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  2. https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=guhyesun&no=140802&page=1 Koo fans at DC-Koo shares this news, taken from her agency. June 1to July 28, Koo's exhibition of her new art works will be held at Seoul JinSan Gallery. June is also the month when her new novel will be released. April 26, tomorrow, Koo is holding her seminar. Her agency also mentions that her next acting project has not been decided---hopefully soon. The writer who wrote the article on Koo says, since she recovered from her illness, she did not stop working. Koo Fighting!!!
  3. Thanapob in the MV OST of his new Project (not translate)
  4. The latest Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013 had all sorts of cuts. I believe the full series has 54 episodes but some networks cut so much out that they only aired like half that amount. People complained because the character, Xu Zhu, only got 1/4 screen time compared to other main characters like Qiao Feng and Duan Yu. They cut nearly all of Xu Zhu’s parts. One version only has 20 episodes and it was retitled “Beggar Hero” because it centred on Qiao Feng mostly. The Vietnamese dubbed version, I think, only has 39 episodes or something. The dvd release has the complete number of 54 episodes. Problem is, I don’t know what they’re announcing as the official episode count for HSDS 2019. If they really consider it to be 50 as the final cut, then we might never see those 20 eps worth of deleted scenes :(. Perhaps the production team needs to believe that fans really do want to see everything that was filmed then they’ll release it on dvd.
  5. K-Pop Daebak with Erik Nam Credit to the owner
  6. @maribella its only after u mentioned eugene then i managed to relate that face of WJ to Ki Tae Young i watched The Return of Superman the last time and saw him and Ro Hee many times hahaha but din manage to link them together in this kdrama i dun think MS will divorce JS.. its not one of those rich families conspiracies plot where we see them changing partners often.. JS is likely to repent some day and improve for the better. actually i think it might be a good lesson for him if he got sacked (or something) and has to become a full time “Stay Home Dad” aka househusband
  7. Just start watching ep 16 without sub. Aaaaaargh!!!!!!!
  8. @blademan - "Who sang that OST playing in the bg when she was singing for him??? Her voice sounds so familiar" I am wondering who sang that song too! It's my favourite for now in this show. Tried searching for the OSTs but it's not anywhere to be found.
  9. Possibility of reunion? Well, both are not married yet, and the other one already mentioned, marriage is not in her mind, so the boyfriend has no right to stop the reunion if there is a chance. The only actress Wookie said, "want to work together again and again" is DH. It must be fun if DH is one of the stranger in Stranger from Hell. Suits with their current friendship. ------ My Girl message -to DH, he said twice about wanting to act with her again during that time. Then, after Hotel King, said the same thing again. He never said to any of his costars from the past 19 yrs, if I'm not mistaken. From old Donghae forum. Translation of Dong Wook's note:Hello everybody, I am Lee Dong Wook.No, I should be Gong ChanI don't know what to say...But first I must thank everyone ...Thank you so much!!!You guys gave me alot of love and support and watched this drama with enthusiasm, thank you.With everyone's support, My Girl has finished smoothly.Yesterday, no, today we have finished all the filming.I have not yet returned to the reality feeling.Like all other actors/actresses, I am not ready to leave the role of Gong Chan.In this note, all this resemble what I want to say in my heart.From the time we have filmed in Jeju, everyone has waited for the finale these past 85 days.The burden was very big from the time I practiced the script to now.When I began filming My Girl, I wasn't a 'popular actor'.If I have everyone's support, it really can help me go on. ~^^To the artists that we worked together, in order for us to take our final picture we had to work with our wonderful staff ... because of their help, it made me stand strong until now.Da Hae!! thank you ^^I am extremely happy to run into a very talented actress.Remember to stay healthy, I hope we can cooperate again in the future to produce an as good drama.Jun Ki ah!! Now that it is over, we shall go have a cup of tea like we always say.Si Yeon...The elder sister that is always played by jokes from me!!Thank you for not having any disagreements during the filming proccess.I frequently go through the jokes in the drama for pleasure ...Every artists, thank you!!Dong Wook and Dong Wook's character, Gong Chan, is extremely loved...Even though I cannot thank every single person, I can feel it in my heart.I thank everyone in my heart ... with my love ...I thought it would be hard to write this but I have smoothly finished this speech.Now there's not much time until the finale airsAfter the broadcast, I am no longer Gong Chan.Thank you for accepting me as Gong Chan!Thank you !!! Thank you !!!Until we meet again, you must stay healthy !!!PS. Today's My Girl end does not have that 'end' meaning '&'........For the life of Gong Chan, Yoo Rin ... Hahaha, Wookie loves playing joke if he views the woman as sister. For pleasure. -----
  10. my friend is taking all of our bandwith because of HER PRIVATE LIFE kdrama ep 6 :bawling: I want to play youtube wkwkwkwk

  11. Woo Jin Young, who appeared on “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017 and finished in first place on YG Entertainment’s audition program “MIXNINE,” has thrown his hat into the ring for “Show Me the Money 8”! April 26, Woo Jin Young’s agency D1CE Entertainment (formerly Happyface Entertainment) announced his participation in the rap audition program […] The post Woo Jin Young Applies For “Show Me The Money 8,” New Group D1CE To Debut This Summer appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. I don't watch many C-dramas or at least I've never re-watched the same one on different broadcast stations/countries. Is it pretty common where another station/country has its own version including cut scenes?? I'm a bit surprised that given that it's a mainland drama that another station/country may have more cut scenes. Please enlighten me...
  13. Am I doing a mistake by skipping scenes with the ex-wife? I am at ep12 and it's like 'let my children do their illegal work, damnit'. Also always those 'you never changed and hurt people around you' speeches, zzzzzzzz But other than that I really like this show
  14. Tawan in the Show with this guy, I wanna eng subs... LoL XD
  15. 686 that's because uri aries namja (KJW) is too hot for us to be cool don't worry.. I.. still.. love.. you.. @Lawyerh @triplem in city hunter, PMY was like an ornament to the entire drama HAHAHAHA in Healer, oh guys, let us confess, it was the script! WKWKWKWK.. Song Jina is still a legend. even though I am not liking her politic storyline in any drama of her, but whenever she puts a couple to her love story, whether they are veteran actors like Bae Yong Joon, or noona combination like Lee Minho & Kim Hee Sun, or plastic dool like PMY and Ji Chang Wook, or even a idol couple like Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun, your heart will be dugun dugun if you watch them. right? xixixixixix in Queen for 7 days I like her acting but also its because Lee Dong Gun and that lead actor also daebak actors. in Secretary Kim, I feel like, what kind of a drama is this? WKWKWKKWKWK.. it will be wasting my time to watch. HAHAHAHAHAHA the point is Park Min Young is flexible. like a rubber HAAHAHAHA.. you can match her with anyone and she can acting good BTW Morning Guys, love you all
  16. More women on HB's side and more men on SYJ's
  17. It’s true, winter took a long time to say goodbye, but spring is finally here, and summer will be too very soon. Lighter outfits, brighter makeup, and hundreds of new possibilities to transform and experiment with your style open up as soon as the weather starts getting warmer, and what better inspo source than K-pop […] The post 12 K-Pop Music Videos To Give You The Spring-Summer Style Inspo You Need appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  18. Hi! Do you know where to watch the special episode with/without subs??? I'm dying to watch the special ep so badly HAHA
  19. Love the recent BTS. Their chemistry is off the charts. Eng sub of Episode 7 preview:
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