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  2. there are so many people online who are loving pmy in hpl right now i wish half of those people were in korea. The ratings would be so high right now. & WOW PSJ!!! HE LOOKS AMAZING IN THE MOVIE
  3. Kge who first call yin as "jin shim".. ites really fate.. tyh is made for yin.. and yin said that ldw is d only one.. uwuu.. This goblin prescon is really funny.. how they talk match about yin.. and ldw cant stand to yin's cuteness too.. he even cut kge while she was talking..lols.. and d last part when ldw fixed yin's mic position tho.. lols..
  4. Entertainment Song Joong-ki to Exude 'Primitive' Masculinity in Upcoming TV Series english.chosun.com | April 20, 2019 08:20... Actor Song Joong-ki will return to the small screen with a new TV series on cable channel tvN for the first time since his marriage in 2017. He will appear in the upcoming series "Arthdal Chronicles," which is slated to air in June. It will be his first TV series since the mega-hit "Descendants of the Sun" in 2016. Set in ancient times, "Arthdal Chronicles" deals with power struggles between tribes. Song Joong-ki In several publicity stills, Song exudes a primitive charm with long, disheveled hair and ragged leather clothes. Song, who learned horse-riding skills for the series, is expected to show off his masculinity in many action and combat scenes. source credit @http://english.chosun.com/m/svc/article.html?contid=2019042000379&Dep0=www.headlinegrabber.org&utm_source=www.headlinegrabber.org&utm_medium=unknown&utm_campaign=english
  5. Oh wow, Lauren... I haven't heard that song in years. A vestige from the past blasting through. But it works rather well with the editor's compilation. I feel like such a voyeur... or to put it more colloquially.. a perv... watching that clip. (The comments streaming at the top of the screen were also a laugh and a half as well) For a kid of his age, Joseph performed admirably. At least it looks heartfelt and authentic especially the gulp at the end. Some of the fan comments below thought our boy got a bit rough but hey... it was his confession for crying out loud and it fits with his boyish passion for life. It was his way of letting her know. Enjoyed the music choices. Had a good chuckle after the fourth one. The third one had a Celine Dionesque sort of feel to it. It reminded me of her rendition of The Power of Love. I can't speak for anyone else but for me this is the best version that I've seen because the show treats the characters like multidimensional creatures ie. real people... except for Chen Kun perhaps but everyone needs a villain they can hate... and avoids caricaturizing the characters with simplistic notions "good" and "evil". The show did a brilliant job IMO developing character motivations and relationship dynamics particularly that between WJ and the men in his life. Also it played out that good vs evil theme in a highly sophisticated, consistent manner right to the bitter end. It's interesting to me too that the drama did not sanitize the Ming cause or demonize the Mongolian leadership... I hope it is veiled political reaction/statement about the current regime in the mainland because the country's going backwards in many ways. I won't deny that I enjoyed the romance and loved the interactions between WJ and ZM. I loved the light-hearted moments in the early days when they bickered and I also enjoyed the angst... which I believed allowed Joseph to come into his own as a performer. So while I miss the humour of previous versions after their coupling... I think there's a trade off which isn't too bad. They are probably the best WJ and ZM combination for me because of how their respective trajectories intersect. It gave them both a depth I'd never experienced before from other versions. I used to think it was just WJ who had to grow up but this version also demonstrated that she had to go on a similar path. In the end I suspect that they both learned that freedom is something that has to be earned.
  6. Let me just add..."Or i will cut it myself in my dreams." Lol. 606
  7. ive been lurking and watching on ig and on yt, all pichicouple’s moment. from goblin era to tyh (and little moments from mama awards). ITS MAKING ME MORE DELULU THAN I WAS BEFORE . all those skinships. dongwook’s “uri”, “we often meet privately” , “loveliness” he said, the vitamins. dongwook being nervous during intimate scene so he fools around so he wont get caught. them, being so freaking adorable together. making others feel left out because they are too close. I CANT. I JUST FREAKING CANT. if they are not having “something special” right now. idk anymore. chhshehcuksbduckandhcujsjducjs!!! im going crazy. i need a life..
  8. [INFO] 190420 #NCT127 will be the guest on MTV TRL on April 27
  9. kind of a random segway but does anyone have any thoughts on what MBTI personality type IU has? i've been watching all her interviews, variety show appearances, hyori's b&b, etc. and reading her lyrics... and I really can't quite figure her out. I've seen ISFJ and INFP floating around the internet. Any thoughts?
  10. https://theqoo.net/hot/1032245314 http://cafe.daum.net/subdued20club/ReHf/2235606 https://www.instiz.net/pt/6074176 https://theqoo.net/1060987307
  11. This is very cute banter of them eventho in front of media at prescon.. I think yin really is a bright n positive person.. she even dream of higher rating compared to pdnim last project.. i really like her spirit.. At d other side i think ldw is a bit "realistic" than pesimistic about d rating.. dont know if he read d whole scenario and think tyh is just a standard romcom or any other reason why he didnt agree yin statement.. but as always he endup agree with her always..hahaha.. nice bf.. Think about it again.. dont u think ldw accept tyh just bcoz yin? I think he didnt fell for d script or character, he even say that he not so into drama titled (tiuch your heart).. and for his previous project, i think he choose character that challege him more.. d most challeging is d fenomenal grim reaper character.. and next (if its confirmed) is villain character.. But they did it well since tyh got good rating eventho d script is just a typical romcom..
