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  2. 0:22 someone telling wang joon that Da Da in Danger. It means someone other than WJ also knew about this, Or having some other mystery not only a stalker case.
  3. They could make it better, if DM ask for revenge & win again , start taking his shirt * cough * his pants off allow as to watch - But friend why the two brother different from each other, one drink the little brother was nearly naked , * all innocent
  4. LOL! Right? Tired of of him wasting screen time that should go to our OTP. I don't get that part either: reviving people is the opposite of killing people. What possible benefit could there be for him? I'm not looking forward to his plan whatever it is and why, oh, why does he even still have the marble? Thanks @adqu but the picture appears to have been removed
  5. ** CJH posted this IG. I can see why this digitalized fake childhood image is trendy in Korea now. He looks amazingly cute and adorable. 崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group 8 hrs · 【2019.05.26★崔振赫 Instagram 更新】 【2019.05.26★Choi Jin Hyuk Instagram Update】 Reposted from @real_jinhyuk - 나는 왜 별차이가 없는거같지?ㅎㅎ #애기진혁 #그나저나 #한국팬미팅 #벌써 #다음주토요일 #기대됩니다 我為什麼覺得沒有什麼差別呢?he he #小孩振赫 無論如何 韓國粉絲見面會 已經 下星期六 期待 How come I don’t see any difference? he he #littlejinhyuk #anyway #Koreafanmeeting #already #nextsaturday #lookforwardto https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx6u5b8ArrS/… *中文翻譯: "崔振赫香港飯團" 轉載時請註明 *Translated by "CJHHKFG" Please give full credit if reposting. 崔振赫香港飯團 Choi Jin Hyuk 최진혁 HK Fan Group 7 hrs · 【2019.05.26★崔振赫韓國粉絲見面會相關資訊更新】 【2019.05.26★Choi Jin Hyuk Korea Fan Meeting News】 ★ 2019 崔振赫粉絲見面會 The Real Time★ #崔振赫 粉絲見面 D-6 各位想想也覺得幸福呀~ 星期六見啊! . Reposted from @makestar.co - #최진혁 팬미팅 D-6 여러분 생각만 해도 행복해요~ 토요일에 봐요! . #ChoiJinhyuk fan meeting D-6 Only a thought of you makes me happy~ See you on Saturday! . https://bit.ly/2EG9NXp ** CJH sent a meal- truck to Yoon Hyun-min., though it isn’t clear what project YHM is working on now. They worked together in Tunnel. YHM is supposedly dating Baek Jin-hee (whom CJH also worked with in PP just before his MS)
  6. Just keep it exciting! That’s all I want. @briseis @Liting1 Oh, I think we are probably getting deleted scenes today. Yay. Wednesday seem too far away.
  7. The ratings for cable TV channels are measured the same way it's measured for all the other TV channels. The ratings for cable TV will be always slightly lower because KBS, SBS and MBC are public channels, they don't require subscription whereas the cable channels do and therefore there will always be fewer people who have a cable subscription. The viewership ratings in South Korea are measured by two companies - AGN Nielsen and TNmS - have some 2000-3000 households which they monitor (each household has a box which monitors which program the family is watching, how they switch the TV, and a remote control on which they indicate which member of the family is watching the program). The households are carefully handpicked in order to be reflective and accurately represent the real demographical composition of SK households (age - children, younf adults, adults, ...). Approximately 25 % of the households are changed each year to ensure objectivity. The ratings that are officially released are the data from these households. It's similar to polls that are made before elections - it all largely rallies on statistics because it's simply not logistically and financially possible to measure the data from all the Korean households. For more information you can visit here: https://www.soompi.com/article/364303wpp/south-korea-tv-ratings-tns-vs-ac-nielsen
  8. @jakey09 I don't know how I feel about LYS's character development happening too fast. But I think I got so use to other dramas that went at this fast pace too and so I was able to handle/adapt to everything going at that pace. Tbh, I prefer more of a fast pace storyline than a slow one. That way it doesn't bored me to death. @immorethant I totally agree with you and love every point you mentioned! Thanks!
  9. @ellelyana88 Oooh! Dang it, I completely forgot about him and the ear looks similar too. Now that I think about it, he totally could be Wire Shun.
  10. People on Twitter have been speculating that Lee Junho is the villain. But I am still keeping my eyes to Lee Tae Ri, whom DKW choked in the earlier episode. I don't think he is just a cameo for just few cuts. Hmmmm.. The suit the person wear when walking down the stairs and the suit Lee Tae Ri wears when he was choked by DKW in earlier episode has the same style. Hmmmm... If he is not the main villain, he might be that 2nd person in the preview. Take a look at his ear. The arc seems similar. Hmmmmm..
