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  2. I am going to miss Prosecutor Park and her 'Stress' and 'Fresh air' comments...
  3. The Pope scene, they played the Gabriel's Oboe from the Mission theme song Then later the song was sung with lyrics known as Nella Fantasia by Sarah Brightman & the song was popular in Korea, those who can remember the the variety show - Qualification of Men
  4. She sucks and I am feeling sad for working professional actors that have to have with lemons for actors. Who auditioned this bad actor? I am finding myself skipping her parts...fast-forward key can't be fast enough. Aigoo. Why would they inflict this on us with such a fine group of actors? Someone needs to mentor her.
  6. With Love. I was out of my mind that day. Decided to change up the music and make a PSA out of it lolllllll Please watch what you eat people...Before you poop roses okay?
  7. so happy , for the come back , I feel like dancing like SS @sushilicious love the video , need one for my crush # he can do everything better - @triplem hair style is better on my guy than Kim
  8. @sushilicious your video is awesome. ( you’re going to make great movies & shows in the future .) Thanks with much love to @ktcjdrama one my favourite recappers here on Soompi for doing the recaps for us week in week out . I wait in great anticipation for them each weekend Thanks all for updates & recaps Gosh I am feeling emotional
  9. 660 sushi.. be mature please.. wkwkwkw btw after that try to watch HPL ^_* @nohamahamoud2002 yes I am from Indonesia oh that song that sung by old ahjussi this afternoon wkwkwk.. I am a naughty girl in real life so if I catch something unusual and different like that singer ahjussi wkwkwkkw I will laugh even if I am at the party wkkwkwkw
  10. Ra Mi Ran and Lee Sung Kyung will be the next guest stars on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday!” The two actresses are promoting their new movie, “Girl Cops,” which is about two female detectives teaming up to solve a digital sex crime. In the preview, Ra Mi Ran and Lee Sung Kyung stick to this concept and parody […] The post Watch: Ra Mi Ran And Lee Sung Kyung Show Their Girl Crush Side In “Amazing Saturday” Preview appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. Are you from Indonesia chingu? I guessed from the song lyrics, by searching google. I don't recognize the language 656
  12. hmmm.. like you said thats your personal opinion... but then again thats just one opinion. you may not like her character on HPL but there could be hundreds more who likes it. And since were not professionals.. I dont think its proper to tell them whats good and not for them. Using your analogy.. what if thousands of fans said that they also feel like a proud sister loving her portrayal of DeokMi in HPL, and she should continue doing those because it brings out her talent as an actress? I guess we should just respect other people's choices and if its not your liking.. then just don't watch it.. maybe you'd like her next projects..
  13. @mizkorea Dunno why I can't stop giggling when I read about the eyes donation. (It's possible since NJ indirectly causes SH dad's blindness). Maybe it reminds me of @Ameera Ali mentioning SH dad's cute eyes earlier ; & I am also thinking if that happens, it'll be pretty scary having NJ eyes staring at SH's households for as long as SH dad lives . (just kidding, there's no whole eyeball transplantation but only the cornea) @Ameera Ali Indeed NJ is crazy. He hates AR so much he wants to destroy her & yet they are putting on a clown show together now, which upon their success will continue Part II of their hostility. So cartoon-like. I wonder what LSH will do after he finds VC in the hospital? Will he: 1. Call the police? (but they are useless) 2. Call chairman? (he won't want to shock this old man) 3. Take a wefie with VC as proof ? (chairman will accuse him of kidnap instead) 4. Ask San Dal to help move VC away? (best solution?)
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