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  2. Is that the married life of Mr and Mrs Gold? and don’t you dare to break them up in last episode, writer-nim!!! i hope deokmi won’t be like “let’s break up because I feel guilty about what my mom did to you decades ago” NO NO NO anyone here kind to translate it, please?
  3. [WARNING: LONG POST - READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION] I wasn't too keen on starting this drama because of SITR, which I watched the first half but the story starting losing it's appeal and direction so I dropped the whole thing. But I'm so glad that I gave it a try (mostly because of the main leads). I'm loving it so far! Han Ji Min and Jung Hae In are killing it at portraying their characters and the display of emotions are so deep. Their chemistry is really off the charts I loved the end of ep 1 when they kept on glancing at each other. Since I wasn't paying attention to any news for this drama I was so surprised when finding out Ji-Ho had a son. But I loved how they brought this kind of dynamic into the plot because it adds so much depth for both characters. Though I am kind of lost regarding Jung-In's character. She says one thing but does another, sometimes she's really exact and assertive about what she wants but like with her boyfriend at times, she's so vague. If they keep pushing her character in that direction, soon she will get hated (not that it hasn't already started). From the site where I'm watching this drama, people are having a HEATED discussion about whether what Jung-In is doing is cheating or not. One or two people stated that they're dropping the drama, which I think is a dumb and very careless decision to make so early in the drama, but maybe they just can't stand how iffy Jung-In is being which is also understandable. I was also getting a bit frustrated about how she was dealing with the whole attraction to Ji-Ho and not wanting to get married situation. My stance on whether or not she's cheating is that yes, I think what she's doing qualifies as cheating. Just because nothing physical has happened doesn't make it not cheating. Emotionally she has already distanced herself from her bf and even more so after the mentions of marriage and after meeting Ji-Ho. It's understandable that she doesn't want to be forced or rushed into marriage and not wanting to marry just because they've dated for a long time. It seems that her relationship with her bf has become stale after such a long time, or was their relationship always so plain and boring? But Jung-In's character description states that she pursues after what she desires and prioritizes happiness but then what is she doing staying with someone that doesn't make her happy? This is what utterly confuses me. Obviously she needed some adventure in her life and Ji-Ho just happened to step into the picture. Seeing her unwilling to let him go and her continued pursuit in trying to "become friend" with him, he definitely sparked something her (I mean, who wouldn't be, just look at him ~smirk~). She is curious about Ji-Ho thus becoming friends with him will allow her to keep him by her side to get to know him better, which is kind of her "excuse" to keep on seeing him. But yet she doesn't allow her sister to do the same thing (hmm). Also, I don't know if Jung-In just likes kids but she seems to be really warm and attentive towards Ji-Ho's kid. Like when she suddenly took a picture of the dinosaur stickers in his car, she seems to be really curious about his son too though she's never met him, still it's very beautiful to see that she doesn't care that he's a single dad. So Jung-In and Ji-Ho are attracted to each other, but our leading lady is also unwilling to let go of her long-term relationship but we don't know why even though she seems unhappy. I can only see it as that she's unwilling to let go of the stability of the long-term relationship yet also wanting to feel for the adventurous, full of sparkles new attraction. But one can't always have the best of both world and this is leading her on the path of cheating (smh). I can only give her some credit for at least telling her bf they need a break but that's a not a break up so can't give her full credit. Hopefully, she will realize her foolishness before she reaches a point of no return. I don't hate her character or anything though because like the description for this drama, everything really is so realistic. These are all things that can happen in real life, people have times when they don't know what exactly they want and choose comfort over passion or the other way around. I don't expect the journey to be a smooth one, so anyone watching should know that there will be many ups and downs. I just hope that it's a great journey that will leads to our characters learning more about themselves, each other, and finding their happiness.
  4. @Richelle Ann RobleslesRoblesRRobRRobRobleslesRoblesRRobRR thank you for warm welcome! sorry, I cant re edit my message!
  5. Look at these lovebirds being domestic! But ugh, the childhood drama again. Please, no moar sad Ryan! Are they going to pull a BTIOFL?!
