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  2. We have received several reports from this thread and we have looked into the issue and handled it. Thank you for letting us know & we ask that you continue to report to us of any disturbances in the future and do not engage with anyone who appears to be here solely to cause problems. - Shippers' Paradise Mods ( @LavelyShai @youngatheart @angelangie @stroppyse)
  3. We have received several reports from this thread and we have looked into the issue and handled it. Thank you for letting us know & we ask that you continue to report to us of any disturbances in the future and do not engage with anyone who appears to be here solely to cause problems. - Shippers' Paradise Mods ( @LavelyShai @youngatheart @angelangie @stroppyse)
  4. @quietobserver, thanks for your post above, I can’t really remember when you joined our forum(I didn’t really read every single post in the page of this thread) but I really appreciate the effort that you put in to keep this thread going, I really enjoy your breakfast lunch and dinner gifs. Unfortunately, I can’t save it because, well I have a certain image to uphold in real life. It’s tragic but I still respect the work you put in. Keep up the good work and hugs from me to you if you can be so kind to keep it going~
  5. Policeman DKW has his right for day-off (on Sunday) Kouske takes his place, like a friend. Teammates (There was a mistake with the body of the dead girl in the fridge, After death (after a while) the human body stiffens and becomes hard. It can not be straightened. That is why dead ppl are fixed straight after death. The girl's body would keep its crooked position (the same as she was in the fridge) and her fingers couldn't be bent, they would stay firm as a stone.)
  6. This is definitely a good read!! Thank you so much for this. And hoping to see more interviews for him. Wanna get to know him more. KJW is someone who is a very carefree with expectation and full of curiosity and I can see that he doesn't want to lose his uniqueness as he age's year by year. I think he could have been a soccer player if he ventures out since he has passion for it other than music and acting. And, the cutest thing I've read is gonna be saving the penguins from the South Pole. Seriously, how cute can he be!?!?
  7. Halo everyone, I'm seriously wanna talk about this in this post. A very serious matter which all of our PPC lovers here. It will be long, but I hope you guys can take time read this. Honestly, this is my first time joining forum. I dont know much so I took my time going through another PPC forums to see why are there always problems and arguments here. From solid fans forum to shippers forum. And I realise many things after reading back this forum too. We are called the very hard core delulu shipper. I can assumed the worse shipper among PMY and PSJ shippers. I found out many PPC shippers from this forum jumped to another forum because: 1) we are too delulu. 2) we believe so hard that PPC is dating that we might blinded by other facts. 3) we compare PMY and PSJ. 4) we unintentionally dont really accept PMY's new drama. 5) we compare PPC with their current or past co-stars. 6) we accidently badmouth PMY and PSJ. 7) we are so hardcore that they wont believe anymore any evidences that we found convincing about their relationship. 8) we force others to leave. they hate us, ended up hating PSJ and PMY as a couple too. (not individually) 9) Maybe some shouldn't be discuss here. Keep it ourselve alone. 9) they feel like her chemistry with current co-star is beyond with PSJ. ( seeing through bts scenes) There are some who still believe PPC is real but being supportive to their current project, they joined another forum too. But also very sensitive if we individually comparing their stars. There are some who ended up stop shipping PPC because of our behaviours here. And some also become hardcore haters because of us, ended up totally disagree with ALL the convincing facts. There are solid fans who joined every forum related to their fav stars and most of them remain as k-drama shippers compare to real life shippers. So seeing us comparing or similar to it seems very offended to them as we might accidently talk bad about PSJ and PMY. Some said we made up the facts. Some said we blinded. Some said we are not real supporter. Some just said bad things about us. In this matter, I think we should really think first before we post: 1) If we want to state facts about PMY and PSJ individually, we should post it separately as it seems like comparing ( care more on solid fans side). 2) maybe we should refrain ourself from mentioning their other co-stars names. ( we should just state CO-STAR) 3) If it is delulu, please state DELULU MODE. 3) I cant stop you guys talking about our PPC's future and current projects because this forum is called PARK PARK COUPLE FORUM so basically we can talk about anything. (I think we can talk about it in spoiler but avoid comparing and bring hates to their co-stars. Just discuss their characters like KMS or LYJ or SDM etc.) But in this forum, usually those who got really mad are mostly solid fans. I understand, because you guys love your star. There are some facts that are very sensitive to you but you think that it is bad mouthing. For example, PMY's surgery or PSJ got lucky because he went military earlier. These, in fact, some find it badmouthing, some find it just stating facts. So, if anyone found out that a particular post seems offensive or wrong facts or made up stories, be free to correct it BUT please in MANNERS AND PLEASANT WORDS or suggesting us to stop talking about it. Be honest, most of us here believe EVIDENCES, what we can see like sns posts or MOSTLY believe their behaviours through BTS SCENES. Thats why everyone wait patiencely for it to release to see if the CO-STARS is more than friend. ( PMY being so friendly in current dramas do bring us many thoughts about it. It seems like they are dating or it seems like they are like oppa-dongsaeng.If I never knew about wwwsk and watch hpl first, I might believe hpl couple are real) As for me, I'm very sorry if my posts seems offensive including this too. I'm a long time k-drama fan too so I do sometime discuss about the characters. Some of you solid fans also stated that you guys also dont like some of their actings. So guys, lets hold hand together, we believe in PPC, we appreciate their efforts that we love their success now and hope it will last long. For us here , most do believe PPC is real whether they are dating or not for now. We are just not merely shipping, we do believe they like each other for real. But refrain ourself for being too hardcore to others. Thats why they start comparing our PPC with other shippers too. Sorry again you guys have to read this very long post. Thank you again... may PPC last forever. Peace. **PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS. IF YOU AGREE WITH WHAT I SAID, CLICK LIKE BUTTON AND IF YOU DISAGREE CLICK OFF-TOPIC BUTTON. I WOULD LIKE TO NOT DISCUSS THIS MATTER TOO LONG. I love you guys forreal.
