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  2. “The Fiery Priest” In Talks For A Second Season by sala12 SBS’s popular Friday-Saturday drama “The Fiery Priest” may be coming back for a second season! The production team of “The Fiery Priest” has released an official statement after teasing their return with the message “We Will be Back” in the drama’s final episode. They shared, “Because we received a heated response from the viewers and achieved good results, we want to do a second season. However, as there are many matters to consider, nothing is confirmed, and we’re currently in discussion.” “The Fiery Priest” is about a Catholic priest with anger management issues and a cowardly detective who work together to solve a murder case. According to Nielsen Korea, “The Fiery Priest” ended on an impressive note as they scored 18.6 percent and 22.9 percent in viewership ratings nationwide for its finale. Due to the drama’s popularity, the search phrase “The Fiery Priest Season 2” continued to trend online until the day after its finale. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1319058wpp/the-fiery-priest-in-talks-for-a-second-season
  3. OHMYGOSH, Yoo Jinwoo is alive and well, I'M CRYING PREVIEWS: When I first saw this pic below, I actually thought this was a screencap from episode 15 or 16 lol
  4. I noticed this! (From watching interviews and bts). Yukee and Joseph have really nice voices though. Is it because they have an accent?
  5. Joo Ji Hoon Gifts Close Friends Kim Dong Wook And Ryu Deok Hwan With Coffee Truck To Support Their Drama by L. Kim Kim Dong Wook and Ryu Deok Hwan from “Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo” received sincere support from fellow actor and friend Joo Ji Hoon. Lead actor Kim Dong Wook proudly snapped photos in front of the coffee truck Joo Ji Hoon had sent him and revealed them on KeyEast Entertainment’s Instagram account. The banner on the truck reads, “I wish ‘Special Labor Inspector, Mr. Jo,’ starring my beloved friends Kim Dong Wook and Ryu Deok Hwan, great success.” Joo Ji Hoon and Kim Dong Wook are under the same label, and they also filmed the “Along With the Gods” series together. Also, Ryu Deok Hwan and Joo Ji Hoon have long been known as best friends in the entertainment industry. Currently, Joo Ji Hoon is in the midst of filming the Netflix original series “Kingdom,” but he took the time to show off his close friendship with the two actors by sending loyal support to their drama set. https://www.soompi.com/article/1319021wpp/joo-ji-hoon-gifts-close-friends-kim-dong-wook-and-ryu-deok-hwan-with-coffee-truck-to-support-their-drama
  6. @triplembabe, when is the so called S2 for BIMFL will be out ? No closure 748
  7. Congratulations to BLACKPINK for winning first place with “Kill This Love” on SBS’s “Inkigayo”! Second place was BOL4’s “Bom,” and third place went to EXO’s Chen’s “Beautiful goodbye.” Watch the winner announcement below: This week’s performers include DIA, BTS, BVNDIT, Super Junior D&E, Stray Kids, IZ*ONE, EVERGLOW, 1THE9, JBJ95, PENTAGON, and more. Stay tuned for […] The post BLACKPINK Takes 1st Win For “Kill This Love” On “Inkigayo” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. @Don Yu Agree with Lauren above that you might want to check out 城寨英雄 "A Fist Within Four Walls". It's not Wuxia but it's one of better action series that TVB has produced in recent years.