  6. for what it’s worth, i think everyone will hv their own relationship struggle.. marrying a non celeb will not guarantee a hassle free life.. some actress married non celebs ended up getting divorce too.. and some who married fellow celebs (whom they met on drama set) like Jang Dong Gun/Ko So Young and Cha In Pyo/Shin Ae Ra are still happily married until now. i believe marriage is what u make it.. if u choose to focus on the problem then it will be problematic.. if u focus on good thing then it will be good.. but i agree being a celebrity is not as fun as it seems.. everything they do will be scrutizined by public so maybe it will add more pressure to their personal relationship. but i think if they choose to marry each other they will not let other ppl like shippers or solid fans bother them so much.. if PPC end up together, i will be so happy but if they dont, im not gonna cry a river over them.. i learnt my lesson the hardest way with my previous ship.. this time im gonna be as chill as a cucumber lol..
  7. About her deciding new romcom drama, I think she choose it because of fangirl theme itself, not romcom. Of cos, she love the genre now. No wonder I read interview somewhere she mentioned that if she get the chance she want to do the comical side like LYJ ( well she reveal later she receive hpl offer during wwwsk lol). She said she loves her fan so dearly that she choose to do it. And of cos it is almost a year after wwwsk she need to do another work right? But who can imagine KJW receive the offer ? she is the first person who accept the role. Who can imagine he choose this drama? But I bet most actors choose because she is there. Everyone wants to play role with her. Not all of the cast good at romcom, everyone seems to depend on her. I sometime feels like she got a lot of responsibilities in hpl (which I feel she might feel burden) and all she has to do is making her current drama successful.
  8. Actually some actors do this BUT mostly the newbies or the younger ones, thats why when they are in a "love team" they are not allowed to date... this is a fact, I know it sounds crazy.. but yeah. lol! kinda like athletes not allowed to have sex before a big game. lol! But I dont think PMY and PSJ do this.. Theyve been around the acting scene for quite a while and they are adults!, they know how to focus on their projects and characters already..
  9. *** I was able to watch his last movie, "The Great Battle" - The ground battles provide a jaw-dropping scale full of large-scale combat techniques that showcase the horse-drawn fighters, archers, walled buttresses and ground-based troops being utilized. “The Great Battle” is an enjoyable historical action epic. The battles are done quite well. The computer-graphics soldiers are a little awkward, but the director manages to create the illusion that the 200,000 soldiers are really there. JIS looks and acts the part and his action sequences stand out.
  10. If you check ig there are actually alot of GumKyo, BoKyo, JinSoo (PBG-SHK) accounts. Fans love shipping couples they love in dramas no matter what are their status in real life. I for one loved their on screen chemistry but of course I know how to draw the line between real and fantasy. Park Shin Hye admitted she has a bf but it did not stop fans shipping her with HyunBin and there is an active thread here in shippers paradise for Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young even if she is married to Ji Sung.
