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  2. The long preview is another awesome promo video in a series of teasers promoting the show. I have to say I haven’t been this excited while looking foward to a new kdrama in a long time. The Healer PD is at the helm and he has a great touch in portraying swoonworthy romance and angst, and giving it a kind of epic and movie-like quality. A tormented and dejected ballerina with a death wish, star-crossed lovers, an actual guardian angel with beautiful wings, chemistry to die for, love, longing, angst, gorgeous cinematography… I think this show might just be the embodiment of my dreams and fantasies. My only worry is the scriptwriter whose only previous work is the below mediocre Lucky Romance, but I choose to be optimistic considering My Love Eun Dong was equally bad but then its writer went and created the brilliant Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, so I hope this will be the same case. Fingers crossed.
  3. For international fans ... is there a link where we can watch tomorrow’s show live? I know there was but forgot what it was ... it’s been months ... Lol
  4. I also really liked the ending. Just started watching Suspicious Mother-in-Law and it looks promising. Hope to see you all there. I have enjoyed watching with you.
  5. His beauty is paralyzing...beyond all words, all experiences, all dreams. None in any fairy-story can be compared... none with this extraordinary ethereal loveliness.
  6. Dear friend you did so much for us with this summary , thank you , Merci, ...it was a pleasure reading up on these episodes until the subs come in.
  7. More photos of Minho's arrival cr: Linda, minoz_peace, minoz_moonshine
  8. I hope he doesn't feel betrayed when he realizes she impersonated VP. He already distrusts women because of his previous Secretary. And evil writers always separate the OTP for a while to break our hearts
  9. Wow today its Wedensday... Finally.. Anyone can give live streaming youtube to me.. I want to try live recap in here... After this drama finished I want to watch voice.. I hear my boyfriend hot sexy villain in there... Lol
  10. Lmao! Ya writer knows how to make me suffer . I’m grateful for the fan service . But ok she’s cute . I’m not like her but I like her sort of personality.- caring & loyal. And I like min ik’s character as well. Actually very sweet & thoughtful - just that he was very guarded before this due to all the betrayal He is in love . He ( Min Ik , we can call him Dominique ) thinks he likes VP but his heart lies with Gal Hee. ————- k nets coming round in recent episodes to like / support the show . They were dissing it quite a bit earlier on [Secret Life of My Secretary] Eps 11 & 12 spoilers, Kim Young Kwang x Jin Ki Joo Article: Naver 'Secret Life of My Secretary' Kim Young Kwang X Jin Ki Joo, got over the crisis of getting dismissed... in crisis of getting discovered by Kim Jae Kyung for impersonating her 1. [+98,-3] The drama is childish... But it keeps me watching. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 2. [+59,-10] To be honest, it's been a while since I've watched a romcom that's like a romcom. It kind of depends on how charismatic the leads are and their good acting skills. But the script is good. I hope the ratings go up. 3. [+39,-3] As expected of romcoms, it's most interesting to watch when they play push-and-pull. 4. [+23,-1] It's fun~ 5. [+14,-2] This is more interesting than I thought. ㅋㅋㅋ 6. [+13,-2] This drama is slowly getting more known through word of mouth!! But why is the development so fast??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I really like it. 7. [+9,-0] I like Veronica Park too. ♡♡ 8. [+7,-3] It's a drama that I'm enjoying on Mondays and Tuesdays~^^ The leads are fresh, I like the both of them~~ I hope the ratings go up https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/05/secret-life-of-my-secretary-eps-11-12.html?m=1
  11. No worried, I'm definitely a she. LOL...I love making gifs ever since I know how to make them. I'm just happy you guys give me new ideas or topics to make them and also really glad you guys enjoy them.
  12. Welcome to @turtlegirl and @nohamahamoud2002 @Flowerroad_infinite Let's make this thread a party! Thanks once again @meechuttsofor your herculean work of translation. What would we be without you? No commentary from me now on the spoilers: i'll wait after watching the first 2 episodes but i'm happy that she shared those tidbits, it will make the viewing more stimulating! Aww, that's such sincere declaration of hope! Can i try again to trust a k-drama writer?
