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  2. Honey Lee, Kim Sung Kyun, And Kim Nam Gil Say Heartfelt Goodbyes To “The Fiery Priest” TV/FILM Apr 20, 2019 by S. Park With one episode left, the cast of SBS’s “The Fiery Priest” shared their thoughts on the conclusion of their drama. Kim Nam Gil said in a statement, “More than anything, I thank viewers who gave us a lot of love. Thanks to them, we were able to successfully complete this journey. During this both long and short time, we were able to achieve good results because we worked passionately and empathized with one another. While figuring out what justice is and how to go towards the rightful path, they were rewarding moments as we worked through it in a lighthearted, fun way. I hope everyone who watched was able to feel healing with our courage and comfort until the end.” In a video shared by the network, the actor also said, “Hello viewers of SBS’s ‘The Fiery Priest.’ This is Kim Nam Gil who portrayed Kim Hae Il in ‘The Fiery Priest.’ It’s nice to see you. It feels like yesterday when I greeted you in the first episode, and we’re already headed towards the finale. I think we filmed for about six months, and you gave us more love than I expected so thank you. All of the staff and actors were great and tried their best in their individual roles with a sense of community. Thank you to the staff and actors. Thank you for loving us for how much we worked hard and how much we tried to communicate with viewers. I think we were repaid in that way. Even after ‘The Fiery Priest’ ends, I promise that our staff and actors will see you again as we do well in our own work.” He added with a laugh, “We’ll see you through season two of ‘The Fiery Priest.’ Please be healthy and happy until then. I’ve been Kim Hae Il.” Kim Sung Kyun commented, “Hello. It’s actor Kim Sung Kyun who played Goo Dae Young in ‘The Fiery Priest.’ The hectic time has passed and ‘The Fiery Priest’ is heading towards the end. The staff and actors who cried, laughed, and suffered together, you worked so, so hard. I think that we might all cry and hug when it ends because we got so attached to one another. Thank you. I did expect that the reactions to ‘The Fiery Priest’ would be good, but thank you to viewers who gave us even more love than we expected. It’s not the end yet, so I ask for your continuing love.” Honey Lee said, “Hello. It’s Park Kyung Sun from ‘The Fiery Priest.’ It’s nice to see you. The long run of six months has ended, and we’re now awaiting the broadcast of episodes 19 and 20. I feel a complicated mix of emotions. A part of me thinks, ‘I can rest now. It feels like a relief,’ and another part of me thinks, ‘Ah it’s so regretful. I now have to let Kyung Sun go. I can’t see my co-workers.’ I have mixed emotions, but I feel grateful the most. I met these good co-stars and you gave us so much love with viewership ratings over 20 percent. So even if we worked hard, it didn’t feel like we suffered at all and it gave us so much strength. Thank you viewers for supporting and loving us. Thank you.”
  3. Dongwan spotted on Instagram. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221517865451
  4. That scene though It is something that dramas/movies can freely convey, the secrets of the world. With its physical size and population size, it is always possible that weird acts to exist. What if everything in TYH is 90% true?! Businesses nowadays are weird
  5. New stills Mi Ri ya! Mi Poong! http://sports.mk.co.kr/view.php?year=2019&no=246061 *** New episode today.
  6. Now that I’m watching eps 43 & 44, listen to MinMin soft voice and sweet talk when she got injured. No wonder WJ melt instantly and sweet talk back to MinMin.
  7. 190419 Dongwan's Instagram update. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221517861102 He deleted this.
  8. Young truck coffee tea for Joo Jin Mo *** In the SBS drama 'Big Issue', Han Se-yeul, who is in charge of acting as the editor-in-chief of 'Woo Hyun,' who has no blood and tears, gives a breathtaking feeling of tension. In the 21st and 22nd of 'Big Issue' broadcast on the 17th, Han Ye Sul voluntarily went to the prosecution on behalf of Ju Jin-mo (Han Seok-joo). Her character had no disturbance even in tight tension. https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/2019041931484
  9. ah I see; thats why you are having tummy aches and indigestion problems. basically you are eating at weird times and not digesting well due to added stress. not sure how to help but at least in my experience, when you deal with whats causing you stress in a better healthy way, then the tummy problems go away.... try and stick to regular eating times and don't eat when you are stressed. instead find some other way like listening to music or chatting with people or praying to help you get through it.... 600
  10. Human beings love to gossip alot hahaha Ming Sect Patriotic Leader romance with Mongol Warrior Princess, always feel like very romantic when i think of it I realise WJ love to barge into rooms alot of time , wonder if anyone made a video compilation of WJ room crashing scenes
  11. She is the daughter of the old man who disguised as XX when WJ was at the red plum villa. Remember those 2 families (Zhu and Wu) tried to tricked WJ for XX where about.