  11. GOT7 has shared an entertaining and extremely unique dance practice video for their latest title track! On May 27, GOT7 dropped a special dance practice video—personally directed by Jackson—for their new song “Eclipse.” The video features GOT7 wearing astronaut uniforms (though there is something hilariously different about three of their costumes), and it begins with […] The post Watch: GOT7 Goofs Off In Hilariously Unconventional “Eclipse” Dance Practice Video Directed By Jackson appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Let me join in the game Kim Jae Wook swagger is my welfare. I love the way he walks.......I dont want to be too greedy and add his hair ,will leave that to someone else
  13. Yes, YS has many reasons to behave the way she behaves and I mentioned a lot of them, but the point I wanted to make is that she takes it too far. There is no reason for her to be so cold and angry at Mr. Jo who clearly never betrayed her or hurt her and whom she has clearly loved dearly from childhood. She didn't have to take her anger out on all the innocent applicants who applied to replace Mr. Jo's position. She doesn't have to be so overly rude to her staff - they are her employees not her slaves. A lot of her behaviour is justified but some of it is not and that's a character flaw she needs to work on. And I think that's where the story will go - a (wo)man is not an island and you can't spend your whole life being angry at everybody. If she doesn't get anyone close to her, if she doesn't share her worries and troubles with anyone, if she acts cold to everyone how can anyone possibly know the meaning behind her smiles? I wouldn't say YS was on her own. Yes, her family was basically non-existent and they were either hostile or indifferent but you yourself call Mr. Jo YS's surrogate father and from what we saw he really was one - he spoke banmal to her, called her by her name, treated her as a daughter and not as his employer, and YS clearly adored him as a child and they shared familial physical intimacy - so if she had him she couldn't have been completely alone. She had someone who loved her, she had a support mechanism. I find your point about her parents dying early very interesting because as far as I can remember we still don't know when exactly her parents died. My guess is there will be much more backstory because there are scenes with a child YS and a teenage YS (when she practices baller with Ni Na). And we still don't know for how long YS was in charge of Fantazia and to what extent. Remember, YS is 26 years old so when she became blind she was 23. The age of majority in South Korea is 19. That would be the moment she would assume her legal rights to Fantazia. I think it is safe to assume YS's parents died when she was a teenager and still a minor therefore her aunt must have been in charge of Fantazia for a few years as her legal guardian until YS reached the age of majority. I guess that might have been the moment when her aunt decided to start plotting against YS because she got used to being in charge of the foundation and didn't want to share the power and influence with YS.
  14. Today
  15. Ahh...i want to join the welfare shoutouts too... obviously all talking about his face, body bla bla...but to me.. I'm not that pervy ok (I'm acting like innocent but obviously not) KIM JAE WOOK "LAUGHTER" IS MY WELFARE I really love when he laughed..I'm smiling like a fool everytime he is laughing..his voice is so refreshing and make me happy when watching and hear his laughter
  16. @Ameera Ali #53 The cell phone battery is always dead when you most need it
  17. I wouldn't say that regaining one's sight/vision can be considered as a character development. There has been zero change in her character and behaviour once she regained her vision. YS's blindness was never supposed to be in the focus of her story, rather a part of her life and a motivation for her behaviour. When we first meet her, we see a woman who lost everything, except for her wealth - her parents, her beloved ballet, her vision, her childhood friend, and later Mr. Jo. Now, we need to learn about her journey from the absolute rock bottom as she learns to love herself and others and overcome her own tragedy. Actually, I have to admit I find the fact that YS regains her eyesight this early and that it doesn't make her visibly happy or improve her behaviour quite a clever move because it shows that even if we are alright physically, our emotional scars and losses run much deeper and without love our life is nothing more but a mere existence.
  18. Someone did a short piano cover of “You Are My Angel” OST! I think, this OST will go down in the list of ALL TIME KDrama OSTs, if there’s such a list. I was doubtful when I heard the first time in the teaser but now I know why KBS was so excited that they released the OST in the Promo itself! Hell, I don’t think I barely come across a show where all the OSTs were released in its premiere. I don’t remember. What I love about this OST is the lyrics (Thanks to Viki for subbing the lyrics as well) and the fact that it’s kind of the song you want to listen when it’s raining. It’s a typical rainy song.
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