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  2. I wish this is for a collab not for dating news. but if Taemin is really dating with other girl not Naeun I'll be happy too as long as he is happy and so is Naeun
  3. BoA joined a talented group of fans for an unforgettable performance on JTBC’s “Stage K”! On the May 19 episode of the K-pop dance competition show, BoA watched challengers from Asia, North America, South America, and Europe cover her songs. The show opened with a special “kids’ stage,” which featured four children dancing to BoA’s […] The post Watch: BoA Makes Dreams Come True By Performing With Winning Team On “Stage K” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  4. LOL! The caption when BJS appears so funny! "Familiar back view" hahahahha They both from Saram Ent. It's like doing crossover video for each other. I think they would release BTS for KwonYul too later.
  5. It's not a video, but you can read it here : https://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/4238751.html
  6. [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun Playing Piano- My Sassy Girl Behind the Scene and Movie Version
  7. I noticed it too. Her intonation used to end almost in a whisper before and some people complained, so I think she worked on that and now she speaks more firmly and does whisper. Whatever she did there I quite appreciate it because now KJ sounds more fierce. Saram Entertainment posted another BTS of LHN
  8. I absolutely agree with you. The director is one of the best and i trust her decision in choosing Chang Chen. She knows what she is doing. Imagine how good the script must be, if Chen agreed to join the project. And honestly, how a god of war, old of thousands of years is supposed to look like, if not like Chen?
  9. perfect!!! you have a special talent for these edits. they capture the truth somehow :))))
  10. It's definitely a tempting idea. But..... Some KDramas end very badly indeed (those make me angry) but I hope that this will be one that shows some light ahead. But until I know which ending it will be, I won't watch.
  11. Uummm.. I didn't look carefully who was dumping who in the preview. I think BJS dumps KW thinking that he killed him, and probably would be found by KKJ awhile later. KKJ seems to be looking for KW (I guess) in the preview. I don't mind seeing KW unleashes his "Kousuke" though. I think that would satisfy the curiousity most of us had since V2. Everyone must be wondering how would it be when Kousuke finally come out. Btw, I have this thought just now when I see how determined BJS want to escape to kill DKW himself. I think the tattoo has triggered jealousy in him. That's why he said "how dare you". It's like even though he was the master Korean dark web, but it seems that he couldnt get something like permission or recognition to get the tattoo? OR Another theory in my thought is that BJS knew the person who own the Secret Net / Auction Favre has the same tattoo but never saw his face. So, BJS probably confused DKW as the real Wire Shun. He thought he was played and thus out to avenge for the death of the other members of his Dr. Favre site. I think every season, Voice has managed to make me literally feel the steam surging through my head, cuz my head is burning from frying my brain too much. Hahahahahaha Edit: I miss KKJ in this hair style so much. While other people rewatch season 1 for Mo Tae Gu or Jin Hyuk, I rewatch for KKJ's hair style. I was a bit dissapointed when LHN retains that short hair style for Season 3. I was hoping she would grow it a bit since the gap were months since the explosion. OK, ignore my rant. I just miss season 1 KKJ. Gotta go rewatch V1. LOL! Cr to OP
  12. VERIVERY will soon be sharing a fun new music video for “From Now”! On May 20 at midnight KST, VERIVERY dropped a teaser for a special “DIY” music video for their second title track. The new clip, which includes self-filmed footage of the idols, features the seven VERIVERY members serving boyfriend looks as they playfully […] The post Watch: VERIVERY Gets Playful In New “DIY” MV Teaser For “From Now” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. Now My Watch Has Ended:tears:     Thanku Game of Thrones :heart:     DunDunDunDunDunDunDunDUn!!!!!!!!!!!!

    D68bU1XXkAENfrF.jpgSpecial Thanks to Lena,Kit and Emilia (My fav characters)






  14. i guess the 'favorite dongsaeng' required special coaching on what is there is in the museum. such a sweet oppa! i also want to be a favorite dongsaeng ;))
  15. @Yui. There was a technical hiccup at Tencent recently so they released one more episode to make up for the inconvenience caused.
  16. Omo, this is adorable! And it really looks like them! Awww. And yes, the stuffed lion should be official merch, I'm sure many people will buy. It'd be even cuter if the lion comes in a set with the rabbit, haha.
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  18. 生ヒョンジュン! 早く来い来いキム(金)曜日♪ by apricotgrace
  19. Guys, I just watched Battle Trip, a travel show with invited celebrities and there's a special episode with married couples. And there's one couple married for 8 years already and her husband keeps praising her beauty and thank her for being his wife. So lovable throughout the trip. I just wish someday , PPC will appear on the show and we can see them lovey dovey (if they got married) We surely know that both LOVE TRAVEL. haha. And PSJ once said that the important part of a trip is with who you travel with compare to the place you want to go.
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