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  2. "Kim Soo-hyun is a role model" Rowoon appeared on KBS 2TV entertainment program 'Happy Together 4' which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 18th. Existing MCs Yoo Jae-seok, Jeon Hyun-moo, Cho Yoon-hee and Jo Se-ho admired Rowoon's warm appearance. Yoo Jae-seok said, "It seems like actor Kim Soo-hyun," he said. Rowoon smiled and said, "Kim Soo Hyun is really good senior, my role model." https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=421&aid=0003946394 http://news1.kr/articles/?3601109
  3. That could be... I haven't watched Coffee Friends for a while... Will SHJ be around BB too then?? 686
  4. I want to know the name of one of Hong Baek inner circle female employee. Not the girl who knows karate and acts as her bodyguard. It's the other female minion who is more like a secretary in their office. Anybody knows her name. Shes too insignificant that's why her name is not included in the list of cast. she has a moon face, same as tall as soyu, extremely fair skin like SY and a bit too chubby compared to SY. Does anybody notice her?
  5. I’ve always thought it was weird for him to go from miss Zhao to min min without any scenes in between. Def might’ve cut something. His acceptance of her was so fast when three scenes prior? he was trying so hard to resist her (esp the cave scene).
  6. Yes...that part was a bit choppy and I did wonder why WJ suddenly called her Min Min from Miss Zhao without more substantial dialogue before that. The fact that he started calling her Min Min because he was touched by her wanting to hit road to save his godfather sooner despite her injuries was a bit lacking. Even how they got together there. But then I thought I was overthinking it because I'm such a stickler with the lines from the '86 version. Also, he did suddenly call out to her as Min Min at Snake Island...so not sure. The possibility of cut scenes (4 episodes potentially 20) causing some of these holes in the plot-lines is unfortunate. I hope they can release them! Does anyone know if the crown prince had a role in the prior adaptations? It's too bad...I would have loved to see WJ jealous here.
  7. I think that is one of the tvn strategy to call out viewers to watch the drama. Like the ep 4 photo teasers, I thought Ryan was already fell for her and sneakily hug and sleep beside her in the sleeping scene. So yeah. I would say tvn made the right move for releasing the photos as teaser. I'm one of those who get fool easily lol. woooo @jingjaja I can see clearly her lipstick got messed up
  8. Were there other stories posted earlier? I checked kjkintl's story a few minutes ago and they were referring to the comment sominjongkookcouple made. They included a screenshot of the kookmin shipper's comment
  9. Will probably shift it over to the thread lol. I think it’s time to let HPL pay off what damage we done here lol. 684 @triplem
  10. I have no idea why ...I must go find out . Maybe to research food stuff . In Coffee Friends , he had a jam that he introduced called the Singapore tangerine kaya which he used for his toasts in the cafe . (kaya is like a coconut based jam . ) Being Malaysian , I want to protest . How is it Singaporean??? . Haha . Actually it’s origin is from Hainan island ( where my grandad is from) . 686 you’re right about the curse of the photo booth !!! My SM-JS ship . Sobs . Still feeling angry at writer .
  11. Will the fire from Fiery Era ever end though? We still have the special that will air tonight... 684
  12. I'm a fan of shoes. I thought this passion will pass over the years. No, it didn’t. Even now, when I see a beautiful pair of shoes or read some reviews about them, I fall into ecstasy. When I look at the women's shoes of the past, I am very glad that I live in the 21st century. Lord, how comfortable it is to wear shoes and how our great-great-grandmothers suffered !!! All my friends know about this. Once, I went shopping to buy some food and bought a lovely pair of Garmont Dragontail LT only because I’ve read about them in approach shoes reviews and was dreaming to have such a pair. You may not believe, but I even have a pair of riding boots, just because they were on sale and I read about them at https://gearexpertguides.com/best-riding-boots/ . I have not tried them yet, had no occasion, but still proceed reading the reviews and going shopping.
  13. Ok..now that most of the issues between them are literally out (the misunderstanding, the secrets), what is left between them that can, sort of, threaten their relationship? I mean, RG already knew DM is RTS, he also knew DM is obsessed about SA but not too obsessed that she cuts herself from having a relationship with him. If later DM found out about RG knowing of her obsession, I don't think that could amount to a big problem since he still likes her regardless. If later Sindy exposed about DM as RTS, that would not be important anymore either. The crazy fans would not be bothered since DM is currently with RG for real, not SA. The only mystery left is about the painting and Ryan's past and his relationship with SA. But then, that probably has less chance to be related to DM in any way and not sure if that past story would be a bigger threat to DM and RG's relationship later. So, I wonder, what's the bigger issue(s) that need to be ironed out in the next 10 episodes since most of the anticipated issues have been resolved in the last 6 eps? Maybe some kind soul can enlighten me...hehehe I wish I can access the manhwa..I really need to be less nervous about the next few weeks after having a blast with all the episodes already shown so far...hehehe...
  14. @spartaceluv98 Yeah, I saw that. I personally think it's a bit ridiculous to not expect some shippers to have their own delulu thoughts on certain things. Literally every shipper does so about pictures, videos, songs, etc. but I understand fans can be possessive of their biased especially when they work to translate for fans of that idol. Regardless, I did ask spartace.rm to delete the post since there were already comments from outsiders talking badly about SA shippers. At this point I've come to accept that this fandom will always treat SA shippers horribly and blame them for everything. Let's just keep doing us and stay positive.
  15. I guess it’s time for me to say this... Welcome to the New Era of this thread... The HPL Era. Fiery Era has ended its ruling. +2
  16. Is she still having work done even now? I have to say it was difficult for me to get on board HPL's ship. I'm really watching for KJW only. I have nothing against PMY, I think she's cute, but I agree with you, that it's rather hard for me to see the chemistry. I must be blind YYS! So close... Go stalk!! What's he doing in Malaysia?? 680
  17. PSJ is actually the vacuum.. not his character! and those hands on her neck.. he was really gripping on PMY! But it looked like RyanDeokMi kiss still has a continuation on the next episode.. but it doesnt look like a vacuum kiss.. because PSJ is the only one who's allowed to do it!
  18. 678. @cenching he waiting for you
  19. Actor Lee Hyun-jin mentioned Kim Soo-hyun as his debut motive. MBC entertainment program "Radio Star" broadcasted on April 24 was featured in "Mysterious actor dictionary" featured by Won Woo Min, Kang Ki Young, Lee Hyun Jin and Chung Il Lee. Lee Hyun-jin surprised everyone by saying that he appeared together with Kim Soo Hyun as sitcom 'Kimchi Cheese Smile'. At the time, the main character was Lee Hyeon-jin, not Kim Soo-hyun. MC said, "Lee Hyun-jin was more popular than Kim Soo-hyun at the time." Lee Hyun-jin said, "That's true. He also said, "I once shot at a girl's high school. The four swimming men were the main characters, and the high school girls caught up with us and asked who was the actor. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=408&aid=0000071277 https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000096827 http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201904242309481610
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