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  2. 794 what is KNG? I think all oppas are sushi oppas at least I am more picky than sushi Btw I remember this song after watching HPL ep 4 HAHAHAHAHA .. their poses for the pictures in fanbase website are too HOT!! Reminds me of this dance wkwkwkw
  3. [Schedule] Come n Meet your Dream Boys on "Press Screening Avengers Endgame" - Fluke Boom - 23 April 2019 6.30PM - Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon #Playeminent #playeminentartist
  4. Just finished this earlier and I could say my frame of mind was deeply affected by the ending. It's sad, bittersweet and really hits you in both heart and mind. Especially the end scene with Lin Shu and Nihuang. He didn't lie and made a front but promised her his next life and she, so supportive of him to the very end. Even if it must be breaking her heart. T_T Just curious though as I cannot read Chinese, was it explicitly narrated in the novel that Lin Shu died? Also, if he did, was there any narration of what happened to Junrui and friend, Lin Chen and especially Fei Liu? Thank you in advance.
  5. I heard of the bromance..lol. Namgoong Min likes to bo bo the guy right? Was it that? I saw this clip where they slept on the same bed. The guy wants to leave. Pull the lever and the lever broke and they are stuck the guy scream as though like he saw a monster lol 794 Anyways..Typical 2010 SBS tropes. Jumping out of the airplane...I’m i the only one who cringes when I see the introduction of the drama’s main lead is jumping out of the plane? Thinking it’s soooo cool. But gah...*cringes* Anddd what are the chances of you walking into a set and being caught up by the actors. The actor thought that the girl is an actress just hostage her for a bit lol. @Lawyerh lollll hope you like it when it progresses loll
  6. Can't get enough of these MVs https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49707918/ (this version included the kiss scene) https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49122936/
  7. 792 @triplem & @sushilicious omg girls i love KNG more here. I really like this drama. Im on ep 4. Sushi oppa make my heart quite fluttered
  8. Just finished ep 4 and I like like like like like this drama very much!!! Cuahe! it’s been so long since I’ve watched min young in a intense pose with a guy in drama (last time I see it in Queen for 7 days)... I mean when they were standing against the wall in that intimate scene for the pictures hahahaha in a broad day light.. uhhhh too sexy his nose pressed min young’s forehead in a sexy way OUGHHHHHH I stopped breathing for awhile when watching this scene I couldn’t ask more for a rom com. I will be loyally watch this until the end NOTE: I will need a lot of oxygen tanks
  9. me too.. since so many posting about this confirmation on ig and twitter.. so we can say its really confirmed huh.. soooo happy.... and this news also release on 21st..
  10. So happy. Can't contain my happiness tbh. I've been been waiting & praying for this.
  11. Well, let's hope this hug doesn't get edited out again . Full article here... https://www.soompi.com/article/1319093wpp/jung-il-woo-pulls-go-ara-in-for-a-tender-hug-in-haechi
  12. Notices also that in their hugs and kisses they always have full body contact. Sometimes it’s really frustrating when couple in kdrama acting lovey dovey hugging and kissing during close up shot but the moment the camera zoom out you can see that their bodies are not even touching each other In TYH there’s not many skinship between the leads but when they hugs and kiss, they always have a full body contact even at their first hug and during their reunion kiss LDW even pull YIN’s body closer to him which makes the kiss feels like real.
  13. Kyaaa, I need Hwang, I mean Go Jun, in a rom-com where he just smiles and smiles and smiles...!!
  14. A returning contestant to MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer” showcased his talents and took the audience by surprise once again! Last week, contestants The Emperor’s New Clothes and Minimum Wages faced off in the first round and sang Lee Sang Eun’s “Dam-Da-Di” together. The Emperor’s New Clothes successfully moved on to the second round […] The post Soloist Impresses The Audience Again In 2nd “The King Of Mask Singer” Appearance As A Contestant appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. @nohamahamoud2002 he was funny when was running after her @newyee , @lu09 & @dulceres .... *wishing you a nice day
  16. Oh.... Thank you dear!! Yes, I've already started watching it! I think I will love this series as the story unfolds!
  17. Look at this bts again.. when they did NG, ldw hand still on yin's shoulder and then he slightly caressing her arm b4 took off his hand?? i feel that they usually did this bcoz d level of comfortable between them is beyond just friend tho..
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