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  2. What a surprise. If this is true then wow. Better pay special attention to it. I really like the cover.
  3. @gets0meairthe title of SYJ previous drama with MH is Personal Taste ... and regarding Legend of The Blue Sea, although I watched the drama the story didn’t really catch my attention (I watched the drama bcoz of the casts) ...
  4. He's definitely gonna be the new standard model for all male leads, and gotta learn from him. It's a rare GOLD to find RYAN GOLD, no other Ryan Gold can be replaced. After re-watching episodes back and forth, I love the one he wore during Episode 6, pastel pink and light bluish collared shirt. But seems like the latest one he wore in Episode 13, black and white tuxedo literally blew me off, looking so good on it. Which one is your favourite? This literally blew me off~ We need to keep this thread going~!!
  5. Really fun seeing DH playing with Chanel brand-she must be dreaming to be the female brand ambassador. Well you had L'oreal and Levi before, but they took back the former bc of your associations. But no harm trying. That's how it is supposed to be. I saw one of the girl maybe stylist or PR who followed Wookie to France had the same colour and collection of Boy Chanel handbag which is 100% similar to the one DH show off weeks before. Seems like all Wookie's female buddies are showered with Chanel lately. Seems like the grey color is an exclusive collection. And the Chanel sandal DH wore in the last Xionghonshu video a bit costly for a sandal, knowing how frugal she is.
  6. 680 @kokodus ~ the synopsis reminds me of veer-zaara!! LOL
  7. I didn't watch the EP yet but from the teaser, did he say he is a father? Seems like that's the secret he is keeping. It seems like the boyfriend and him know each other and they are on the same basketball team. This is gonna be awkward for sure. From the preview, she is already saying let's take a break. I hope she completely breaks up with her boyfriend before she starts to date him.
  8. I am all for more wuxia/kung fu scenes!! Although, I personally feel the scene of Wuji remembering his and MM encounter while looking at the box should not be cut as it was quite impactful to build foundation of his deep attraction and feeling for her. I was thinking, I remembered in the sshaolin scene when XX has been rescued out of the pit from the three monks, when he heard ZZR, the way he said her name at that time make me wonder, perhaps in the uncut version he knew of her bad deeds? The way he say her name initially seemed quite angry.
  9. @bedifferent @stroppyse Are you guys ready to see Oppa in uniform??? A North Korean officer at that. LOL. I can't wait...... https://www.soompi.com/article/1326375wpp/hyun-bin-and-son-ye-jin-confirm-for-new-drama-from-writer-of-the-legend-of-the-blue-sea -2
  10. The food or coffee or ice cream trucks are sent by friends and fans to cast and crew of the drama. It's a gift just like for example, you have a friend who is working hard daily and you want to send her delivery of McDonalds to her workplace. In Korea's film industry, they usually send food or coffee trucks to cheer the cast and crew at the filming site.
  11. I like Hye Sun from Stranger; I shipped Ha Jung Woo with her not Bae Do Na even I like so much BDN too. It seems like it's Netflix who makes the sub right ??? I have Netflix but it's always a little late So I'll watch raw tout à l'heure hehehehe Tonight I have 2 favorites drama Sring night and this one
  12. OH I GET IT NOW... well I dont wanna say it cos it might sound like comparing so I've been keeping quiet. HAHA. I guess it was okay if she want to do romcom right after wwwsk but ..pretty much the same storyline...hmm... it should have been another storyline. The writer should had just follow the webtoon storyline. She's a good chef too. And there's many hot scene too tho...haha. Tho she will stay in the same office, at least she's the boss haha. And she can still fangirling.
  13. Cannot wait for the subbed version of the latest episode.. i cannot help it but saw several clips of it already... how truly good looking are our leads! also, i just love how RG always opens the door for DM when she enters his car Chivalry is not dead people... please learn from Ryan Gold Go HPL! Cheering for you always!
  14. Ohh, I thought they had it. Been 10 years since I have been in a plane lol. That scene was the highlight lol. The chairman's expression was the best. He is like have you forgotten what you have done to my grandson? PSH was worse too. I also cracked up as he pretended he didn't know what she was talking about . They really used her and I'm happy that they are not giving her a damn thing .
  15. I will post if there is an update about his new project. I’ll bookmark your thread and wait for the good news. I think I fall in love with Jin Taehyun’s acting now.
  16. Hello!!!! Can’t help to post now. Really love the drama, I think i watched all KYK drama/movie, i like him to be paired with Anyone. But so far this is the one i like most....yes it is light romcom but worth to watch for, an everyday vitamins... you will love all the characters!
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