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  2. Pick smiley icon Pick red hearteu hearteu. Notice me senpai i think it was one of the game i played before. Lol 576.
  3. Maybe that’s why they’re promoting it so much... TYH didn’t need that cos many were already invested in LDW & YIN before drama even started.
  4. I thought it was churros Looking at this , it is murder to me ...Kang had pushed Father Lee down. May not be pre-meditated , but at the very least it is manslaughter . Anyone with law background or familiar with the law can give some insights ?
  5. @triplem @Lawyerh thought that Just Kim Hae Mi is not enough...so 576
  6. @Lawyerh teach me senpai.i can’t get through the hearts thing.
  7. Entertainment Industry Experts Vote On Key Players Representing Hallyu Apr 18, 2019 by D. Kim From March 25 through 31, media outlet Sports Seoul surveyed 100 entertainment industry experts to gather their thoughts on key players in the industry. Each representative wrote down their top three votes for each category. BTS was voted as the top K-pop representative of Hallyu with 90 votes and also as the top representative of Hallyu overall with 86 votes. In addition to BTS and Big Hit, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment showed strong results across the K-pop categories. Key Players In The Drama Industry Representing Hallyu Song Joong Ki (37 votes) Kim Soo Hyun (25 votes) Gong Yoo (22 votes) Park Bo Gum (21 votes) Song Hye Kyo (17 votes) Jun Ji Hyun (16 votes
  8. 190419 NCT_OFFICIAL_JP Twitter Update "<‘NEO CITY : JAPAN – The Origin’> Memories#16"
  9. Late for the live recaps. Me, trying to catch up all the comments and recaps: I'm dizzy now. Lol I'll try to join in the brain frying later when my brain has settle down with all the excitement! Thanks @ktcjdrama!! I'm looking forward to watch it with subs!
  10. Lol got warning from wifey... scary muahaha 574
  11. Since subs not yet out, what do you think happened at the beginning? Like they hit Father Han for fun just to warn Kim and then called the ambulance to let him get help? Scar Face remained so cocky and arrogant till the very end of this episode. I wonder how is he going to be subdued? They managed to run away at first. How can the police contain these killing machines?
  12. Either Hae Mi or Mikeala Lol 572
  13. I disagree because here is the statistics how to classify the ratings of cable K-dramas. This is based on 2018 dramas may change yearly but not so much change per year. 2% falls under Poor.
  14. @dolley Of course he remembered Donghae district in Gangwon dong very very well. Near to their love nest for 8 months. The HK PD even said, so difficult to ask him for a drink after shooting with DH at Ciel Hotel. Wookie said, everybody must have a rest for tomorrow shooting. Hehehe. Old pic with Cody, seems like she got big stars apart from Gong Yoo. Some Donghey moment during the break. Wookie non stop asking for a hug. And always next to each other.
  15. I need to pull their hair , end of the day I am gangster wife @Lawyerh stay with mr hair smooth -2
  16. Lol. Better than nothing right? At least no need fight the crowd lol. 568
  17. Kim Hae Mi??? so you wanna be his twin sister ? 566
  18. @triplem nah it’s fine. I called myself this lolll check it out.
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