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  2. @cinnyangel wow thanks! The timeline is now clear! I actually missed the part of SH sitting down with Dong Hee, not wanting her to be left alone. *smack forehead* @ktcjdrama I'm almost up to date on the drama now! Left episode 13 and 14 to watch! I really love this drama. Thanks for recommending! As a parent myself, I can relate to every mothers in the drama. Be it the crying, whining or screaming. Every mother will always protect their own kids and choose to believe them. Ultimately, I think we as an adult, have to really sit down and listen to our kids. Because the world we were taught back then does not exist for the kids now.
  3. Lol that is true... but I can't feel that kind of readiness to settle down between the both of them yet. Dating is definitely more fun than planning a wedding! Haha enjoy it first!!!
  4. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf! My SO and I both love it.
  5. *me at the last scene* I love how twisted it is at the end of episode 3! I didn't anticipate with what SY did at the last scene and proves how clever she is. I still don't understand YC's motives on killing people, is he killing those who annoys him? But judging from the past scene, I think YC is mentally sick lol. HJ is YC's daughter and I'm convinced that Prosecutor Seo is his son. When YC is calling at the hospital lot, the other line sounds like Seo and he's the one who tells YC that his fingerprints did not change. If that's true, Seo is his father's accomplice and might be the one who actually killed SY. As for HJ, I'm sure she will come around and help SY and CM on the case. Probably to avenge her mother's death. I was wondering the same thing! Maybe her missing eyebrows and freckles were just temporary or like a side effect of her being alive again. Or maybe she applied some make up lol. Lastly, I want to appreciate Detective DC. He is such a sweetheart who's so in love with MD hahaha. I love how he covered SY/MD's eyes [fighting Lee Si Eon our 3 idiots captain >< (ILA fans will understand this hihi)] And the real MD!! The second she comes in to the picture, it'll be chaotic. I'll be right back to this forum when I've prepare my heart to see SY being beaten up and watching it tonight TT.
  6. She's so shy, shy all the times, like a little girl on stage, don't want to stand in the middle..LOL The more I watched the teaser, the more I wish tomorrow come soon. (watching this while hiding from my boss).
  7. I’m sure many realised this KJW always say beautiful to PMY in the bts from earlier episode until now. No wonder our heart is fluttering seeing this couple.
  8. Oh! Is CM going to go work for his own mother? Isn't that her in the background?
  9. Mung Bean Flower/ Nokdu Flower OST, part 3 Comparing Yoon Shi Yoon in sangeuk, in Grand Prince there are much more exquisite and heartwarming scenes . Grand Prince OST, part 2
  10. This snuggly gif made me felt like Deok Mi wants a kiss to her lip from Ryan instead of forehead, from the way she looked at him.
  11. I want to go and live in UAE, for example in Sharjah. Great city. But firstly I want to find job there. I made a search on and I found some interesting variants. Did you have such experience how to find job abroad?
  12. Actually wish that if those theories of him knowing that she's playing veronica park and dating with him but hes only pretending not to know.. are true. I think it would have a lesser heartbreak than when he truly finds out he's been played...:( (but then i would also be downplaying the fact that gal hee's feelings matter too) but urghejdjs i just wanna enjoy the garlic couple regardless of the turbulent storms coming.
  13. Here's the Soompi article/translation on this the latest TV rankings from Good Data Corporation. HPL has a lead of more than 5% on the second-ranked show. https://www.soompi.com/article/1326077wpp/her-private-life-kim-jae-wook-and-park-min-young-maintain-positions-as-most-buzzworthy-drama-and-actors There's also a Naver article on PMY and KJW's couple look on HPL: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0004013180&lfrom=twitter Here's a translation of the article run through Naver translator/Papago.
  14. As always, some of the subs for Episodes 19 & 20 left me feeling a little meh. The meaning may not have been lost, but I just feel like the spirit of the sentiments aren't always properly conveyed. Here are the most notable ones that stood out to me. When Da Chuan asks Yan Mo when Chen You Mei/Alicia will leave, what he really asks is when Yan Mo will chase her out of their company. This one's an actual error in translation! When the employees are talking about the compatibility of Yan Mo, Alicia, and Qiao Yi, Yan Mo comes out of his office which sends him scurrying. When he calls back one of the employees to ask a question, the subs have him asking which sign matches the Scorpion (which doesn't make sense since that's Alicia's sign). The correct translation is Capricorn - he's asking which sign matches the Capricorn (his sign). When Yan Mo asks Qiao Yi if she'd jump from a bridge because he asked her to do so, the subs have her answering, "Yes... with you..." but the more accurate version of what she said (and my preferred version, because we get a glimpse of her sassy personality) is, "Yes... and I'd take you with me." LOL. When Yan Mo, Qiao Yi, and Wang Wen (I think that's his name) are meeting with his college roommate, there's a part where the subs have Yan Mo saying, "I knew something that hurt me." That's more properly translated as, "I learned something that I found upsetting." When Qiao Yi gets a text message while she's banging on her brother's door, they didn't translate that text message, but it's from Wu Yi begging Qiao Yi to allow her to be the one to tell Guan Chao her news. When Qiao Yi is sick in bed and Yan Mo turns to her laptop and notices what she was looking up online, not positive about this one, but I'm pretty sure she was looking up what horoscope signs matched the Capricorn. Anyway, hope that's helpful to you all -- I will post a short recap tomorrow of this week's VIP eps 25-30 for anyone who's interested. Bed for now though; it's late.
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