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  2. when ppc dating rumor, there was another rumor that in relationship, psj is very very nice to pmy, and treats pmy like a princess. but idk if it's true or not. bcoz it's only rumor.
  3. PSJ is flying back to Korea, Usually when he has job overseas he always stayed for at least a week, I wonder why he is leaving Bali so fast? Me: he is busy , a lot of work awaits him in korea also me : it’s because of the squeezing waist scene in HPL..... hahaha
  5. once PSJs back to Korea.. he'll go straight to PMY and show her a real kiss! but I think.. PSJ is kind the kind of boyfriend who will do everything for PMY... both of them has that "in love" aura on them.. but you know.. PMY seemed to have a stronger personality. I can only imagine.. PMY talking all day and PSJ just listening with a look of love to her..
  6. hahahahahahahahaha My husband woke me up from my dream. And told me to cook for my daughter Ok, I should wake up from my dream.
  7. Wait, the MV was posted by or made by Joseph?!! It's awesome- it is very ZWJ/ZM centric, and it would be TOTALLY EPIC if Joseph is also a ZWJ/ZM shipper! Please someone ask Joseph on his weibo if that's true??! (He did say that he really liked ZWJ as a character and has been a fan for many years before he took on this project) Edit: IF Joseph is a ZWJ/ZM shipper, then I'd request 3 things from him *hahaha.. just like ZM had 3 request for ZWJ!* 1. For him to shoot a fan-made (him-made) MV with Yukee as ZWJ/ZM to celebrate them (I'm sure any number of pepole in China will offer to be their camera(wo)men and make-up artists etc.) 2. That he offer to voice over some of the online MV's made by other fans with cute things that ZWJ could be saying 3. That he and Yukee shoot some fanservice pictures in modern clothing for fans Who amongst us has weibo and can make the requests to him directly??! Edit 2: Can you imagine? If you were an actor/actress and had always loved an OTP from a book, and one day you were offered the chance to act as one of the OTP in a huge production? A dream come true! (The ultimate fan fantasy!)
  8. Park Shin-hye and Hyun Bin Play Jenga - No Cut [ENG SUB CC] LINK. https://youtu.be/powZIsx2o88 @YouTube
  9. I'm sorry to say these, but obiviously JK into Somin lately. U can see thru on some ig post when they walk beside each other on the movie premiere. They must really close. Even jeon somin attend his concert. But Jihyo nope. Sorry guys, we must accept and give for these ship. Byeee And Jihyo also not attend his concert and kwangsoo movie premiere. She's not close with rm family anymore
  10. i for one find it a good thing that people see that chemistry between PMY and KJW . but then again.. PMY never failed to have that with any of her partners. i have always appreciated the relationship she built with her leading men. she can always create the feel the scene needed. BUT.. it was only with PSJ that there's something more. People may or may not believe the dating rumor.. but they cannot deny that PPC spark! I hope that people cam see further than the romantic angle of HPL.. PMY is doing such a great job on her character. People need to see and appeciate her acting prowess, especially on this one.. because it looks a challenging role...
  11. Who need police, court , law , lawyers , when we got power of art One draw , we are like as artists like him , I believe power of drawing but the dark , depression one
  12. Yes, my mistake. I only now started with episode 7 and there we get to know who she is. I already wondered about the relationship with those two brats.
  13. Up-date: ep 01 full eng sub offer! Something have been forgotten to cut at editing! What next?
  14. From Seul Gi’s instagram. Shooting for the upcoming episodes. Credits to: jeongeuiyam
  15. @Lawyerh you are changing your profile picture very fast I won't recognize you easily
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