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  2. Who's getting beaten by YC in the preview? It looks like they're in SY's family restaurant. Ugh, YC is everywhere killing and hurting people .
  3. @Sheenigummy and @larus @smhelen If i did not see wrongly, i think it may be a thin layer below with edible seaweed for that pizza, it should be very tasty, not burnt....
  4. Marvellous detective work. I couldn’t find an icon to express my excitement! We need a fireworks icon! Our ship is sailing n we are all on deck setting off fireworks! (Pardon the delulu overflow ).
  5. i have to admit that currently i couldn't watch other kdrama while waiting for HPL next episode... couldn't concentrate and to continue watching other kdrama as i will automatically go back to watch all the OTP moments then stuck with the youtube mv for hours and ignore the other kdrama that i currently watch.. anybody here had the same symptoms with me?? i dunno how to handle my heart if this drama ended soon. These two love birds really make my heart sick..
  6. Lol I think its cause before I went to bed I watched WWWSK again and I stopped at ep 13(bed scene) and once again I thought to myself “this is too insanely good to not be a real thing between them two” hahaha u should try
  7. Does anyone agree having Esther a part of Park Family in the end? And is Suho legitimately Haechul’s son? I don’t understand when Gangchul said he needs to check whether Suho his son or not
  8. Anyway Long story short , the next day there was a board meeting with his mum , Uncle etc and then one of the directors brought up the online news about Min Ik assaulting his driver ..it was chaos & Min IK said it was a misunderstanding, but of course Uncle / enemies took this opportunity to add oil to fire . Anyway i think they had asked all the directors to vote whether he should still continue to run for the president position ( if I’m not mistaken) ..it came to a tie ..but the Uncle said hang on , asked bestie what he thought ...oh no ..he also voted against Min Ik . I feel so sorry for Min Ik. Everyone is really out to get him, He did confront the bestie , but not sure what was said ..but definitely Min IK felt betrayed Things at home ain’t better , mum was angry , Uncle was of course a jerk but bless our sweet secretary, knowing how down he must be came to console him & give him confidence to which he was actually really moved actually there was a flashback scene of how his very first secretary betrayed him ( the one who worked for him for 3 years ) ...she disclosed his medical condition to the board of directors then Meanwhile, Gal Hee sis auditions as an actress for none other than yes, Veronica Park ...not really sure how that when but the sis is quite a strong personality , no pushover and won’t take the criticism that VP gives her lying down . Think VP has met her match
  9. https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20130616132304086?entertainSectionName=entertain&entertainLeafName=20130616132304086 yes he smoked before. in this interview 2013, he said he learned smoking because there are so many scene where an actor smokes in movies. but he said he didn't want to smoke for a long time. so idk whether he smokes until now.
  10. Remember someone asking for a close-up of the Lee Sol paintings several pages ago, and here it is. All we've been given so far are piecemeal flashbacks, mere fragments of Ryan (Heo Yoon Jae)'s distant-and-likely-distorted childhood memories. But we now know for sure that the person whom Cha Si An calls "Mother" is the artist who painted under the name, Lee Sol. And it's hinted that she has given up painting some time ago. I wonder why and how all their lives intertwined in the past (Is DM's mother acquainted with Lee Sol? Is there some connection between Yoon Jae and DM's mother/brother?). And like many others, I hope that the scriptwriter deals with child abandonment (subject to confirmation) in a sensitive manner without romanticising the plot. There are quite a few loose ends to tie up in three episodes, so we can save most of the final episode for happier times. Sigh...I am so going to miss HPL when it ends. Third photo (the painting that was restored in episode 12): see source link below (can't repost the photo for some reason) Photo source: all credit goes to https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=herprivatelife&no=13062&page=1 - I am merely reposting it here.
  11. Yes. I noticed that too myself... I was wondering why he suddenly stick out his tongue and that's where he acted weird as not KW. I'm also waiting for when the story will come up with KW but I think they don't want to focus too much on KW but what the Golden Team was supposed to do. Which the story goes on, little by little they are showing a different side on KW and now BJS has escaped, so we don't know what BJS planned to do after escaping. I'm still waiting why BJS is soo into KW which the question has not been answered.
  12. Damn so hot in here... feast to my eyes and drooling over the pic and gif... i'm dead and went to fantasyland
  13. You got my heart on overdrive with your info, chingu, that I am breathless. My delulu self says it now all makes sense.
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