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  2. Im so confused why PPC own fans dont like PSJ for PMY and PMY for PSJ? Like is there something that I missed? They be fine with PSJ and KJW(actress) and PMY with other male costars. So why not PPC?
  3. I didn't get Her Private Life. I got He is Psychometric Maybe they already knew I've watched HPL already so they recommend me HIP
  4. I think RY dropped in as he was destroying it - and stopped him from doing so altogether. I feel like XF is just a mess of emotions when he's revived. I mean he's got Sui He telling him lies and RY telling him lies WRT JM, and as you've noted, he's been feeling very betrayed (with very good reason!) but I also think he's starting to question SH at this point as well. To me, I feel like he's just in chaos emotionally - since he's been so utterly betrayed by the person he trusted the most, and yet he still can't bring himself to hate her - he just wants to push her away, and not even think of her since it hurts him so much. So yeah, I agree with the others above - he''s wanting to punish her, but also not wanting to as well. I think the the expression on his face, when he's starting to destroy the Phoenix hairpin, and JM starts crying "不要!不要!" (No, don't!) He's visibly shaken and not quite sure what to believe. Then later on, when he's in the cave alone, and everyone else is gone - he chides himself - since his heart is still with JM yet his mind is like, "dude she teamed up with RY and killed you, bro - they're gonna hurt you and probably kill you again."
  5. Source: Soompi (for full article) Kim Tae Ri has spoken about her struggles while working. When asked to elaborate on this, she said, “I think the biggest pain comes from wanting to do a good job. I want to do a good job but it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. I largely rely on my experience, but my experience is too small in comparison to the role I’m playing. I can’t help but feel limited.” On preparing for her character, she explained, “I’m still very young and lacking, so it’s embarrassing to talk about acting. But if I were to talk about it anyway, I think that actors can be divided into two categories. Actors who construct themselves and actors who erase their ‘me’ and construct the character. I’m the former.” She continued, “When I was acting in a play, a senior actor said, ‘You’re someone who has everything. There’s nothing that you don’t have. If you look for it one at time in your treasure chest, it’ll all be there.’ I’ve always found people in my experience and myself, but I hit a limit when acting as Yeon Hee in ‘1987’ and Go Ae Shin in ‘Mr. Sunshine.’ No matter how much I dug around the treasure chest, opened all the drawers, and looked in the corners, there were things that I didn’t have.”
  6. @nohamahamoud2002 If only NJ will agree with his mum to forgo his goal and get treatment in US. He won't have to die and you will be the happiest viewer in this drama. But we don't know the final outcome yet. There's still hope. If NJ dies and indeed donates his cornea to SH dad, Oh family will get to see AR staring lovingly at SH dad's eyes every too often and get some claws injuries from SH mom . ( me nothing better to do on a lazy Sat afternoon waiting for lunch...)
  7. Most probably because of the leeway the PDnim gave them and also the way she bounces off her costars. She tries to match her costar’s energy. In HPL she is more spontaneous and free because of PD nim and KJW. In HPL, the OTP are so delicately portrayed, dunno credit to the PDnim or the OTP. The kiss in the ep12 is so different from the workshop kiss. If it were other PD nim or male lead, the chosen kiss would be the one in BTS, not the one in the final cut. PMY has the acting chops, but no opportunity to flex it. I chose to watch Q7D, WWWSK and HPL because of PMY. Didn’t know who was KJW before HPL.
  8. The BTS got me blushing lol. I always live for the bts and wipin each other's tears lipstick etc. How would I recover from withdrawal from this two next week
  9. BTS kiss was more passionate than what was shown in the drama *********** QUIZ: Plan Your Dream Vacation And We’ll Tell You What K-Drama You Should Watch Next FEATURES May 24, 2019 by erinunnie Let’s face it — most of us don’t necessarily have the time, money, or resources to visit all the places in the world we might want to go. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t get there someday. With a little dreaming, planning, and budgeting, anything is possible in time! In the meantime, this quiz gives you a chance to start planning your dream getaway and offers you a fun new Korean drama to watch over the summer. Win-win! So, what are you waiting for? Check out the quiz below! https://www.soompi.com/article/1323824wpp/quiz-plan-your-dream-vacation-and-well-tell-you-what-k-drama-you-should-watch-next I got HPL You should watch "Her Private Life"! You planned a stellar vacation! Based on your answers, we think you'll love "Her Private Life," a fun and flirty drama starring Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook!
  10. kekkeke... one of the common dramaland tropes -- the union leader mom! hahahahha..... chingus, do join us!
  11. There are many possibilities of how the fate of both Ryan and SiAn came together that we could have already thought of. Ever since Episode 3, that was the first encounter of the painting that brought the both of them together. But I felt that SiAn wasn't aware from the beginning that all these paintings are related as he asked how Ryan got to know about it. I could still remember how flustered Ryan was. Then, during Episode 6, Ryan went to SiAn's House as one more painting has been found. Initially, I thought SiAn knew about Ryan's past when Ryan asked how he knew there are more paintings. But then I realized that he was just surprised and never expected Ryan's response. And then, he got a call from his mum, but he wasn't feeling any intense despite Ryan's presence. I really love how SiAn handles all these situations with considerations and encouragement to his mum. And he slowly joins all these puzzles back to where it was. Lee Sol could have told SiAn about her past but didn't mention it was Yoon Jae. Be it in dramas or real life situations, when you have a blood relation with someone, there will always be a special bond between each other, that's how Ryan and SiAn are, cannot be denied. Even SiAn felt comfortable with his hyung. SiAn's definitely one of the sweetest boy.
  12. Oh I didn't know you haven't done EOG yet. OK, continue watching and have your blood pressure check every once and then. What?! How can you be at peace at such characters? They are bunch of insidious peeps.
  13. 836 @cenching ikr his hands are hot too wkkwkwwk everything hot with him unfortunately this is rom com.. can we make petition and ask him to take melow role? I want to see how hot he will be in melow
  14. Jung Yu Mi And Jung Jae Young Reunite To Fight Crime In New Posters For “Partners For Justice 2” by E. Cha The highly-anticipated second season of MBC’s “Partners for Justice” has unveiled its main posters! In the upcoming drama “Partners for Justice 2,” the prickly forensic scientist Baek Beom (played by Jung Jae Young), the passionate rookie prosecutor Eun Sol (played by Jung Yu Mi), and the experienced prosecutor Do Ji Han (played by Oh Man Seok) will reunite to solve new cases together. On May 25, “Partners for Justice 2” revealed a sneak peek of its two leads working together through a brand-new poster for the drama. The poster shows Eun Sol and Baek Beom closely examining a piece of evidence together, with their teamwork appearing stronger than ever. A second poster features glimpses of the drama’s starring and supporting cast, creating an atmosphere of suspense through the characters’ tense expressions. Director No Do Chul commented, “We tried to harmoniously capture these characters, who each have very different personalities, together in one poster.” He added, “Because the actors are so expressive, they were able to implicitly convey the drama’s subject matter through their characters’ detailed facial expressions alone.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1327224wpp/jung-yu-mi-and-jung-jae-young-reunite-to-fight-crime-in-new-posters-for-partners-for-justice-2
  15. That’s why I watch V3 and dump V2 cause I’m just waiting for that Kousuke. Like the reason why I watched this was Because of Kousuke, I’m waiting for him to come out Hahahaha I want to see his destruction hahaha 836
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