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  2. Vote for #ParkShinHye 1 vote per day 1. 52.48% (37753) 2. 10.62% (7,639) 3. Park Shin Hye 8.9%(6,402) https://m.vlive.tv/vote/129?needAgree=false&isCeleb=false&token=p6UNCITlareZJ7AfCaJ4EUiCOy%2FjWVs3a0s9Dw0BoGBKAllzIQgAZXk4lKPROVAgHJmv%2B1XpyB0xxnnjaVjs7%2FKkuwVfdMvaDbxi3%2Bq20XQzWozHEki0megQUvGqjYtAC7oKVNYHEsWv9xAYpDGUoCeVzV0tUmm8Evu42EklS3tpdp4j5SDNdzOpKQIR1QqbaKNhQJSLmkWSiMQmmSHEcqguP9dLWm6LxukFvoyr9nnwb9iUwdZyIs1GCtqICV1bMDQZ3L0hZWVcVaOjPdae%2BdJ822KdhB2geND2%2FhWz3olCwS13CsmDKmnU2inof9qPGwnTfhMyTwv7ZxBMCs1r70boph88JCexLGPMQRnH%2FMucANG%2FtULBN9trYxJRs7I0Jr0agZ%2FKgEtj0hBPKd7eRPahUoZ4CkfoFEej8NZbxOTh5EXm6KxMZCDMI0yoECKW … http://www.baeksangawards.co.kr/vote
  3. @Super Gal99 @hola2jin I have official given up my search after spending hours going through my usual drama update sites, I was getting googly eyes . Must be my imagination but I recall reading an article about it thinking hmm strange that an actor has been offered a role when the drama synopsis was about a female and no mention of the lead actress. The male lead had to be a hottie or well known otherwise I wouldn't have bothered reading it Soompi article about casting of Black Dog Seo Hyun Jin And Ra Mi Ran In Talks For Upcoming tvN Drama Apr 19, 2019 by Y. Kim Seo Hyun Jin and Ra Mi Ran are considering co-starring in the upcoming tvN drama “Black Dog” (working title). On April 18, Seo Hyun Jin’s agency Management SOOP stated, “tvN’s new drama ‘Black Dog’ offered Seo Hyun Jin a role and she is currently considering it.” Ra Mi Ran’s agency C-JeS Entertainment shared, “After receiving an offer to appear in ‘Black Dog,’ we are reviewing the details.” “Black Dog,” which will be directed by Hwang Joon Hyuk, will tell the stories of teenagers and the things that happen in school. Seo Hyun Jin was offered the role of Go Ha Neul, an unexperienced teacher who was assigned to teach at a private high school in the neighborhood of Daechi on a contract basis. Ra Mi Ran was offered the role of Park Sung Soon, a full-time permanent teacher in the same high school who also serves as the head of the career guidance department. Seo Hyun Jin last featured in JTBC’s drama “Beauty Inside,” which concluded in November 2018 whereas Ra Mi Ran is currently starring in tvN’s drama “Rude Miss Young Ae Season 17.” “Black Dog” is planned to air sometime this year but no set date is determined as of now.e
  4. I think her cheekbone area lost weight..im not as astute in observations..so thats the only place i think makes the difference
  5. This week is until episode 12??? when is episode 13 gonna release??? next week???? i thought they release on Wednesday and Thursday?
  6. Special trailer 25 April 2019 11pm KST today’s trailer (FYI Some updates are in the previous page. If you haven’t take a look)
  7. Indeed! In normal couple relationships, its not easy to maintain long distance relationships, not to mention that its even tougher if you did not see each other for years. There are plenty of uncertainty. What If she does not forgive, what if she is married to someone else, what if she is not alive Anymore... So many what if, but it does not stop him from looking for her without definite address.... I would definitely forgive if its me.
  8. i love Sung Hoon and found this show so good..it was really funny and i really enjoyed the cast..try to watch it
  9. I watched WWWSK because of Park Min Young but it made me fall in love with Park Seo Joon In Focus: 5 Reasons Why Park Seo Joon Is Boyfie Material In Real Life https://lifestyle.abs-cbn.com/articles/7516/in-focus-5-reasons-why-park-seo-joon-is-boyfie-material-in-real-life/
  10. Can I have Hae Sun in knowing bros and running man for promotions?! I don’t know whose fault it is that she is yet to appear in them. Her variety sense is so good! I’m dying to see her in ‘em!!
  11. Since I don't understand the dialogue my opinion is purely based on visual observation. I don't think MM ever really blamed WJ for her father's death, based on who she is, I would say she blame herself. Her anger towards WJ would be because after all that happened he still won't walk away and even over himself up when she wanted to get revenge. In the past she also tried time and time again to give up on WJ but everytime she saw a glimpse of hope she didn't. The fact that WJ shows up in front of her is a testament for her that he's keeping on his promise to come back to her and that he's finally free.
  12. Pictures, pictures and pictures of BTS going to Music Bank for today's show: Credit to the owner
  13. Initially i do have the feeling that ZWJ gets ZM forgiveness too easily But come to think of it. It could be years later that they were reunited. Time heal the wounds. Zm always had some soft spot for him. Moreover, she did not blame him for her father's death, she knows its fatty Zhu doing. She knew he would not leave with her, she is probably just suggesting and see his reaction. But stilll, she is disappointed that he did not leave and decided to give up on him. She stilll wish to protect him at that very last minute by suggesting him to leave. So eventually leaving him is her only option to avoid her seeing WJ and her bro fighting each other in war. At the very last part, she ask, why did you come so late, shows that she miss him very much, and she must be waiting for very very long time, probably YEARS. At that moment, her feeling is "very relieved" to see WJ safe and sound, although she sound like grumbling softly. The path towards looking for her in Mongol endlessly is not easy. It is not as if he has an address as a guideline to look for her. To be able to even show up in front of her, already prove his sincerity being a sufficient reason to get her forgiveness
  14. Lol....Same here, I'm so hung up that I start all over from adult ZWJ and skip some of the non-ZWJ part Unable to start any new drama for the moment, mind still full of images of ZWJ and MM.
  15. Cr.uploader https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4291127282266558 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4304198901973067 Sr.weibo
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