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  2. It's going to be a big deal for TJ. She raised TJ, maybe because She wanted manipulate him in the future. She could be the true leader behind this guy. I think She is a selfish and ambitious woman.
  3. Agree with your hidden contents.. as long as they are happy.. and best if they are together... if it's to protect her cos of the past relationship.. it's fine as well.. we only want them to b happy..hengbok
  4. 190519 WINWIN Weibo Update “Guy in white T-Shirt” Translated by PeachyDelights - SM_NCT
  5. I always like chubby inna more.. This is when ear candy shooting right? She is so cute...
  6. Whoa u gals have hawk eyes! I watched this scene a million times and never noticed his chest was showing or that their bottom half was glued together. Btw, their shirts are so thin that they can feel the heat off of each other dont u think? PMY probably didnt notice her hand was wandering towards his bare chest! Aaah cant wait for the DVD bts. Ended up buying it even without eng subs.
  7. I agree with you , the male lead acting can't be felt at wall all the other actors are pretty good especially the female lead as for the novel, it's really more tragic than GBMP although it has somehow a happy ending but after all they will be going through,i don't really feel it I don't know if they gonna stick to the original story but I'm sure it gonna have a lot of angst & tragic moments well I'm more than ready for that
  8. hahahha... isn't he supposed to have face blindness? so why go through so much effort to change appearance. not like he can tell that this is a hot version of her. LOL..
  9. To me, he is a cheater. A cheater doesn’t have the rights to take sik sik. You know at first I find sik sik annoying haha. She feels like a princess. Haha 526
  10. i think its pretty obvious they are only good friends. no celeb will like so openly a picture without knowing about the rumors. look at taemin and Son Na Eun how difficult to maintain their secret relationship. (maybe they are not together today but in the past clearly.) yura and HJH good friends in my opinion.
  11. Nice happy ending and we all deserve it! Now that our journey together has come to an end. It's time to say goodbye and hope to see you all in other threads.
  12. Choi Myoung-Gil is doing a great job playing In Sook. I like her suits. I still don`t get In Sook. Why did she do that to Mi Ri? I still wait to see if there is a bigger picture here. I can`t understand her selfishness. If everyone will know that Mi Ri is her biological daughter is still not a big deal. Why she makes it that big? She portrays herself as perfect and now she can`t deal with consequences of her action? She showed a little guilty conscience when she saw the flowers brought by TJ and when she stopped Chairman Han when he tried to embarrass Mi Ri in front of the executives. Too litle I say.
  13. @ellelyana88 was thinking that if the person were to dump the other in the ocean and the person getting dump is KW. It might bring the real Kousuke to light. It’s might change him I guess. But looking through the trailer, I don’t think so? Im liking that KW is suppressing Kousuke, Meanwhile Kousuke is trying to come out. It feels like a tug-of-war haha. But I’m just curious when is KW’s breaking point...because he himself knows it’s coming soon. *sorry guys! just wanna say, I’m pretty twisted. So don’t mind me when I wish for the opposite of what you wanted haha
  14. In Sotus it broke my heart for a short moment. So for me even if it was fine after, there is always this short time where I doubt! 1- Life expectancy is not over yet 2- No one pay respect to your grave for the rituals 3- Not knowing the real reason of the dead No just you, each time there is a look from the monk to Met!
  15. The story is interesting and I really like the natural acting from everyone. Sometimes I feel bad for the boyfriend though because he seems to really love her, but just can't get rid of his bad habit. 524
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