  9. I just finished watching the translated episode. I know that there is not "action" in this drama, it is always been like that but I enjoy watching the characters talking with each other. I don`t know if it will work for another 40 episodes but so far it gives me a warm feeling. I laughed the most when Mi Ok found her son sleeping in the bus stop. He is such a kid! I don`t want a man like that in any woman`s life but he is funny to watch. If at first he was very annoying, now he grew up on me. It is the first time seeing this actor. I can feel that he is mostly a stage actor but he is good. I want to see Jin Soo changing, I really do. I am curious to see how much he will grow as a character at the end of the drama. I had another laugh when drunken Tae Joo confessed. Miri miri pong! It`s cute. It is easy to guess. She will deny her feelings and she will want his feelings to not be displayed or to not tell about his feelings. That`s why he asked in the preview: "Am I not allowed to have a crush on you?" "Princess" Miri Poong is fighting for her castle to not be conquered. This is another sign that she never felt in love before. It is a new feeling for her. After she rebelled in front of her mother all the time that she is an iron lady who will never date or marry, Mi Ri is not going to admit to herself that she likes this man. And a new emloyee above all. She will come with all kind of excuses: he is younger than her, he is her subordonate at work, she doesn`t have time for love, whatever. Tae Joo has to be around Miri, not be discouraged easily. But he was a marine soldier once, right? We all have faith in him. Yes, he will say that. Probably he knows something. If he put someone to investigate what he is doing in his private life, he would know that Mi Ri and Tae Joo are getting close. I was thinking the same how she was moved by little Tae Joo`s tears but she could not do the same for her daughter. I am sure that she loved her daughter and it wasn`t an easy decision. In the end, her ambitious was more important than her daughter. In Sook and Mi ri are strong women but both are the type to keep inside her feelings. That`s not very good. When I watched In Sook and Tae Joo`s scene, I worried about In Sook mental health. I felt sorry for Tae Joo who is caught in the middle. In sook had to live for almost 30 years with her decision, with her own guilt. She had the wealth and a new status, but she paid a prize for that. She was constant under a magnifying glass by the chairman, by the public interest. She was rich but lonely. She did not had any children with her new husband and Tae Joo was her only comfort she had all these years. That`s why she is clingy on him now. Right now, she will be the biggest opponent of Mi ri and Tae Joo`s relationship, not the chairman. Until she finds out she is her real daughter. I wonder how she will react to know that. I am afraid for her it will be more stressful because she has to live the guilt upfront. So far she burried her past deep inside but the feelings of guilt would always be there troubling her, poking her thoughts. Steady steps on the right direction. We have patience to see the construction of a solid ground for this romance. I wish nobody, not even themselves could ruin their romance but the writer has the ultimate power. Let`s pray for her muse to be benevolent.
  10. I have only watched him in LUTYN, One Day, and FP... didn't watch Shark. So can't help you here... 746
  11. Agree! My native tongue is Cantonese but I always prefer watching C-dramas in Mandarin. Not sure if everyone knows, but YX in the drama is the original actor, Lin Yu Shen's, real voice which really added to his appeal YL and XX were also the original actors' voices. WJ, ZM and ZZR were done by voice actors.
  12. @cenching rofl.. he indeed looks good there. I didnt know he went IDN before. +2
  13. Hello...can someone talk me through about which dramas Racoon’s character would die? Like when I talked about how i heard that Raccon have a trope where his character always dies like at the end. Everyone just loling loll. @triplem @ktcjdrama 742 Is it that bad? Lol
  14. It would be an unexpected twist! It’s a bit out of left field but I thought it strange they did not show number 3 . Plus MY is adopted & was quite a thug herself in her school days .
  15. @Lawyerh I am sure many will scream, “Bukan muhrim!!” or since this is a Gorgeous Oppa, the lady will just hit back, “Peduli Setan!!” Btw, this was during Goblin day when Wookie visited Indonesia, I think... I am sure some Aa will start a sermon about Oppa now after this snippet went viral.... +2
  16. Lol. Because to me..KJW would be better in a violent drama..not sure about it..but I really like my oppas to act in a crime/horror/action drama or movies romance not so much...I think cause they can flex their on screen fighting skills I guess lolll 736
  17. Happy Easter dear. I am at my in laws . After i go home I’m going to reconnect with Kim Kwon. 734
  18. SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Haechi” has released stills showing the loving relationship between Jung Il Woo and Go Ara. With its unpredictably dynamic story line and strong acting, “Haechi” currently has the highest viewership ratings in its time slot. The new stills released by the production team showed the development of Prince Yeoning (Jung Il Woo) Yeo Ji’s […] The post Jung Il Woo Pulls Go Ara In For A Tender Hug In “Haechi” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. Lol... so for ur bias occasionally u will shower in hearteu hearteu. Why no KJW LOL Ikr... 734
  20. This version ZR is the one where I'm annoyed the most with the potrayal. Somehow "I'm a victim" tropes get super amplified here and everytime ZR act like a petulant child me = *facepalm*
  21. some people are just going to back lash on this activity, saying it's inappropriate... 732
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