  12. The April 20 episode of MBC’s “Music Core” had BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love,” BOL4’s “Bom,” and BTS’s “Boy With Luv” vying for first place. BLACKPINK came in third place with 5,399 points, and in second place was BOL4’s “Bom” with 5,762 points. BTS took home the crown with a total of 6,743 points, making this […] The post Watch: BTS Takes 2nd Win For “Boy With Luv” On MBC’s “Music Core”; Performances By Super Junior D&E, IZ*ONE, And More appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. @sushilicious im going to watch 19-20 together tom to save stress lol. I think i shd avoid FP thread first. 604.
  14. Hi! May I know if anyone can tell which drama the BGM from this scene on episode 4 came from? The scene where Deok Mi is looking at the framed picture of Si An she took as Si Na Gil. https://imgur.com/uBZzsMP I know I've heard the exact same BGM somewhere but I only found the BGM from Just Between Lovers titled Bus Stop (버스 정류장) sadly they are not the same BGM.
  15. kekeke... with older dramas, you have to close your eyes to stuff like clothes and just focus on the story. this drama in terms of story still holds up! and am laughing on your mom's comment on the bepannah guy. he does have a strong jaw but he works hard to show off his abs in drama! putting on weight? so no abs? @triplem would cry if all aunties gave that advice, LOL..... honestly, my whole deal was "please give him a haircut!" LOL... 602
  16. @sushilicious ha2 i think most of the time my prediction never correct lol. And i havent watch ep 19 too. Gosh im just back from bank. And they make me dizzy with their interest explanation @Lmangla 606
  17. Yes, yes, in a way i feel that they wanted a WJ with more "integrity" and stick to his Principles. He only want the best for ZM so he rejected her time and again. He see the commoners suffering so he wanted to keep his promise to commoners, not that he is totally forgiving towards the brothers. This WJ is just so different and not everyone can be perfect Side track, i think i decided not to watch any drama for the time being. The withdrawal symptoms is so bad on me. I wonder why really
  18. Credit to neih212. So kim joon han is her long time boyfriend. I guess we'll have short teasers starting next week. Can't wait
  19. I stopped watching Mexican too. But I watch daily Korean dramas. I watched Sunny Again tomorrow Now I am watching The Left-handed wife 604
  20. "Zhang Wuji also raised his cup. Under the light from the coal of the hot pot stove he faintly saw lipstick mark on the edge of the cup, while his nose caught a soft and sweet smelling fragrance. He did not know whether the fragrance came from the lipstick mark on his cup, or it was the perfume she was wearing. With a shaken heart he drank the wine."
  21. Around 33% of women experience male example hairlessness (alopecia) eventually in their lives; among postmenopausal women, upwards of 66% suffer hair lessening or exposed spots. Male example sparseness in women as often as possible has a more unmistakable impact than male example hairlessness does on men w, since it's less socially acceptable for them. Alopecia can genuinely impact a woman's eager thriving and individual fulfillment. The major kind of male example hair sparseness in women is comparable to it is men. It's called androgenetic alopecia, or female (or male) plan male example hair sparseness. In men, male example hairlessness when in doubt begins once again the asylums, and the withdrawing hairline over the long haul structures a trademark "M" shape; hair at the most astounding purpose of the head in like manner decreases, consistently progressing to meager condition. In women, androgenetic alopecia begins with dynamic lessening at the part line, trailed by extending diffuse male example sparseness transmitting from the most elevated purpose of the head. A woman's hairline on occasion dies down, and women rarely ended up being revealed. Got thin or bald spots? Worry no more because you can have FUE Hair Transplant Dubai, Abu Dhabi to naturally grow a good number of hairs. Click to know how.
  22. I completely agree that both ZM and WJ cannot go back to the person they were before. Both of them have lost their loved ones, and they have to and should grow up, together or apart, through all the ordeals. But I feel that doesn't mean they cannot let go of the burdens that are, to some extend, not their own doings though. If WJ knowingly let his members go through with this plan or if he himself plotted/killed her father, then I am all for her to dump him forever and let him stew in his regret till the day he died as it will serve him right (if not too lenient). But this is not the case. They are both victims and both have loved and lost so much. Even worse, he cannot just drop everything in such a crucial time (which i respect of him in this version). I guess for ZM, her biggest disappointment with WJ in my opinion was he chose to stay with the Ming brothers, especially ZYZ who have clearly went behind his back (although I think deep inside she already knew WJ will not just go with her at that time) . But at the end, there he was, finally extricated himself from the muddles of the fights. I am still not sure if prolonging their angst are most appropriate at this moment, and still not convinced. It will be nice to have a longer epilogue but what we have work for me. For me, it's like a parallel of WJ life. As a young kid, he suffered tragic lost of his parents at the "hands" of the 6 sects members. Then, his grandpa died at the hand of RYW's troops. He can choose to hate and use the sufferings as a reason to hold it against the 6 sect members or blamed it on ZM ( a path that ZR somewhat chose: let her hatred blinded her of what she could have had), but he didn't. The assassination plot works for me because it really emphasize the wider and wider divide between WJ with his idealistic view of what Ming should do to win the war versus ZYZ, FY, and other Ming members whose goal, it seems, is to win the war, whatever it takes. WJ is just not equipped to be a military leader, which kind of expected if he ever become a king. But this is just my opinion though. To each their own , I guess. Peace all Edited to add: I also noticed the lipstick stain on the cup and he looked at it before taking a big gulp, and I thought: whoa, bold lol
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