  8. On the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” Busker Busker’s Jang Beom June bid farewell to the show. During the May 19 broadcast of the reality show, Jang Beom June headed to Yeosu with his daughter Jo Ah and son Ha Da. Before singing his hit song “Yeosu Night Sea,” he said, “I wrote ‘Yeosu […] The post Busker Busker’s Jang Beom June And His Family Say Goodbye To “The Return Of Superman” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Haha is the official kookmin's third wheel
  10. Hi dear @rulebox3000, very nice of you to share this piece of information with us, since majority of the shippers here are female, would it be of any help if I offered my input as a male shipper? Firstly, the scenes they acted were not purely off the script, some of them were improvised and ad-libbed? You would think there would be more awkwardness between the two considering it was a break-up and not restraining themselves and remaining polite. Next, I’m giving a general point of view take on the information stated above: If you did watch the drama, there were many times that PSJ inadvertently crossed the borders of professionalism into PMY’s rather attractive body features (back hug, kiss scenes, his hands were really in areas you will not expect a guy who just broke up with his *ex-girlfriend* who ends up being his leading partner in a drama will do.) Additionally, i’m going to take it that your a girl who should have a crush before on a guy at one point in time? Look at it this way, will you be able to be intimate with someone who you have decided to part ways recently or maybe for your case you decide it’s not meant to be, but deep inside you know there might be feelings for the person which you cannot control, are you physically able to calm yourself and be professional about it? I’ll be honest.. if it was me, there’s no way I would be this calm and composed after all those scenes of intimacy. Lastly, this is just to bring my point across, would you continue posting photos of your supposed ex, if you have broken up? Even if it’s for a drama? Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C Before I end off, I didn’t write this long post to call you out, I just want to clear any potential misunderstandings that could arise from this, since this thread has had its volatile moments but thanks to many of the old timer shippers and new-timers, our ship is going strong and hitting my personal target of 1000 pages. P.S: I’m actually hoping it hits before the first annisversary of WWWSK first episode . That would be a good way to start the year!
  11. I also don't think it's a woman. By all means, the killer is too strong. He had to hang DK on the ceiling to stage a suicide, I don't think even the strongest woman could do that. BTW, this actor was amazing. Incredibly enough, all the supporting cast in the previous seasons too were pretty impressive. This scene was heartbreaking, actually made me tear up a bit. The way the director handled this the ending of the case felt like season 1, where all of the focus shifted towards the victims, this is something that I missed in the second season Glad it's back.
  12. Ikr? Beside, in the flashback in 11th ep, when RG was abandoned by someone, he was wearing backpack and jacket (school outfit ?). While he was crying in front of the door, i spot there’s sign said ‘office’ in right-side of the door. School maybe (?), he was waiting for his mom to pick up him from school but his mom too busy with her paintings and then he get lost. Idk, that place seems off to be an orphanage. But one thing for sure, in lee seol’s eyes, there’s a sad past about the painting. She tried to get rid all nine of it once but her son re-collect it.
  13. Actually I live in my own world as you said. Censorship is on TV only. And yes, in my culture we don't discuss this on public. Since I was so close to my mom and brother who are very religious, I was influenced by them, even I became more devout and spiritual. But regards society, well well, recently, people in my country like to watch porn on the internet, I can even say my country is one of the highest in watching that stuff on the internet. But they do it in secret. Hypocrisy, I would say. I am the different one and many people make fun of me actually My colleagues were so nasty to me, I have always been so lonely. Daniel was very good in the Ghost Detective and he was not depending on his looks, but rather on his talent. I really respected him for that
  14. I wish this is for a collab not for dating news. but if Taemin is really dating with other girl not Naeun I'll be happy too as long as he is happy and so is Naeun
  15. BoA joined a talented group of fans for an unforgettable performance on JTBC’s “Stage K”! On the May 19 episode of the K-pop dance competition show, BoA watched challengers from Asia, North America, South America, and Europe cover her songs. The show opened with a special “kids’ stage,” which featured four children dancing to BoA’s […] The post Watch: BoA Makes Dreams Come True By Performing With Winning Team On “Stage K” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. LOL! The caption when BJS appears so funny! "Familiar back view" hahahahha They both from Saram Ent. It's like doing crossover video for each other. I think they would release BTS for KwonYul too later. Edit: Please pardon my shipper's heart... the following is just for fun.. while waiting for the sub. Hahaha And some interesting posts that theorized the masked killer is a woman. Ummm... but I don't think I could agree on it because the murderer's body build is of a man. No?
  17. It's not a video, but you can read it here : https://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/4238751.html Btw, I prefer movies. If I like a script, a movie or I think that one character is played really well I search all the works of the scriptwriter, the director or the actor. This way I found Kim Jae Wook. In this interview he seems really thoughtful.
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  19. [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun Playing Piano- My Sassy Girl Behind the Scene and Movie Version
  20. I noticed it too. Her intonation used to end almost in a whisper before and some people complained, so I think she worked on that and now she speaks more firmly and does whisper. Whatever she did there I quite appreciate it because now KJ sounds more fierce. Saram Entertainment posted another BTS of LHN
  21. I absolutely agree with you. The director is one of the best and i trust her decision in choosing Chang Chen. She knows what she is doing. Imagine how good the script must be, if Chen agreed to join the project. And honestly, how a god of war, old of thousands of years is supposed to look like, if not like Chen?
  22. perfect!!! you have a special talent for these edits. they capture the truth somehow :))))
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