  12. Chinese Title: 三生三世宸汐缘 English Title: Love and Destiny ~ Filming Period: / Air Date: / Episode Count: 60 ~ Viki Request Link Director: 林玉芬 Lin Yu Feng Chief Costume Director: 张叔平 Zhang Shu Ping Costume Director:张世平 Zhang Shi Ping Art Design Director: 区丁平 Qu Ding Ping Graphic Director: 李昭桦 Lee Zhao Hua Producer: 苏里 Su Li Executive Producer:江陆艳 Jiang Liu Yan Broadcast Platform: IQIYI Production Company: Synopsis One day, God of War Jiu Chen, who fell deeply asleep after sealing the demon lord ten thousand years ago, is suddenly awakened by a young girl’s mistake. Jiu Chen and the girl, whose name is Ling Xi, develop feelings for each other over time. But soon it is discovered that Ling Xi’s existence can break the seal and free the demon lord, and Jiu Chen is thus urged to kill her. (Source: CDramaBase) CAST 倪妮 NiNi as 灵汐 Ling Xi 张震 Zhang Zhen as 九宸 Jiu Chen TRAILER
  13. @Lmangla i can take 50 max lol. Monster is one of those i dont press skip button. Empress Ki, i did press lol. 602
  14. That why it make this version outstanding because WJ know who he truely love and there no need to asked. Previous version repeated that line where ZZR asked him toward the end. This version clearly show by WJ action with his eyes contact keep stared at the princess.
  15. Fan with weibo acc @estellestory caught CFY with his friends
  16. @AppleBananaYX totally has the best expression and intuition about our OTP. I'm happy the director did not include him in RYW plot. But I do want more of him in the last episode also More OTP, more YX!!
  17. 190417 Dongwan's VLIVE update. https://www.vlive.tv/video/124166 The video is funny because he keep whispering through it, lol. I don't know how many times he said asmr.
  18. I notice that lipmark too during the first time. I thought to myself, wow sexy haha Impressed with this producer who produced details that are not obvious yet still obvious enough for audience to realise and allow fans like us to kill time by analysing them before the next episode telecast I started writing a Short paragraph of Mongol reunion aftermath to fulfil my desired closure. Not sure if this considered Fanfic. Hope i can write well enough to share.
  19. **** Hello, I'm Kim Nam Gil, who plays Kim Hae Il in a fiery priest.. Nice to meet you. I thought we said we were doing our first broadcast like a the day before yesterday. We're already running towards the end of the broadcast.. I think we've been shooting for about six months.. Thank you so much for giving us more love than we expected.. Every member of the staff has a hard time finding anyone.. We all have a sense of community.. There are no person which all staffs all actors are angular.. and, One does the best in a seat the community spirit altogether and the staff, the actor thanks you so and as much as 1 audience is trying to communicate hard with everyone, we love much and I thank you.. All of the staff members promise to greet each other with good seats even after the fiery priest. We will meet you on season 2. (translated sunny_pprecious) ***** It will be really a second season?
  20. Leave him sealed there, we can easily take him every where
  21. Definitely not necessary because even XX who is blind can tell how deep WJ loved MM.
  22. haha! I think I may be one of the only that prefer LA & JI's relationship/storyline. I like how its more pure and that less politics are involved, so I find them a cuter couple I may change my mind though, if SM decides to open up a bit in the later eps
  23. NCT 127 Superhuman Premiere in New York, Let’s get it!
  24. Remember 4 uncles from Wudang said that in eps 39 Wulin was talking about their scandal.
  25. hahahha... it depends on the actors and the type of daily drama. most daily are like 30 minutes. so basically a good short break from whatever you are doing and I mostly watch with one eye closed. so it is not full on concentration and my brain is sort of switched off.... I am actually finding it very difficult to watch dramas that are now one hour episodes. so I like that kdramas are now having that 30 minute mark ad break. so I also stop, take a breather for a bit and then sit down and watch. lakorns with one and half hours are becoming a challenge. turkish dramas are like 2 hours per episode!!!!! seriously no patience for that! 600
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