  11. PSJ's bff sent another food truck to his crush again. Freely and publicly. Meanwhile, our PPC...
  12. Hi wintertimes, I'm happy that they'll work together in a drama soon. I wish them all the best! Fighting Hyun Bin!
  13. May 26, 2019 Bong Joon-ho's films pursue balance of commercial, artistic values By Yonhap via The Korea Herald South Korean auteur Bong Joon-ho, who won the top prize at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival on Saturday, is known for works that cater to both commercial and artistic tastes. His films often use metaphors, but they are not too difficult -- not only for film critics but also for audiences -- to understand. Throughout his filmography, he sheds light on chronic social issues like materialism and class division through analogy, and he never fails to cast a warm, good-humored eye over the weak. (CJ E&M Film Business Division) In his first feature, "Barking Dogs Never Bite," released in 2000, Bong conveyed his satirical message on South Korean society in a comical way. In the story of a shiftless college professor who kidnaps barking dogs in his apartment building, Bong contrasts an ordinary residential complex with the building's gloomy, bleak basement. His 2003 crime-drama "Memories of Murder," based on the true story of notorious serial murders, was well received by both critics and audiences, helping Bong gain media and critical approval both at home and abroad. Three years later, Bong came up with the smash-hit monster blockbuster "The Host," which was the highest grossing South Korean film at the time. Inspired by an incident of toxic material being dumped at a U.S. military base in Seoul, Bong's big-budget film managed to maintain the tension among its scares, its laughs and its satire. It was his first film to touch on environmental issues, which continue to be a key leitmotif of his work. "The Host" led the versatile director to encounter the Cannes Film Festival for the first time, and it was screened at the Directors' Fortnight there. In "Mother," released in 2009, Bong turned his eyes toward human madness and horror. Cannes invited the movie to its official "Un Certain Regard" section. Then he carried out some experiments. He went to Hollywood and directed the English-language science fiction action film "Snowpiercer" in 2013. Here, he illustrated social hierarchy through the image of the divided train, mixing humor, suspense and action, as well as social and environmental concerns. In his 2017 action-adventure film "Okja," released on Netflix, he again brought to bear his criticism of life and capitalism. The Cannes-winning "Parasite" revolves around the poor family of Ki-taek. They live in a squalid, grubby basement and get involved in a string of mishaps after the sly son, Ki-woo, gets a job as a tutor for a moneyed family residing in an opulent, gaudy mansion. His rendering of the rich-and-poor theme appealed to the Cannes jury and the media. He described himself a genre movie director who doesn't like to follow the rules of genre films. "I focus on the nuance of a situation," he said in a press conference at Cannes on Wednesday, answering a question about whether he intends to subvert certain genres in a movie. "People are familiar with categorizing movies into genres. But as a director, I'm not conscious of it." (Yonhap)
  14. You should watch Healer. She is so good in Healer as she really get out of her comfort zone in that drama. Most of the time she do not put any make up and her character is different than most of the characters she ever done. Though I watch her works even from before Healer but since Healer I saw her potential more and I appreciate her more as an actress. From Healer also I start to fall for her co -star (Ji Chang Wook). Their chemistry is as good as her chemistry with KJW oppa.
  15. Maybe nowadays PSJ and PMY didnt meet up. Maybe they have this thingy " I'm focusing on my character so we should not meet for a while" or she's 'lending' her aura to her costar for a while since everyone seems to believe she has superb chemistry with her current costar now lol. I bet if she came to KKY's wedding and sat side by side, the aura reader might feel diff lol PSJ himself spread his own AURA lmao
  16. Or maybe fans need some time to get used to it? Ive been thinking about why PMY immediately accepted the romcom drama.. I think she would like to let her fans/ people see that she can work well with any costars. that building a chemistry with different costars especially in a romantic drama, can be done by actors. I think they just really wanted people to stop the stigma of being "shipped" then people assume that they should date and get married in real life? Because in her case.. that would mean she practically dated all her leading men. lol! I mean, JoJungSuk has been in a long term relationship with Gummy for years before they got married. But people still buy his leading man capabilities. PSH is still with CTJ, right? But she was still shipped with HyunBin for MOA. LeeJongSuk is shipped with all of his leading ladies. ParkBoGum too, well except with SHK of course. i know that I am in a shipping forum, buttt, again Im not here because of pure delulus... and yes, even if PPC dont end up together. It will be ok.. just as long as they are happy with their lives whoever they end up with.
  17. Yes, I agree with you! He doesn't smoke but his smoking scenes are quite real.... OMO!!! He is a real man with manly charms!! But pretty sad that he isn't among the leads.. This talented guy deserves big roles, not just small roles to fill the space! And yes please dear, you can post the link here & tag other friends as well!!! No problem at all! And I've watched Untouchable Lawmen without eng sub actually!!! And he is so ridiculous & hilarious & all that!!! His hair is so messy & wow.... his action scenes are my fav since the movie is comedy-action! Im Chang Jung is also good but I am love with Dashing Daniel in action there.... He he he... He's a ladies guy, not really but to arrest them by literally seducing them... Watch this clip from the movie, dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel & @gladys0710 friends, I love this tall guy in action so much!!!! Wow, what a perfect shape... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsnIWvtpHjk
  18. The Billion Dollar Wedding is a long time joke. Because Chinese tabloids before said it, complete with invitations and how many were invited and supposed to happen last August 2018 Even the richest in Korea and Hollywood for that matter do not spend that much. She is a PMY foreign fan not a Korean. She does not know much about what is really happening in reality. To everybody : Please do not take shipping seriously do not make it your only source of happiness. Just have fun playing detectives. Keep looking for clues with magnifying lenses.
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