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  2. @yukiyukiku You're welcome, and I hope you enjoy it :) @chipz03 I completely agree with you. ZSF has always been one of my favorites. In fact, the whole Taoist clan/Wu Dang sect have all been great in Jin Yong stories, minus ROCH. With ZSF's wisdom, I believe it resolved Wu Ji's find and eased him on his journey. Again, great parallels between Wu Ji and Zhao Min's love and his parent's. Love this series so darned much.
  3. @chantaljaey I watched so many diff taeun vid on YouTube and every single tiny interaction btw them is able to make me squeal Hahahaha seriously hope that they will make it official eventually
  4. Become a Person Who Produces HopeTranslated by Brother Anthony and Susan HwangAt times when everyone in the world is asleep, when even dreams are asleep, confined in darkness,become a person who walks regarding the stars,not afraid of the dawn that has risen alone;become a person who produces hope.Tonight, too, with snow falling, no way of returnas winter's night grows ever darker, in a dark room with a guttering candlenear a workplace where the day's work is done,become a person loving sorrow;become a person who produces hope.If you live life loving this world of despair, that lacks even despair,this world of sorrow, that lacks even sorrow, then spring snow falls.Out in the snow, on encountering long-expected expectancy,out in the snow, on encountering long-yearned-for yearning,exclaim aloud, embrace and laugh;exclaim aloud, rub cheeks and weep.On becoming a person who walks regarding the stars,on becoming a person who produces hope,you who walk along paths across barley fields where spring snow falls,everyone, come running, whole-heartedlywelcome dreams.Welcome dreams. The paradox in this poem is the way it combines sorrow with hope. The life we should be living is not one devoid of pain and problems, instead, the poem says, it is in the midst of sorrow and even despair that joy come, the ability to truly unite with others in the same difficulty and who refuse to give up, instead gazing up at the stars and dreaming.
  5. Tomorrow is that dreaded Monday againnnn. Sighhh. Wait! It’s 12 so it’s today now! Sighhh 966
  6. I am kinda more assured that it is father & son. The picture above, the man looks older. @nateko it’s very possible, it might be there. Plus the outfit one looks older than the previously seen wired shun. I’m shook! I need a tranquilizer too!
  7. Again? Don’t you think Mighty YS character development happening/changing too fast?! They gave her eyesight too soon. Let me at least enjoy the Ice Princess a bit longer!
  8. Legend Drama [Heirs] Ep.2 'Do I like you?' / 'The Heirs' Review-Subtitled 40 mil visualizacionesHace 1 día (cr : SBSNOW Official Youtube https://youtu.be/IYF03lJE0qQ ) )
  9. I also think that Zhang San Feng truly wants Wuji to be happy, to chase what he really wants. When WJ initially (and reluctantly, in this version) agreed to marry ZZR, the match was considered perfect in the eyes of WJ family and people around him, so it's not surprising that ZSF is happy too. But If WJ eventually and finally finds his true happiness by being together with ZM, then definitely ZSF will not hold it against WJ. I guess with his age, ZSF has learned a lot of life lessons and has attained wisdom that even his oldest disciples might not be able to grasp yet. Of all the people that WJ has met, I felt ZSF is one of the few who can really accept WJ the way he is, a young man with his own desire and his own will, not what and who WJ should have been in the eyes of others (something that I felt WJ sect's members and even uncle+grandfather failed to do). One thing that make me really like zsf is his ability to see people with less judgment. He might have his initial reservations but he didn't hold on that judgemental thoughts once he knew the person (e. g. When he first met a Ming sect member when he was trying to find cure for young WJ. He offered the young man to leave the "evil" sect and join Wudang, but the man politely refused. ZSF accepted and respected the man's decision) . Plus, ZSF has experienced the same situation with his 5th disciple marrying YSS from the evil sect (at the time of their marriage, Ming sect was considered an evil one by the other righteous sect) . One of the reasons why I love Wudang sect the most of all the other sects in HSDS.
  10. Yes! So many unanswered questions. I really want to know how long did WJ search for ZM. I’m also curious Whether he would go after her without grandmaster’s comment that he should go to find ZM as he still young, there’s still time for him to correct his mistakes.
  11. Thank you so much for the welcome and information. I hope someone is able to translate the actual poem. I would love to forward it to my mom to read to her students.
  12. Chinggu please don't get your hopes up. I was only speculating LOL but yes also crossing my finger here. I'm trying to find the tweet as it must have been buried already as she is a prolific twitter. It could be that they were just having a casual meal as former colleagues. You know how our girl maintains friendships.
  13. that psj attended kky wedding is confirmed. kky's wedding planner wrote on her ig that psj attended and was sitting next to Gumi. wow..wwwsk team forever
  14. Every time I saw someone wearing white from top to toes, my mind is calculating the amount of bleach it needed after.... +2
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