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  2. Exactly. Unless that is really JS's and DH somehow stumble upon him wearing make up and a woman's dress on her birthday. But even if that were the truth, DH is one helluva b***** for concocting such a despicable lie. It reminds me of crazy sasaeng fan.... (shudders...)
  3. #18 ~ Warming your love when it's too cold outside (jackets, scarf, pocket, and welcoming the latest addition, armpit!!) https://forums.soompi.com/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http://gifmaker.org/download/20190520-11-EfgEMBeTWHttzeVt/GIFMaker.org_5t3UWU.gif&key=6f018a49afc15a7e0cfad187c41a340d74230516f79dd70b255ae493adcfe67f
  4. 18 # kdrama Robot ( that always cute /hunk / delicious ) - are they aiming to making robot or cake
  5. Guess who am I? Mom? ((Shock! Do I look like a mom already?)) Just for laugh credit to author
  6. Jongkook is NOT a playboy His reaction to their teasing him about being the RM playboy is so funny and a bit over the top lol (this is after the coffee date reveal in Ep 441). He really doesn't like to do lovelines eh? I wonder if his reticence about lovelines is partly due to him getting teased for AGES about YEH long after X-Man ended and even during RM days.
  7. To be fair we have not seen the script yet but the sound of webtoon definitely sucks and yes no matter how good looking or sexy the actor is, the shallowness of the character wont be erased. I dont mind if the lead has one or two past relationships, got cheated/ hurt and turned bad or vengeful. Its natural and anyone would be able to relate. However, sleeping with every woman right left and center (just for the sake of it or whatever), demeaning them, treating them as objects that too without any particular serious reason definitely sounds trashy. Being playboy due to a troubled past is one thing, being spineless and characterless is another. I am sure general public isnt gonna like it either. It sounds like a cliched story, rich shallow characterless guy falls for the oh so poor hardworking pretty n silly damsel in distress with strong character apparently and since the body swap is gonna take place so its gonna be a bit of a nasty shocker when he finds out the truth that the woman he loves isnt pretty afterall and is just an average looking employee at his workplace. Sigh we can already predict some of the story I guess. By the looks of it the Female Lead of the show is gonna be more of a central character because she is swapping bodies so she'll have to display her acting skills more. This doesnt sounds like a show where Male lead would be focused much. It'd probably be the female lead and her struggle of adjusting into the superstar's body while being just an average employee on the inside but lets see. The whole concept of the show seems cliched / half baked and since Ruler's team is backing it so I wont be surprised if this show turns out to be as much of a mess as Ruler was (just like an empty vessel with a shiny body)
  8. Berry Good is back with new music! On May 25, the group released the music video for “Oh! Oh!” This is the title track of their third mini album “Fantastic.” “Oh! Oh!” is a summer song with a groovy tropic house sound that is perfect for the season. The lyrics compare a racing heart filled […] The post Watch: Berry Good Makes Fun And Energetic Comeback With “Oh! Oh!” MV appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  9. Just dropping this adorable video here... I can't get enough of them... I want more...
  10. ugh.. I actually saw some comments from other shippers.. gawwd.. they are friends! so what?? thats how you show support? dont make an issue out of it, just because she didnt post her leading man.
  11. Interview of Jung Hae In: Credit to author So many interviews but mostly not translated. So clueless...
  12. @Aziraphale I love your stills of Ryan and Deok Mi! They are so perfect. Thank you for sharing! Edit: I'm crying. Kim Jae Wook and Park Minyoung are so perfect in this drama. I love their acting. They act like they are really in love with each other. They make me believe that they are really a couple!
  13. staygold

    drama tropes 2019

    #17 The Car splash shield scene/shielding the FL from incoming bike. Recently seen in The Absolute Boyfriend ep 3. And sometimes dramas know how to laugh at themselves for this trope!
  14. lu09

    drama tropes 2019

    #16 Serial killers or psychopaths are already hot Oppas lol. Their backstory is always interesting. It's either: they have been raised in an abusive environment; they enjoy killing people just for fun; or they kill someone accidentally and the cover up goes wrong so they end up killing some people down the line lol.
  15. When Suho's face was replaced, it was only the face. The voice wasn't included. So it is puzzling why nobody recognized that DG had Suho's voice (except Sanha I guess ) really strange, because the dad's way of identifying people is through their voices. Aftee the surgery of Sanha's dad, he might get surprised with Suho's DG appearance, although he was aware of the plastic surgery that happened years ago.
  16. I've seen people complaining about this season being not up to par with season 1. The absense of handsome oppas is not helping as well. However, I'm completely swept away by the cast's performance. From the main characters to the chicken that one of the villagers wanted to boil. Min Cheol as one of the main character is very refreshing as I love the little details that he adds to his performance. Like the way he calls Eun Ah's name when she tries to chase him away from the bar. Also, the scene that stood out to me is when Min Cheol slaps his own face and asks his sister to hit him, just like how their father asked to be hit too in the past. Yeong Sun appeared deeply shaken by the fact that Min Cheol has taken after their father. Chairman Ko and fam are definitely shady. I enjoyed watching the last scene. We get to see how Elder Choi take advantage of the Pastor's ambition to manipulate him into thinking he has healing powers.
  17. lu09

    drama tropes 2019

    @Lawyerh They always highlight the verse number to pass messages lol. I'm surprised no cop ever found that out . This should have been in the top 10 lol. How did we forget this?
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