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  2. We can just discuss here I love it so far, although there are some directing/editing stuff that bothered me a bit, but I'm willing to overlook them... it's always a challenge when acting as a blind person. 760
  3. They will give continuation on next week episode 756
  4. sooo.. from the other ParkPark.. PSH sent foodtruck to PBY drama set.. dont really know much about their relationship.. but I do like Strong Woman.
  5. I have yet to watch the W drama. I got the idea from Marriage Contract drama but I see that it's quite a common move of girlfriends. We can say that it is a realistic one.
  6. I can accept this bed scene because when its Ryan shows abs or sexy movement then my country will cut that scene...
  7. I agree, so warm sensual and gentle was the episode! And I am very happy that they finished the story with mother and so perfectly finished! I cried for joy. And the end ... this couple is so adult and moving that they do not need scenes with nude bodies, he finally finally managed to keep the pencil again able to draw ... and he opened his heart to her when he said I LOVE YOU and that is it! do not need anything else an incredibly great scene!
  8. KJW and PMY in HPL My Glorious Bun +2
  9. That drawing scene is beautifully done. And PMY unnie..even her shadow so pretty I think I heard/saw it somewhere that KJW is ambidextrous? Cmiiw Oh God..one mistery waiting to unfold..I hope it's not the saddest one bcoz involved DM mom For the "bed scene" hopefully we can get a full version on ep.15? Just like kiss scene in the workshop?
  10. I would say all of them because each characters seem to have their own charm and goal . I always like female characters who can fight and stand on their own so am glad to see both the females are.
  11. Kinda disappointed with the “bed scene” but let’s hope for more snippet of them next week for their “good morning sweet time” or maybe “bathroom scene” if i’m allowed to be more delulu I mean i understand they try to make it look beautiful and sincere, not all about the lust thing but a little bit sexiness will not kill nobody aye?
  12. I agree he should be topless since DM is wearing his shirt. Why would he bother getting another
  13. Rewatching C-subbed, this time with my family, and having my heart shattered all over again, before even properly recovering from it the first time round - reliving the Park family's pain from the moment their world came crashing down around them, through their debilitating guilt as they combed through each moment in self-recriminations, wishing that they had acted differently, listened more closely, responded immediately. The significance of the energy bar in Dong Hee's hand now takes on new meaning with hindsight, and just the sight of it pains me so much, knowing how Seon Ho continued to reach out and encourage others, even when he himself is flailing and struggling inside
  14. Just finished episode 13 BEST EPISODE SO FAR.... Because its show plot development progress and acting between Ryan and mom.. Oh I say mom.. Sorry deokmi The acting Kjw just I mention so make my heart just dup dup.. I dont know how to describe..Its mature drama can be related our life..We feel angry and sadness of Ryan... When Ryan angry make me worried because have scary eyes..please dont be villain.. Please writer.. Lol So lucky abandon children dont too much.. I accept this reason... Deokmi still fangirl hahha.. Before this to sian now change to Ryan. Naughty Deok Mi because show sexiness to Ryan.. Where is your pants? You always wear skirts..me jealous Friendship eungi and Deokmi become so growth. Why I want eungi to cindy.. Its so chemistry make me just smile dont be annoy before this.. Lol... Sorry cindy ane eungi.. I will support because I dont want my Ryan feel jealous again.. Lol.. Yeah I also love Cindy with new family hehhe.. The pace and plot progress so fast.. Easy clear everything.. Love all scenes have important reason.. Salute for scriptwriter... The ending episode is climax to know the real situation between son and mom.. I say mom again.. How Ryan be brave to show and ask for truth... I love so much this scene.. Make me cry Sorry sometimes I crazy words in here.. Hahha. Why I become like this
  15. Maybe because PMY's makeup is thicker than KJW's..... Her hair is covering her ears and neck too and I believe as a woman she has more control. The only time her ears was in flame was during the scorching hot first kiss in the workshop. KJW's face is full of makeup but not his ears and neck the reason why the redness show on that parts....KJW isn't the only actor who goes red in intimate scene. Lin GengXin (C actor) is well known for his red ears every single time he was close physically to an actress.
  16. Plotholes...again..haha...yes, it is indeed a new phone. And then she opened this 'Secondhand World', probably a blog of hers? since it says 'My Post' as well. But then, how did YC even know it was her who asked the question...unless, he's been keeping an eye on it. I also hate it when the writer just throws things just for, as you say, plot convenience, giving YC the upper hand. I think for now, some of our questions are due to the writing but hoping all of them gets answered nonetheless. @turtlegirl I took the liberty of providing that screenshot of the new photo for you ..here... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Ep 6 is my fave episode thus far. I enjoyed it and probably also why the ratings went back up from 2% to 3%. Because as most of you pointed out, we get to see CM work as the heir to his company and how smart he is actually. It was actually refreshing to see. Also, I absolutely love how courageous SY is facing YC despite being in a dangerous situation, mostly because of PBY's acting, I mean, did you see how those tears are just like naturally flowing from her eyes like a river. No doubt, she's so good with these types of scenes. Looks like SY will start to fall for Min now . She was so smitten by him while he was speaking on his phone (who wouldn't? ) and even lied to him that the reception in the other room is bad..ha ha..The dinner also is so sweet and heartbreaking for SY. I love how CM is so attentive of her, of what she likes, he knows her very well. Indeed, explaining to her family she is alive will be prolly be tough but perhaps in the end they'll accept it. Also, I too really like the taxi scene. It seems to me that YC and Seo is playing a game of who wins and who losses. Basing from his childhood, he should hate his father. But now that we know he was there when SY died, his motive is in question. Agree with @greezlybee, he might just be using YC for his own agenda. Yes, he might be jealous of SY so he wants her dead but not sure if that's solely the reason for him to get rid of her. He didn't do the actual killing because YC did it, but he was still there for God knows why and then put the blame on CM. Still wondering why he would work with his father he supposedly hate. Now, we don't know if Seo will be the main villain from now on that YC is in prison, however he still holds the Abyss. I just hope they continue the good pacing from ep 6. This drama still has the potential to be better. If only they started this out on a lighter note, instead of a serial killer plot, like if they kept that mystery until perhaps the end, this could have gone way better. But again, I'm not the writer so all I can do is just complain...lol..the actors are the ones keeping this drama going.
  17. There is no video preview (yet) but the people who manage the official website consistently post the text previews on time.
  18. Is there something wrong with me if RG's/KJW's ehem peach ehem was distracting me a little in this scene asdfghjkl Those Fitted Pants [inserts fire emoji here]
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