and LA’s relationship too is nice to watch. I hope after all the darkness is passed they can gain some normalcy in their lives.
  7. @katakwasabi I went & check out Bobby’s ig , lol found this . Talking about Lee Bo Young , her cameo was the most epic . Both times as a cardboard cutout, and both times a victim of Father Kim’s fists ! Anyway this PD did Whisper as well , so I’m not surprised he recruited his previous cast from there . Looks like the cast continued partying @sushilicious
  8. @Caramel machiato how about ur analysis for call or text question? I think we've already discuss ir here about yin didnt reply text as sooner as she got..and she even did that to her bff iu? So why she prefer text than call? Since she loves to talk and has sweet voice, then she should choose call right? Ldw also choose text.. did he really loves text? Or maybe both were too immersed with kjr n ojs character bcoz both getting closer through text.. Plus point of texting is we can adding cute emoticons.. hahahaha..
  9. The caption was triggered my inner detective cell.. anyone has an idea?
  10. Seven-member idol group MustB was involved in a car accident. On April 21 at 3:40 a.m. KST on Seoul’s Olympic-daero (eight-lane highway in Seoul), midway between bridges Seoulgyo and Yeouigyo in the direction of Jamsil, MustB’s van hit a guard rail next to the road. The group’s manager Son (aged 36), who was driving during the […] The post Idol Group MustB Involved In Car Accident, Manager Passes Away appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. so, let's say the whole Mes leaving, returning, and finding out why/how he died takes another 1.5. mo. that leaves 6 months until Ching Ming again. Will the series end as it began ? Full circle ? Question is this, was the scene in the E8 preview Qing Ming.
  12. @ktcjdrama haha switch it up. Two girls running for their lives. Honey pulls Hae Mi’s wig. And it comes off. Just image it 714
  13. @sushilicious if they are truly gonna do Season 2 , at the minimum , I think that the main cast will return . Earliest I can see this happening is next year , 2nd half . 712 last night me & kim Kwon did not make it for a date. I went to slumberland
  14. @sushilicious haha i watched god quiz. S1 and S5. Lol. Why not S2/S3/S4 u ask me? The oppa not my cup of tea. Lol. So not much motivation. But i was in need for some crime to watch. In S5 they already like old married couple the lead. Lol. P.s Oh ya Investigation couple S2 im also still interested. 710
  15. I love the part at the end when they were running away from the metal rod wielding baboons... And Prosecutor Park was pulling Hae Il's hair as they were running away. I wonder if this was ad-libbed.
  16. Wahh.. I like ur analysis.. delulu mode on.. @Caramel machiato yes i agree with all of ur thoughts.. that "famous" jajangmyeon" banter surely has hit ldw with her deep stare.. lols.. after that ldw didnt question anything more and go with her flow.. maybe there's evidence if yin ever mention that she likes spicy foods?? It will be a solid evidence tho..hahaha.. And ur analysis about american too.. i am a coffee drinker but i cant drink americano..its too bitter for me..hahaha..and what yin said that she only can drink something taste like coffee then its a solid evidence she just match d answer with ldw.. For romance than action.. i think yes ldw guess yin wont choose action right? So he choose d safest answer.. and they were to starred in a romcom, how come he answer action? It will be weird.. Hardcore fans of yin n ldw will know right away that they answer was their real peference or not.. but for me, i think if u know ur gf or bf eventho d preference was different, that's show that u really knew/understand ur partner so well.. i think many couple did have many different preference but d point is how u will considerate with it then ur relationship will stay stronger.. I wanna add 1 thing.. their 8 matched answer had awarded 2 dolls from mc right? Ldw give it to yin was like telling "this is ur price for ur hardwork honey.." hahaha..
  17. Just as i said. I'm actually don't like to be confused about timing... wow, i just realized that we actually can figure it out how long Met lived with Thun. Because Ching Ming festival is 5th of April and Thun's birthday is 23th of July (they show us calendar in ep.4) So it makes about 3,5 months.
  18. @Erafera1 The pics with his parents, he looked very much like his dad and his mom looked beautiful too!! I think this is his movie...wonder when it'll be out?
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