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  2. preview translation (google) Suho (Kim Jin-woo) takes Anla (Lee Seung-yeon) to head home. Suh tells his family about the fallow and they help Ara and Namsun to stop him. On the other hand, Geumhee (Kim Se-ra) makes a dangerous decision for Changsu (Gangnam-gil) ...
  3. My opinion from ep 14: could the dream when they're spooning is a conception dream? Since people always compared HPL with WWWSK, maybe PD-nim wants to step up the game by ending it with a family scene instead of a wedding Just my naughty thought, though. I've been lurking in this forum from page 70 until now, can't withold anymore with just 2 eps left. I'm definitely going to have a severe withdrawal syndrome caused by KJW oppa.
  4. Thank you for pointing this out! PMY isn’t given as much of an attention as she deserves because of KJW’s emergence and portrayal of the gold standard for male leads is taking over everyone (understandably so). If I recall correctly from bits and pieces of the BTS and the press-con, KJW himself has said something similar to this. PMY also mentions that KJW is very generous, and if we were to view this statement with a lens on their professionalism, one can see that the two work together with the PD to know what will create a very good performance. He wouldn’t be able to shine without PMY. Had he been paired with a different actress, I have no doubt he would have performed just as well, but the effect of his role as DM’s significant other and partner (in life) may not have had the same degree of an impact if his female co-star fell flat in her portrayal of DM. Here, they are very much equals in their craft and are on the same wavelength. PMY just has that power, and it’s been evident from all her other works. That’s what we call professionalism! I think KJW was very lucky to have been paired within PMY for his first rom-com. Both of them have shown nothing but a stellar performance in portraying two characters that they have made their own, and most importantly very real and believable.
  5. She looks beautiful But just my thought, she is getting dressed like more elderly! IDK just my feeling! Maybe her stylist should change. There are a lot of lovely dresses to match her, even though now she looks good, I want her to glow!! She's young come on!!! As a Christian myself and believer, I feel she thinks not to expose herself more and I 100% agree on that. But she can wear colorful dresses without exposing! Just my cent. Anyways whatever and however she looks, I love her
  6. Very nice drama ! I missed quality drama ! There is too much garbage produced. Well she is not cheating. She didn't act on her feelings. She expressed her will of taking a break with her current boyfriend to think about what she is really feeling and what she wants. This is the right thing to do because this is HER LIFE. If your heart is gone, it's betrayal to yourself and disrespect to your current relationship to stay (specially if your partner is still n love with you) even though your mind is with someone else. It's not cheating bt dishonest so you shouldnt stay unless you are able to refocus and start from scratch to revive your feelings for your current partner. But it's hard to do and need a lot of work from both side, so it's unlikely because they dont even want the same thing. If there is not strong will, it may only fail. But according to the mentality of the country in which you live, you can either been viewed as cheating or meeting your destiny. People shouldn't judge with their own prejudice. Honestly, she has done things cleanly. She is starting being friend, she is not rushing things to a hotel.
  7. Wow.. fifthy shades of grey! I don't mind if he taking the part of Korean version Christian Grey, but only if this is a movie! but not a tv drama!
  8. Preview http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/leftywife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0682-01-495663,read,,102,793836
  9. 190524 湖南卫视孔晓一工作室 Weibo Update with WINWIN
  10. Your post is perfect. Completely agree re bedscene. would I have liked to see something a bit more mature? Yes. Would it have made emotional sense? Not one bit. Weve been praising their emotionally grounded relationship. Let’s also make space for bed scenes that aren’t raunchy — you know, like most of real life... (I’ve a suspicion that Sian and/or LeeSol are going to show up tomorrow morning... so we might get trolled again)
  11. It’s the end of Friday! Woohoooo! but too tired to watch Dramas haha I will probably be like @triplem falls asleep while watching dramas haha 770
  12. Oh! I thought it was two female swap body? my mistake! Lately Korean drama like to go quite sensitive issue like you mention.. suicide, school bullying! like the recent drama Beautiful World, or even the very popular Sky Castle! From the very begining I do not like the idea of third Romcom in a row! and the plot was too outdated and silly for me! I am really againts it! but if this already happen and settle! we just have to accept it and hope for the best and wish him luck! and give our very little support to him! I truly think this is not a bright choice for him to prove himself all grown up! or try difference character! but I hate it more if these drama fail badly! so I can only choose to wish him luck and hope for the best will come out from it! of course if this just on the talks, he should listen to his wave of fans ask him to reconsider.
  13. #Weibo Update #ParkShinHye #박신혜 #朴信惠 #パク・シ #Mamonde (5-24-19) 오랜만에 상해에서 팬분들 만날 생각에 설레이네요. 마몽드와 함께 즐거운 시간 보내요 우리 Cr:http://m.weibo.cn/2414346194/437 …
  14. Errrm, though the scene before was a drinking scene , the actual shoot may not be in the same sequence, especially not in the same venue. The flush most probably from the heat of spot light directly facing her. Poor KJW, when he stepped into the room, his face was the oily-est I have ever seen.
  15. He was so young then but stole the show. I was spoiled for the ending but it still shocked me. Don't get me started about it made no sense or I'll rant forever. Yeo Woon is a good example of an anti-hero (not villian), a character who does bad things but with whom an audience can still sympathize with, relate to and cheer for---he is not, by any means, like the character we are hearing described in this new YSH project. Woon's actions were contradictory and often misunderstood--but he never demeaned women (he went around rescuing fair damsels etc as well as other innocent ppl etc) and tried to be a good person and spoke respectfully to people. WBDS was a swashbuckling action historical, it's own type of genre, and the romance in it was really badly written or not emphasized as much as other elements---with a rom com, the relationship between two people NEEDS to culminate in true love, and I just go UGH at any woman ending up with a sleazebag, no matter how much he's changed.... because... magic? It just doesn't happen that way. I have so many problems with that. I like fantasy. But *poof* you're no longer a sleazebag, joke, funny, funny, rom com, haha. It all sounds like a trainwreck to me. Ahhhh, I am upset. Give YSH a serious role again. He did so many when he was much, much younger. His Yeo Woon was so ... mature.
  16. Being curious and having interest, it is already considered as cheating. This was mentioned to jeong in by her best friend. And jeong in and ji ho has been honest with their current situations. Before the entry of ji ho in jeong in's life, she is already having some thoughts on his relationship. But the entry of ji ho just solidifies it. Not many people will appreciate this drama as it tackles adult issues but as per ji min, when it comes to love you tend to be selfish. Will you stay in your long time relationship since it is already comfortable and accepted or you follow your heart and suffer those problems and consequences. I love PD ahn pan seok's dramas because it deals with human flaws. Cheating or not, i am sure they will clearly draw a line on this i am still rooting for jeong in and ji ho's happiness. They have this attraction that when their eyes met, it is like they want to jump into each others arms lol
  17. Another nice pic of JZ and YC. All credits to the owners of the oic/account https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4375491735345574 Add me to another one wishing for their collab soon. Their on screen chemistry is too good to be showcased only in one drama. That small touches, reflex glances toward each other. It's hard to be able to reach that level of chemistry between co-stars
  18. Thank you so much for clarifying! I admit that I was just so surprised to see some color on her skin that I had forgotten about their drinks prior to this scene. Maybe it also because I always assume that their drinking scenes don’t involve real alcohol but I guess it does!
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