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  2. I think so too for the two staff! -- curious how they are going to seal the deal As for Si-an and Sindy, I'm in twos actually. A part of me thought it'd be kinda cute (esp since they have a movie together which is coming out soon) but then, how is it going to happen within these 4 episodes ?
  3. [Video] 2019.05.21 Greetings from Jang Ki Yong & Im Soo Jung for June Issue of High Cut Magazine The photoshoot and interview of Im Soo Jung and Jang Ki Yong will be published in High Cut Vol.242 on May 25.
  4. About the mysterious diary. How would anyone know it is a diary at the first place? I don't recall that the diary look anything prominent that scream "Diary! Look at me!" So we are talking about another witness that we have no idea or........ The ex police guard had hidden it somewhere and not disclosed yet?
  5. AGREE! Da Chuan is as cute as a Teddy Bear! He's like a dork when in love and looks super adorable. I laughed like a lunatic when he exclaimed gleefully to YM, "It's about time you 2 get together. Otherwise I'll abandon the Drama!" YM as usual showed his deadpan face but was obviously very pleased! NB: Yeah! We're having more Newbies here! WELCOME to the newbies!
  6. It was 4 days ago.. My guts keep saying that her with new haircut..the most possible update we can will know is during the FM this 1st June unless she's update it herself @elan1 Yup, she will sing the original Japanese song. Hope E&T will upload it
  7. 5 days plus some hours left. We're approx. 70,000 rainbow stars away from next level gift, keep it up, Henecia! by Roxana Gavrila
  8. Hahai, I do agree.. Yeah KJW always say 'yeppeuda', like anytime he can say that. I know that PMY is a goddess, and he always mention it without being shy. He just being straightforward. Yeah.. The kitchen scene was so lovey-dovey. I've been repeating BTS ep 11-12 many times since it uploaded. Their chemistry is no joke
  9. On May 20, MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” held a press conference with director Ahn Pan Suk and the cast. “One Spring Night” is a romance drama about two ordinary people who fall in love. Jung Hae In plays a pharmacist named Yoo Ji Ho and Han Ji Min plays a librarian named Lee Jung In. After a tumultuous […] The post Jung Hae In Talks About Not Calling Han Ji Min “Noona” Despite Their Age Difference appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. Keke how about we have a family drama with Son Ye Jin and Han Ji Min? Extract from koreaboo: Han Ji Min Answers Questions Comparing Her To Son Ye Jin From “Something In The Rain” Han Ji Min is being compared to Son Ye Jin as they work with the same director. Han Ji Min recently attended a press conference for her upcoming drama, One Spring Night. The drama was directed by the same director from the mega-hit series, Something In The Rain. Jung Hae In, who starred in the drama, is also taking the lead male role for One Spring Night. Left to right: Director, Han Ji Min, Jung Hae In Due to the similarities of the hit drama and One Spring Night, a reporter asked what she thought about people comparing her to Son Ye Jin, the female lead of Something In The Rain. Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In in teaser poster for “Something In The Rain”. Although the inappropriate question may have been uncomfortable to answer, Han Ji Min responded with grace and respect. She revealed that she greatly admires Son Ye Jin for her work but she would like the attention to focus on the new drama itself instead of a comparison between the two. Netizens agreed with Han Ji Min as they claimed it was rude of the reporters to compare her to the actress of another drama. They claimed the two actresses both had their different charms and were both beautiful as they were talented! Needless to say, the netizens are 100% right as both actresses deserve more than to be compared to each other when they both have so much to offer to the world of K-Dramas! But i will lift up all my arms and legs for son ho jun and han ji min in a family drama!!
  12. No its okay @gm4queen I love ur decisions its soooooo excitement and beautiful Yes it would be sooooo beautiful if daniel cast in man who bake cake as a lead man and its would soooooo cute if they r dating later soon i hope sure this is definitely the beautiful moment ever. They are perfect match to each other and i really love it. These two couple are very different to other couples idk why its feel sooo different And im certain when daniel says during 'radio apart' i will tried to answer that later on next time on radio apart. When the fan ask him if he was a girl and would date lee dail and i remember u posted something last 4 pgs on this site
  13. -2 lols found the picture to fill your curiosity lols cr: as tagged
  14. Wow Ji Min in the midst of preparing her own drama still manage to send food truck with her ex colleague in the age of shadow credit to author
  15. TWICE has once again broken a personal record! On May 21 at approximately 5:40 p.m. KST, the girl group’s music video for “FANCY” surpassed 100 million views. This is just under 29 days since its release on April 22 at 6 p.m. KST. This is TWICE’s 11th Korean music video and 12th music video overall […] The post TWICE’s “FANCY” Becomes Their Fastest MV To Reach 100 Million Views appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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