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  2. You are welcome, @dianah de guzman! Our Jiwon is such a versatile actress but I would admit her weakest suit may be Romcom. But that being said, she gives justice to her roles and I love her in "The Time We Were Not In Love," and "Life Risking Romance." Her partner in the drama @dianah de guzman, LJW of TTWWNIL is also single, and they shared great chemistry (IMO). No dating rumor between them however, he said that HJW is one of the actresses he wants to be paired with. Over the years, there were quite a few actors who mentioned HJW as their ideal. Go Soo, Oh Ji Hyo, Joo Sang Wook, to mention a few. Now, they are all happily married. Maybe naming Jiwon as your ideal gets you married, hahaha. I will find the link to share it here.
  3. Lol at the pic of Ryan! OMG I can’t wait to watch this Thank you all for sharing!
  4. I don't know why but I have a feeling that YJ will die in front of our King. Perhaps Prince Milpoong kills her? My wild guess... but ... Only 2 eps left. And this drama has me as its big fan. Love everything of it, included every short but touching moment of my YeoYeo couple. I'm surprised that I'm quite pleased with their warm hug, their stares in tears. And I consider what our King says to YJ about Dalmoon's feeling "just like my feeling toward you" is his official love confession. So sad. Just 1 week to wait in eagerness. And then normal Monday will be back again. Sigh... Happy to be here with all of you chingus
  5. sorry, it really does suck honestly i don't get the reason why netflix pulls stuff like this... probably something to do with copyright or whatever, but it really sucks for us... prayer circle that there'll be fansubs or that someone will leak ntflx subs
  6. Thanks, Willenette . I am not able to copy. i am also not able to right click as I am using a Macbook without an external mouse. Boo..
  7. DM takes photos of the photos. She steps out on an upstairs balcony. Below, Ryan and the man are having tea and then taking a walk. She photographs them from above. Actually, she just photographs Ryan. He smiles and she does too. He spies her for a minute and she keeps smiling. Now they are on their way back to the city. At home, she is editing photos from their little adventure. Hey look, now she's editing photos of Ryan, not SA. She's looking at Ryan's photos and smiling. Omg what is this. Ryan is a big follower on her fanpage now. OOOOH he knows it's her! At the end he said "Hi DM" while smiling at her fanpage. When did he figure this out?? Ooh fun gonna start now. Preview: Wow lots going on. I can't even follow. Looks like tomorrow is gonna be an awesome episode. Some cuddling between Ryan and DM. Misunderstanding w/ the new woman causing Ryan to chase after DM. Oh dang things are heating up I can't wait!
  8. @stroppyse pulling your frog arms. You should watch lol. #emotionalrollercoaster...For quite a few people lol 582
  9. Special Labour Inspector is a lot funnier than Awl, to the extent that it's deliberately cartoonish at times. (Which is ironic, cos Awl is the one that is actually adapted from a manhwa.) I don't think any recent K-drama has made me laugh as much as this show. But like Awl, it explores a range of labour and other social issues, and it takes them perfectly seriously, even when it uses comedy to address them. Furthermore, because one of the show's themes appears to be how people overcome their difficulties and weaknesses to work together to fight the good fight, it is a lot more optimistic in tone than Awl, whose heroes are often isolated and lonely. In short, although I love both shows, I think Special Labour Inspector is a much easier and more uplifting watch than Awl is.
  10. 580 I think I missed the boat on the FP watching. I thought the first episodes were funny, but then I missed a couple of episodes due to RL, and then never went back to pick it up. So, I can't give a lot of appreciation to the drama as yet, but I will say that I think NG looks better without his stache. Does it have a fun finish? @triplem?
  11. Thanks @andra3! Looking forward to see her next drama. Can't wait. I hope she goes to JIFF as well. Duelist is one of my favorite movies of HJW. Her pairing with KDW is one of my faves too.
  12. I hv not completed the last sub episode. No time . Since drama has ended , I can take my time . Also since I already know what happened, I’m not in a hurry . My other dramas get priority. Also I hv yet to watch my oppa’s recent variety episodes. 578
  13. DM and Ryan sit and talk with that man a little bit. Then they lay down to sleep. DM thinks Ryan will be cold not by the fire, so she tells him to come over but he's like no I'm fine. Then they sit up and talk a little bit about art stuff and I think the guy who they are staying with? Not sure. They get super close for a minute. But they finally go to sleep and the guy is kind of like creepily watching them from the stairs? I dunno what that was all about. Need subs. Next morning, Ryan has made his way over next to DM which is closer to the fire (per preview pics). DM wakes up first but then fakes going back to sleep. Then Ryan gets up and walks away to get dressed. Ryan and DM thank the man and he pulls out a key and points towards upstairs. He unlocks a door and DM and Ryan follow him inside. What is inside? He opens some curtains to let light in. He has a room full of photographs. Sorry I don't know the story here, will need subs for it. I don't think this man is a creepy guy, just someone who didn't want to share anything personal with people he didn't trust. I guess after watching DM and Ryan from afar, he decided he could trust them.
  14. I love it!! Please keep this going!!! Thank you!! I really love reading and translating!!
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