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  2. Live up to your name Dr Heo. Not a new drama. Hahaha. Romance joseon fusion with modern days. 538
  3. 536 I feel so bored ~_~ .. what drama is good to watch?
  4. Oh my god 1994 version of ZM/ZWJ was just so bad. There's even a scene after the wedding where ZM was almost "forced" upon by a couple of guys and ZWJ sat there looking at that, indifferently, b/c he was angry she ruined his wedding. I dont know what the writer was thinking. It's almost crazy to think this is the same writer that wrote the 2019 version of ZWJ/ZM.
  5. I only watched a bit of the 94 version and it was so long ago I can't remember, but based on the clips it would seem that it has the same melodramatic flair lol it's the same writer. I think the director is key here - he showed the same left handle of the materials with LOCH 17.
  6. WOW dear!!! So you watched it already! Yes, the main lead is too cute that he said his father to watch Jugglers! Hah hahaaa.... I love him that he gave my fav Daniel & Jin Hee a warm welcome!!! They two are looking so lovesome here exactly after one year!!! And this is me!!! I go like this when I see them on-screen! Thanks a lot for dropping by here, dear!!
  7. Do you guys think the shirt(I don’t know what it’s called) that PMY wore in HPL party is the same as that woman? But PMY’s shirt looks bigger than the other one.
  8. (Credit to the owner) The ARMY translators, translated the vlive live last night and this is a summary of RM's explanation of each song. Personally, it is my favourite part after the released of each album.
  9. OMG! he looks like his scared of her Read - Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Have An Intimate Pillow Moment In “Her Private Life” and this....it's going to get hot
  10. The musician lineup for season 2 of tvN’s music variety show “300,” called “300 X2,” has been finalized. “300 X2” is a show that creates epic collaborations between musicians and fans in the form of sing-along performances. With a final addition of singer Hong Jin Young, the show boasts a strong cast of musicians, including […] The post TWICE, SEVENTEEN, And More In Final Lineup For tvN’s Sing-Along Variety Show “300 X2” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. @Berou I remember my first question here in soompi was asking 'Do you think Yoo Seung Ho a happy person?' I got an answer he is Contents! yes, he will be! as he is wealthy enough to be content! but is he happy inside!? I think he might not be.. A childhood memory or experience migh stay forever with you! I have a feeling he got hurts a lot in 'Don't tell Papa'!! It's was painful for me to watch a kid doing all these staff!! specially the shower scene! but then he love to talk about the shower things!! maybe I am wrong!! I really admire him for his kind heart! he do not turn on the air conditions is a wonderful thing to do!! the way he treats other on film set is another wonderful thing! specially to the extra and child actors! Child actor I can understand as he once was! but still admire him for what he did! I can carry on and on telling stories about how good he is.. lets not talk about it this time! I just wish he can healed and stay focus on his career! Don't stop before he get there! umm... maybe he finally found a close friend which can understand him as he is an actor too!! Oh yes.. @Berou Thanks for the video clips!! he look amazing in the Magician! really beautiful as I may said! if the story wasn't that bad.. It should be a good film! YSH should not blame himself.. blame the writers!!
  12. For this show, you just kinda have to pretend the subs will always only be available 3-4 days later, maybe more. If it is available earlier, then it is a rare bonus. None of the legal streaming site is subbing this, which is why the delay. This issue was mentioned in earlier pages of this thread.
  13. 534. The bromance with Ha Seok Jin is quite cute @triplem. Kim Nam Gil really have a lot of aegyo.
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  15. Welcome @cathmar. I like park seo joon too. I have watched she's pretty, fight my way and WWWSK. I just don't like sageuks so i skipped hwarang. His drama in tvn which i just can't remember(noona romance) i have it downloaded but haven't had the time to watch yet. Siblings? You don't like noona romance lol. Just being in one project i think is great regardless of their roles. I think they will look great together too
  16. In new stills released for the upcoming episode of tvN’s “Her Private Life,” Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook are stuck together at a vacation home. After a sweet date at the zoo and a heart-pounding against-the-wall moment last week, the couple takes it to twin-sized sheets for the next episode, and Kim Jae […] The post Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Have An Intimate Pillow Moment In “Her Private Life” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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