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  2. I'm not sure what they mean to let MinMin appear early. Is that mean there scene before she met WJ that got cut.
  3. In the preview DM seems to be peeping into Ryan's private back room where his paintings are and can't help but enter. Ryan drags her out and that's when he asks "You’re not thinking that we’re really dating, are you?" I think. Then maybe, feeling conflicted, he runs after her like a madmen, and cue a rooftop kiss. Just maybe.
  4. I believe they cut to let minmin appear earlier. Because tvb is very into ZM. They know their audience I just read that the team confirm that there were initially about 70 episodes but cut to 50. They are still not sure if they will release the cut scenes https://m.weibo.cn/1807125770/4364683949292545
  5. Here is a snippet posted by the MMA I'm headed to Goyang! Hope he stops for a bit as he exits the base.
  6. seriously their bed scene was probably the best intimate and passionate scene I have ever watched in the Kdrama world! im not usually a fan of kdrma love scenes or kissing scenes because most of the time the girl looks uncomfortable doing it. But PMY was just.. ohmygod-very much into that scene with PSJ! and I saw her previous kissing scenes in other dramas. its just very natural! and even though PSJ is known for his kissing scenes.. in WWWSk he was obviously more passionate and the way he kissed PMY was way..wayyy deeper than any one else.
  7. i don't mind they cut any other scene, but please do not cut any of WJ-MinMin scene.



    .. watch me :joy:

  9. Cfans said that today tvb, Zhang cuishan died. They seem to cut away the poems part as well as to hasten the speed of their death I think you touch on the video long enough, some message will appear to ask you to save
  10. Yes, I love those eyes when he look at MinMin, totally different then when he look at ZZR. I want to save that clip. Is there a way to save it.
  11. Oh my, this couple is so pure fluff and down to earth. And our heroine is so spunky and made the first step today .
  12. Park Shin-hye, a goddess in London, Registration: 2019.04.23 08:19 Park Shin-hye announced the current situation. Park Shin Hye SNS Actress Park Shin-hye has released a nice update. Park Shin revealed her daily life in London on her SNS on the morning of the 23rd. In the open photo, Park Shin-hye was caught in a camera with a happy smile beneath a cherry tree in full bloom at Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London. Especially, Park 's lovely smile makes men' s hearts thrilled. Park Shin-hye has been loved by the Bonnie hostel in the Memories of Alhambra Palace, which was opened last January. Park Shin is resting after finishing filming 'Call'. The movie 'Call' is a thriller that depicts the story of two women living at different times connected by a phone call. Park Shin-hye's acting transformation is expected more. Kim Jung Eun reporter jennykim@hankookilbo.com Copyright © Korea Times Reprint and redistribution prohibited http://star.hankookilbo.com/News/Read/201904230878074132?did=NA&dtype=&dtypecode=&prnewsid=
  13. Am still really loving this drama, although it's a major test of my language skills (ep 14 from the other day is still at 0% subbed on Viki? At times like these, I miss DF. While I prefer Viki with comments, sometimes DF would get to the subs faster...) It's the sort of thing that you just want to sit down and binge. I did not realize that MY didn't know her husband was a con man. Thanks for explaining. And oh! It would be funny if MY turned out to be the other sister. Lol. I wish there was a faster way to learn Korean...I can understand some, but there are only so many new words and grammar points I can pack in my head at one time... And this drama, unlike some, is rather word-dependent (at least for the humor).
  14. Count how many times he look at her at snake island and look at those eyes https://m.weibo.cn/1869674990/4364746214501921
  15. Dean is preparing to release music in the United States! On April 24, Dean posted a photo of him with captions in Korean and English on his Instagram Stories. He wrote, “New U.S. single in May. I’m going to pour out songs this year. Keep yo eyes out on me.” On March 26, the singer released a single […] The post Dean Announces Upcoming U.S. Single appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  16. Hahaha...he caught her! Rattae as in Latte, his fav drink (without the coffee of course)? That’s cute! I can’t wait to see how he’d react to DM’s hard core fangirling. Lol
  17. Someone spotted the name of Mongol Prince in credits but lamented that this Prince never appear at all Hope to see him in tvb https://m.weibo.cn/1616564733/4364738077164984
  18. So I hate that in the last ep WJ stood in the way of ZM killing the dude that killed her dad, but I love that scene of her throwing the sword. She was so BA.
  19. Omg I know right. I place my hand over my mouth and to keep from squeal too much. I loooooove it! I love them TJ and MR! ❤️️❤️️ Best couple in kdramaland after Yeon Tae and Sang Min from Five Children drama. ❤️️ @larus we're drying here for TJ and MR scenes! we so giddy! We need more of their moments before conflict and revelation and angst and drama. To think these characters not even teenagerS but they're mature and adults. Again as mentioned several times it's a good well written charactesr for both stars and well acted by leads Hong Jong Hyun and Kim So Yeon.
  20. Happy Birthday to our spartan kim joong kook Please get married oppa hehehehe @spartaceluv98 Woah! I remember that. Omg! This one https://images.app.goo.gl/cwNsnfRSKrc1ag24A
  21. OMG you're crazy but I like the idea tho, that would be even great after taking a shower they go to bed again and continue for round two , lol Anyway My grandma is sitting in front of me rn, she gonna think I'm crazy bcs I'm smiling and laughing like crazy .
  22. Agree! He is naturally handsome just like his mom.
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