  13. Actress Moon Ga Young, who recently sat down for an interview with Sports Seoul after wrapping filming for JTBC’s “Welcome to Waikiki 2,” talked about working with actors Kim Seo Hyung (“SKY Castle“) and Kim Nam Gil (“The Fiery Priest“). She said, “I’ve never been trained in acting, and I don’t have an acting coach, […] The post Moon Ga Young On Finding Mentors In Actors Kim Seo Hyung And Kim Nam Gil appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. He also HOLD her hand in front of this Ming's brother and even tell her NOT to leave. MinMin is the only person that he want and needed for the rest of his life. Poor WJ feel so uncomfortable when talking to ZZR and not happy at all when talking about him married ZZR.
  15. I love it a lot . It gets better with each episode for me . It’s got that classic rom com feel with familiar tropes but at the same time has a fresh storyline, or at least not one I hv seen before . 648
  16. @jackieusa Have I ever mentioned that YOU ROCK? I must have right?? In case for some strange reason I haven't, YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND. (ok, I just realized that I simply assume you are a she.. sorry if I got this wrong.)
  17. https://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=sum-lab&logNo=221538179523&navType=tl That's the link about Koo's interview with Naver sum lab, @loveukoo, @cheerkoo, and Sunnies.
  18. I know right!! VP is sooo refreshing (till now at least) I was afraid she was going to be your annoying rich brat 2nd lead but no! And I'm glad it's not the case As for the main lead (I still cant remember his name sorry) he reallyy is in love with his secretary like c'monnnn just his monologue gives it away but he still doesnt realize it
  19. Just finished episode 6! I really enjoyed it. It was a big improvement over the last few episodes IMO. A much better balance with the episode focused on our leads. We finally get some character development and get to see more of CM and, especially, SY's feelings after their revival, comedy, little flutter of romance, cute interactions, CM back and AHS speaking English (). Some intriguing developments, Young Chul had less screen time, the mystery and murder stuff was happening as a sub-plot and not over-taking everything. I'm definitely looking forward to next week's episodes now. Thanks for the translation
  20. Shin Sung Rok And Go Won Hee Have A Chaotic Encounter At The Park In “Perfume” May 22, 2019 by M. Dang “Perfume” has unveiled new stills that hint at Go Won Hee and Shin Sung Rok’s unique chemistry! The upcoming KBS 2TV drama is a fantasy romance between Seo Yi Do, a genius designer in a creative slump (played by Shin Sung Rok), and Min Ye Rin, a mysterious fashion model who has been to hell and back (played by Go Won Hee). The two meet right as they are about to lose the meaning in their lives, and they develop chemistry as natural enemies who are thrown into trouble whenever they cross paths. The newly released stills display the two characters in the midst of one of their incidents. Min Ye Rin appears at a park that Seo Yi Do exercises at daily, and she threatens him through the live broadcast she is doing on her phone. He looks around and catches sight of her while she captures him on screen and throws herself into the water, much to his surprise. The images heighten viewers’ curiousity as to what exactly happened between the two. More under tab.. Hahaha...I hope he doesn't have psycho tendencies and go beserk. Maybe they know each others weaknesses. She knows he is in a creative slump, he knows that she's actually old and they work together. But that is all assumption. Based on the initial synopsis, to be honest...I don't see how a loveline can be made when she is an older woman, turned young by a perfume. Lol. But I'm in for fun and comedy and obviously SSR . Hopefully it delivers on the fun. I don't know when the press con is. Maybe 1 week before it airs? Maybe. Hehe
  21. Yes iu drama last year. MQ2 only left 2 more eps haha... @sushilicious theres many news like that nowadays. I really dont understand too... Worst than animal? 646
  22. Japan has very strict ritual when it comes to handling dead bodies actually. Watch the movie Departure. I agree about the blurring part. It's a bit too much when even a hammer has to be blurred too (ryokan's case)
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