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  2. Ah I see... because min-min-min is the sound that min min-zemi makes? So that's what the whole wosha wosha, chongwa chongwa was about @rahma92 looks like the MC wasn't confused, she started it lol Is this one translated yet? BG: I first take a shower... face, shampoo... MC: So you go home without taking off your make up first? BG: It depends on the situation... MC: So basically you take a shower after coming home... Somewhat, thank you very much. BG: Why are you saying thank you?? MC: That's true... why am I saying thank you? Shawa shawa shawa.... BG: *laughs* Hahaha the MC is cute Shawa is shower in Japanese but when she said it like that it sounds like cicada sound again Are there other videos that have not been translated yet? This is fun
  3. @nohamahamoud2002, in today's ep AR was shown at the beginning, OYH's adoptive Dad probably order his thugs/minions to hide heras a bargaining chip for the jewelries that NJ took and lost. You are right NJ will not die easily, what I meant set up the motion for him to be the cornea's donor cause his disease is progressing rapidly and if he gets into accident he may have additional injuries. Writer nim, what is your next move?
  4. Ramida posting some pics on instam about the series... Looks like they going to be together... I'm confused for now.. ( I Know the ending actually XD LoL )
  5. True enough,we still don't know the full story of what happened back then but i suspect that back then when his mom was younger she was in a more darker place to name it as that in terms of her artistic side,i think she struggled a lot and wanted to make a name for herself and maybe her own home family problems,like pointed before EG Mom also had a moment of weakness when she wanted to abandon him and i think here was also the case...I think at that time she might have considered him in the way of her carrer and when she got hurt might be the two posibilities,to leave him behind and do what EG Mom tried to do and DM mom finding him and not knowing were she was ending up taking him to that orphanage or doing it because she asked her...Even if it looks a bit like an error(by the PD) he played with DM and EG when they were small(the boy was too small to be way older than DM cast wise)...And DM's Mom always felt sad remembering those moments about him and don't think she did anything bad per se and it's clear EG knows more to it as well....I don't think they weill dwelve that into too much makjang with her parents forcing to abandon the kid etc.... So my i bet she abandoned him because she felt it was in the way of her carrer even more when she was in so high regard in her college days...
  6. This page said he got 4 offers. But this superstar miss lee is the only one got leaked. Okey Im curious if all 4 offers are romcom, then YSH didnt have any choice. If this one got leaked, its mean there's high possibility he will said yes too (except we got another news about drama offer). I tired with romcom, but if he take it I hope his character not typical flower boy anymore. It will be a good thing if good actress taking this drama, this fan page said Top Actress positively reviewing. Any idea? Is there any top actresses who still free? PSH? HHJ? If one of them taking this drama I will totally give it chance.
  7. All your options are nice and yes I second you on this. Any genre but just not romcom. He has already done two in a row. He got the change he wanted. I really wanted him experiment, to try something else, something new now. Tbh I wouldnt mind seeing him as a vampire even lol.
  8. Posted by BillyRocks_13 |Part6| "He likes it when people call him he looks like me."-- #LeeByungHun Lmao I can't. His laughs are absolute ASMR I swear.~
  9. doyoung said he's curious and looking forward to how korean nctzens will welcome them at the airport lol
  10. I really don't think so. I think we will have NJ till the end of next week. He still has to develop amnesia, his headaches are going worse now, and his health will deteriorate even more. he won't go away quickly especially when we have the new guy HY's adoptive father I didn't watch today's episode, what happened to Jo Aera?? I am really afraid to even watch, because I know NJ will have a horrible death at the end, so I am just watching the preview and Youtube clips and the older episodes on KBS World (5 episodes late). otherwise, I am analyzing NJ's character my favourite in the drama
  11. IF it's in the real world and AURA developed a cure for dementia, then; I want a piece of the pie. Anyway, in K-dramaland an A list company is always a target for takeover. Wondering if OHY is the one who reported that SH impersonated Oh Jemma, that's why the prosecutor's office came by to take her for questioning. OMG the audacity of this person, or she is trying to save her skin from the wrath of his adoptive father. @chrissydiva, you are right; Do Ri and Gun will be the one to discover the jewelries. NJ will probably have an episode of his illness while fleeing with SH's Dad and get into an accident, set up the motion of him dying and becomes the cornea donor I am not sure if I want NJ's cornea. I am really looking forward to the end of this drama
  12. Dropping in to say hi + OMG I JUST got the news that Yoo Seung Ho is considering third rom com in a row???!!! I wasnt even able to sit through the whole of My Strange Hero. I got nothing against him wanting to play lighter roles than his past but honestly I'd love to see him try different genres . He is a very talented actor, he can do wonders with good script. I hope he gives this a pass but chances dont look so high. I wonder if we will ever get to see him in a good drama? Is it too much to ask for? I'd love to see him grow more as an actor, try out different genres action, thriller, suspense, fiction etc etc As a fan I do want a good drama, fame and success for him. Sigh I wish him luck though.
  13. LISA - MOONSHOT LISA - Harper's Bazaar
  14. SEUNGYOON Twitter Update
  15. 190522 SHA Sr.Weibo @pad-hari I think that's only for photoshoot (i even not post some of his photoshoot bcos his outfit too....) and blame his stylist too but by most of his weibo pics,real him is love plain white t-shirt,jeans and hats and that's our fav
  16. That was, um... SUPER-Daebak! Never seen anything like it. I cried early, then for some reason just bawled at the 20minute mark at the park when she picks up the handkerchief. This drama has it ALL, folks. Get yourself a subbed stream and get ready to be floored! It wasn't hyped enough if you asked me. My favorite part was her 'speech' at the performance-gala, fundraiser. Wow, what venom, what completely utterly spiteful speech! Real life calls me back, but shall return for more. Thanks for all the links, Chingoos!
  17. She is really lovely while eating. She has tremendous screen presences in either serious scenes or cutie parts. Love her aura very much. I enjoy her eating scenes in ASC and 49 Days a lot too. So adorable. Our Queen can exude different vibes in recent magazines. You can see the difference.
  18. really NJ is going crazy. I feel sorry for him I know he is evil but he is also mad, and obsessed, and I still think that he really loved SH in his own crazy way. He is even tender when he looks at her. I can't guess how he will end. But it seems he will lose his mind gradually. I tried to hate him but I just couldn't. forgive me friends I know most of you hate him because he separated the OTP, but apart from that, when I think of it, if he was in love with SH and she wasn't married, would you still hate him? I mean apart from his endless crimes, still whenever I think of him, I find two clues to his character: First: his love-hate relationship with his mother Second: his obsession with Sanha. There is a good reason why he wanted to have her: she is the only one who treated him kindly and thought he was a good person in the first episodes. She took care of him when he was drunk and nursed him. She prepared food for his father's memorial. She refused to dump him when Jo Aera asked her to. Since he never was never treated that way before, he just loved Sanha, because with her he felt almost human. He tried to steal her from her husband for a very simple reason, he doesn't believe her to be married. When Suho lost his memory and was turned to DG, NJ simply considered Suho dead, and in that way, he felt he has every right to make SH his woman. He was hoping that SH would love him too. He was even ready to change her to another person "Gemma" and believe she is really Gemma. He hoped she choose him and leave Suho. This is part of his madness. When you think of it, you will understand why he is acting like that. I know it is still wrong what he is doing, but then he was never logical. He wants SH to love him back, and is convinced he can make her love him, just because he saw some kindness from her in the first episodes. Because of her kindness, he felt he can be human again. He was tired of himself, and wanted to feel good by seeing love in someone else's eyes.
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