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  2. Eh! I got watch abs one hoh! you don’t want sugarlicious ah? Okay loh. She went back to her hole and I lock her up already! 992
  3. OMIGOD!!!!...the preview !!!!! I know we were all waiting for it...but...but ............aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  4. Loll!!! She couldn’t remove her red cardigan fast enough & he spotted her immediately. This scene is hilarious This not yet Couple has a lot of skinship ! Did his BP rise when grabbed her hand here ? He really wants her to stay by his side - think he’s hoping she’d sign the contract
  5. Omg what did the doctor give Dominique ? Omg what is going on? I'm dead. Ahahahahhaha he has to wear tights under his clothes ? Lol the woman janitor walked in and he's in the bathroom putting on his tights/stockings. Ahahahha the woman janitor chased him out of the bathroom with him wearing the tights bahahaha. The other directors walk by. Dominique just awkwardly smiles at them. GH sees and covers him up and runs him off. Too funny. Evil uncle goes into the bathroom uh oh. He finds the note of what the doctor ordered for Dominique. I guess the doctor making him wear compression tights to get his blood pressure up. It's not working. Poor Dom . GH retrieves his things after evil uncle exits the bathroom. Dominique can't take the tights off but GH gives him instructions on how to. She even wants to help him.
  6. You aren’t part of THAT Brethren.... You are part of My Darkness Brethren... +2
  7. i was shocked for 3 years, too. because the rumor which was spread during wwwsk was "ppc're dating now" "ppc have already known each other for a long time and they started dating." "advertising and ent insiders already know ppc're dating". there was no word of 3 years in the rumors. so i was really surprised. in 3 years dating news, a reporter said ppc's acquaintances said ppc have been dating for 3 years. i think ppc first met each other 3 years ago. so their acquaintances just thought ppc started dating as soon as they met.
  8. I remember this moment, I woke up in the morning in a rush because my friend told me about the news from Soompi twitter account. I was like, what?? 3 years of dating?? Then I immediately came to this forum to find PPC shipper reactions. At first, I was disappointed because Awesome in couple of minutes denied the rumor but then I realize, that’s the “best” answer they had to give at the time.
  9. He didn’t shave his chest -2
  10. I learnt something new today! 990
  11. It's actually for the convenience for Koreans to pronounce easily. Doesn't sound awkward. If were to pronounce exactly as Deok Mi, it doesn't sound natural.
  12. VP went into her room to find her mother in hanbok, she is alarmed and wondered why is she dressed like that. Mom talked about her getting married. They went around the room chasing and running away. It's cute that VP so scared of her mum... LOL... GH pressed the doorbell to Dom's house. When she wants to leave, Dom pulled her hand, asking her not to leave but stay by his side. He is a little more sober now, and he talked about the contract again. Just then GH's phone rang, she got a shock, it's from VP. She is heading to her house. Next, VP is in her house, she felt rather awkward being there but soon said the house is daebak. She told GH to end the relationship with Dom, all due to her mother. GH seemed to have a little difficulties in agreeing, because she likes him. I think VP didn't really catch it, but anyway she offered some new scenarios to GH. It's either those or she would have to tell Dom herself.... I'm not too sure about this. VP left. GH is having difficulties sleeping, thinking about VP's offer, and Dom's request for her to stay by his side. She felt a dilemma because she wants to stay by his side. Just then, her brother came to her with a question about a recording on his phone. That recording helped GH to made up her mind in continuing the ruse as VP with Dom. So she sent a text to Dom asking to meet the next day.
  13. Just seeing the Gifs by @Pmyonly flatters my heart! giddiness runs through out my spine! Thanks for sharing! Both JH and JI looks so good together.. body movements ,gestures , eyes speaking to each other we can easily sense that they are both attracted to one another! looking forward to watching some the scenes in the Gifs..but I think there will be problems specially that GS is around that we all know the boyfriend who are bound to marry JI, and the Dad's involvement as well..it wont be easy accepting JH bc of his being a single dad.we all know how things like these are being look upon by the public. Eun , longing for a mother's love..he sees a mom figure in JI, which eventually I believe JI will somehow share some love with Eun..I recalled GS saying who would ever like a guy with a son..It might took him by surprise that JI will fall for one..
  14. Speaking of OCN Tunnel. Dont you think, Jung Ho-young was there not for nothing???
  15. Veronica arrives home. Her mom is in hanbok. Not sure but mom is pissssssed. Maybe cause she didn't meet with Dominique the other night ? Not sure. GH rode Dominique the whole way home. As she's getting ready to leave him at his house, he grabs her wrist. He's mumbling some stuff. I want to know what he's sayingggg. Her phone starts ringing and she runs off. Ooh it's Veronica. Wow Veronica came to GH 's house. I wonder if Veronica is gonna ask GH if she's been impersonating her. I hope she finds and even encourages GH to do so hehe. They're talking about Dominique but I am not sure what is being said. Whatever Veronica says leaves GH uncomfortable. Now GH is lying in bed thinking both about Dominique's words and about Veronicas words and feeling all conflicted. Her brother comes in playing some audio recording. Whatever the audio recording is, it gets GH thinking of something. Some plan for something ? Not sure. Think she's somehow realized she has to impersonate Veronica one more time. Oh yes she definitely texted Dominique as VP I believe...lets see...
  16. Do u think inna look at ldw n go eun when go eun put hot packs on ldw's neck? She looks jealous to me.. LOL And yes.. finally she did it to him TOO on d last filming of goblin.. ahahahaha..
  17. @Pmyonly yes i also think the scene is beautiful. Think about your crush, and he appear in second... Can feel the longing and the restriction as well. Thats why Im inspired to open shipper thread lol.... Drama just on ep 2, but i already love them @tok-soompi ha ha ha me too, want to know more, hope got more people see and can help us here. Btw do you have the link of that specific interview?
  18. I wasn't into Kdrama back when My Golden Life was released but since then I have discovered the amazing Shin Hye Sun and have watched MGL. To hear that the network had trepidation and somewhat apologized for casting SHS in their pre release promotions for MGL blew my mind. Had they lost their minds? It's hard to imagine how anyone could not see the genuine and penetrating talent this actress brings to the screen. MGL was successful BECAUSE of SHS. Did they not watch their own production clips? To apologise for casting her is unbelievable. if I understand correctly, MGL dominated the ratings when it ran. This is all on Shin Hye Sun in my opinion. Although every other cast member was excellent, SHL stole the show. One look into her eyes, regardless of the emotion she was carrying, was a look into the very sole of her character. Mesmerising! Her character in Angel's Last Mission : Love so far proves this. The network executives who were reticent about SHL prior to launching MGL must now be hanging their heads. They clearly have a superstar on their hands.
  19. 988 KJW with shave cream. I think uri hpl pd nim is a masochist. He wants to kill us every week with all those sexy scenes of kjw but I am still curious why KJW always wearing his shirt? Even in that save cream scene? Btw in angel last mission they change the main program of the company. It is not swan lake but giselle. Swan lake is the dream program of all the ballerina because of the legs technique. I think swan lake relates to the lead girl before her eyes accident. While Giselle is a tragic story of a ghost who is still loving her human bf. And the dancing technique demands a very very very very light and soft movement. I think giselle relates to the whole story of this drama. It is a sad and tragic love story
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