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    drama tropes 2019

    ROFL poor guy, to think that him getting kissed by a man would earn him an award lol. My favorite after Yona was Perry Park lol. That Saturi accent plus the rice cooker bomb. That year was the best lol.
  3. This thread will go down in history as the thread where people collectively went crazy in a span of an hour or two. No, but seriously, I've progressed a lot, in the first season I was like 'Go Kwon Joo, kick their a**es!', in the second one I was like "Nooo, KW! Are you good? Are you bad? Noooo~~!" and now I'm like "Oh BJS appeared, trying to kill KW...-Just do it, man. Wire Shun appeared... -Just do it man. Kousuke resurfaces in the preview of ep6...-Oh common, Kou.Su.Ke. How long do I have to wait? Just do it, man, go dark!" I just hope that my boss won't find me in this thread. He's already suspecting something, can't have him know what happened here. God dammit, I'm gonna sell my soul to watch THAT
  4. From Jin Ki Joo’s instagram post of her next to the food truck. @fitzsimmons I agreed. I’m glad both remain good friends after the drama ended. Credits: jinkijoo Instagram
  5. Lastly and because I've often wondered these past months if they are still okay, one thing we can glean from their confirmation, HB and YJ's closeness has not changed. Otherwise, they wouldn't have accepted such project together. It would be too awkward considering that this time they would work in such close proximity given the romantic genre of the drama.
  6. My True Friend is being subbed to English, and probably other languages, on Viki.
  7. I think you need to start a new relationship. Why try to return the old relationship, if it don't bring happiness? I think you need to register on dating site. If you are an interesting and attractive girl, then you will find a lot of guys. You will need to choose the right one)))
  8. Everything all is very funny, but what if KKJ had this nightmare 'cause madness is contagious? Through touch, I mean. DKW touched her open bloody wound... He infected her. (Announce: Voice 4. Devil voices of KKJ. Direct from Hell)
  9. I dont know what scenes I like better, when Dan is fun, or when he silently watches YS dance in that beautiful black dress. Or the way he covered YS with wings, calmly like a true protector.
  10. I mean, a bunch of us just go bad crap crazy this you don't see every day hahahaha
  11. Stills from Guang Zhou roadshow Credit as tagged.
  12. Hiii hahaha. You can just know me as someone who has the complete opposite taste than you haha. Because i wish for thunderstorms and rain haha when it comes to drama taste haha. But occasionally i accept some candy floss...force fed by @cenchinghahahaha. nah it's okay. Like i said just post whatever you want. It's your opinion. I won't bite you just relax hahah. Anyways. Adds is a good place to talk whatever without getting bash so feel free let it out haha 892
  13. It's the land of psychopaths... what do they expect...? Okay, that shot got me sleepy... going to bed first... niteeee...
  14. Lol! theyll come up with anything to justify their delulus.. so why bother right? let them! they can fantasize all they want.. just dont ever say bad things on PMYs IG.
  15. Haha i like this ig commentary of the scene: credit all the above to author
  16. That is a super adorable BTS of the two. Thanks!! At first, I thought AHS was looking at his pretty self in a hand mirror, but it's just a fan . I would really love it if there happens to be a kiss scene somewhere down the line , but I'll be happy if we simply got more cute chemistry throughout the rest of the drama...please!
  17. He is filming? What film??? https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4375868202761364/4375868417521459
  18. Wait.. is it true that yin n ldw used d same bodyguard? I just knew about it from this post page 1.. this fan account said that when yin went to Japan and ldw went to indonesia for fan meeting, both were did it on d same day (different timing) and d bodyguard was d same. Is it really true? Both of them didnt came from same agency so its imposible for them to have d same bodyguard right?
  19. can i just state. Those that will come in later they will probably be like. What the just happened here @ktcjdrama hahaha. Yez! My fellow apprentice. Convert yourself to the dark side. Hahaha.
  20. Totally agree...In the future I may be able to accept and believe that HB & SYJ did not or were never in a romantic liaison if further evidence comes up that says so, BUT I will NEVER believe that both of them staged this rumor for PR purposes for an upcoming project or for HB to deflect attention on him to cover a scandal involving a male talent in his agency (the latter I read somewhere in some IG posts maybe from a disgruntled shipper of another team). The latter speculation is a great insult to the upright character of HB. Why would HB "use" SYJ for such a reason just to save his hoobae/talent in his agency? HB has high respect for SYJ as a woman and an actress as can be clearly seen in his interviews and videos. As for the former speculation (PR purposes for the drama to garner interest & attention), granting there is truth that they're just friends and not dating, would SYJ allow herself to be "used" in such cheap gimmickry just to create noise and interest for one project risking herself be forever "branded" as HB's woman? I don't think so. No self-respecting woman would. SYJ and HB are not has-been actors but are in fact in the peak of their careers so they don't need to play deceptive games just to further their careers. Hi, I was a lowkey shipper before too. But when the news came out that HB & SYJ were in talks to be together in this TVN drama first week of April, I had to come out and decided to post. That news really shook me up. I can't explain fully why I felt how "monumental" such "step" coming from HB and SYJ was in considering such offer despite being headlined in romantic "scandal" which garnered so much attention in Korea... As to your concern above, I have thought of that too. Judging by how quiet and lowkey YJ has been in her IGs, she is really reclusive and protective of her privacy (and HB is notoriously the same), I wouldn't be surprised if what you say may come true. I even noticed that while her BFFs Gong Hyojin and Um Jeewon had travels abroad this month of May w/ them posting pics of their meetups w/ girl-friends, YJ is nowhere to be found in any of them considering that she's also "vacant" workwise.
  21. hiiii sorry I was a bit foolish in my post about Kpop singers I deleted it because I thought that it is not wise to mention my opinion We should respect each others' tastes I know now from your posts that you a very nice and humorous person. Nice to meet you -2
  22. Okay, this is a first after a while... I didn't read any "I hate him"..... 892
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