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  2. This account on Twitter has some great gifs: On another Instagram account they said they should be called the Squishy couple because of this squishy cuteness Their very different faces Best friends
  3. LOL Chairman being hostage in his own home. He really is toothless. LSH looked full of rage though. I need him to channel that rage real good. He better be ready to fight dirty with dirty. I'm wondering how they are gonna get out of that mess. It ain't looking good. I'll blame VC who finally decided to wake up. If only, he opened his mouth earlier. Now his wife took all of his money. She got his parents hostage and set him and LSH to be arrested. Poor LSH! Now he knows about his bio family and at the same time, found out his mom has been dead since he was a baby. @lu09 hana he did learn with the "how to hide and delete CCTV". Their house is not safe either to be hiding the VC since the police is searching for him. They forgot that everyone just barged in. LSH only has his sidekick with him. Though I love their teamwork today, but they will need power. The chairman is not looking good in that front lol
  4. the image did it for me...and if I word smith that a bit...to read..." deny" the truth... so we "must" accept it... it's even a rougher read,.. 3 days to go
  5. Thanks for letting us know. I might send a question in if I can think of anything. Same! It's the same here in my country and the quality of the subs and their speed leave much to be desired compared to the subtitles from unpaid fan volunteers Let's hope so! This is why I try to avoid livewatching as it is often a frustrating wait but I can't wait for this drama!
  6. My reaction * how magically is AR’s power , if she is that powerful she should’ve taken over long time ago , rather than bored as with seeing her bugging the chairman for her son many times Poor thing , she need to run
  7. I don't think WJ can find a girl like MinMin. Even he know ZZR since little, but ZZR doesn't understand what WJ want for the future. Even those MinMin know him for short period of time, but because of communication that why she understand WJ. I like your analyze about our princess MinMin.
  8. Have you seen this? http://m.m-i.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=515929 Lee Sun Kyun said that his part is smaller than he was expected(?) But, since he said that jokingly and SKH also joked about it, I don't know if it's really true... Guess we'll have to wait and see... What about this style? Nice jacket Another interview broadcast on Friday... Yay Haha, yes I know... It's just nice to see him wear a wedding ring... Mr. Park wear one too I want this booklet
  9. PSJ was mentioned by KJK in Running Man latest episode, He said PSJ is quite famous/popular these days... 2020/2021
  10. No one is the same as another, we are all unique in whatever place we find ourselves in, however an abuser is an abuser anyway one looks at it and abusers can use their childhood history or whatever experience they had that caused their behavior as an excuse to continue with their abuse which is not acceptable. As I said in my earlier post, that IW's childhood past has been written about from the beginning and we all talked about it, we sympathize with him and some hearts bled for him. However, IW or any other man who have gone through horrid childhood can't make that as an excuse to beat other people, their wives or children. Because at some time they will have to pay for those actions one way or the other. That is the way life goes. Whatever actions one takes there is a consequence and the consequence does not necessarily mean that it is coming from outside of the person because the worse of the consequence usually comes from inside of the person, the emotional/psychological ruination of the person by himself. IW has put himself through misery and suffers most when he beats his wife, yet he does not know when to stop, but why does he do it, because he had a bad childhood? So he should be treated differently and excused for his actions? Life does not operate that way, life will treat you back the way you treat it. For me, as I have said many times before, I would want for IW's ending at a place where he can get therapy and start his life with a clean slate. There are many people who have gone through worse than what KIW experienced in real life, or people who ruined their own lives when they were at the top of their game but somehow it was when they were at the bottom of the pit that they found the inspiration and the strength to repair their lives and work themselves back to the top and stronger. Being back with Ma Ri is not the answer for IW because it is like giving him back what he is addicted to, what he is obsessed about and continue down the path to hell. No, I don't want that for him neither do I want that for Ma Ri. KIW does not love Ma Ri, he thinks he does, but it is perverted obssession or "love". Happiness is not dependent on another, happiness is from and within oneself. When he gets himself all healed, IW will realize that the source of his happiness or sorrow is himself and not dependent on another and was never dependent on Ma Ri. I am surprised that you would rather have IW die if he and Ma Ri don't get back together and I thought you were one whose heart bled for him. You are right, I am sorry, I looked at the preview again and it is different from the first episode where IW was shown feet down first but the preview shows him going down the water on his back holding a gun. I wonder if he will rise from the water and shoot someone.
  11. ZM being a ruthless and cunning Mongolian Princess she is. Let try to analyze what/why ZWJ would fall head over heels for our sassy princess. Not in particular orders. 1. Beautiful 2. Smart, straight forward, lively 3. Dared to love and hate 4. Strong, independent 5. Only love ZWJ 6. Sacrificed her life for him 7. Give up her status and pride just to be with him 8. Share same dream (wandering around the world) 9. Touchy Touchy his hands 10. Tease and flirting with him This is all I can think of for now. Please everybody welcome to come up with your own list or add on to the list. hehehe...see how obsessed I'm with HSDS 19.
  12. He too nice to go through divorce rather suffer himself. Imagine if MinMin didn't show up to stole his heart. Poor WJ.
  13. PENTAGON released a moving MV for a song called “Genius” on April 22 at midnight KST. The lyrics were written by Hui, Shinwon, Yuto, and Wooseok, and the song was composed by Hui and Shinwon. “Genius” is a motivational and moving song about pursuing your dreams and trying your best despite your fears. The MV […] The post Watch: PENTAGON Tears Up In MV For Moving Self-Produced Track “Genius” Featuring Their Fathers appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. TWICE is back! On April 22, the girl group made their comeback with their new mini album “FANCY YOU” and held a V Live broadcast at their showcase. “FANCY YOU” consists of six songs and was written by many talented songwriters, including Charli XCX. Jihyo, Momo, Sana, and Chaeyoung participated in writing the lyrics and […] The post TWICE Talks About Writing Lyrics For New Mini Album And Preparing For Comeback appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Since he a forgivable person that why MM felt in love with him madly even sacrifice a lot for him. I think he just love her as much she love him. It just deep inside of him not showing his love. I also like all those scene that when MinMin hold his hand and she like to hold his hand a lots.
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  17. I think seulgi know about KSH since she said let's stop pretend not recognize each other, and told him that she forgave him, so he should forgive philip too.
  18. I have not watch the full episode yet, been busy. Thanks Chingus'sreading the comments and gifs. Hopefully, it will be a good week for the good guys
  19. Hahaha...I'm the one who started it. I love reading your input. Please keep them coming. I know I'm blind sighted of all the ruthless and cunning things she does in the beginning. I just love the OTP too much. Now that I think about it, WJ is such a incredible forgivable person. What more he even fall head over heels in love with her. I don't think such a human exist in this world.
  20. So I finally watched the last episodes 1. Father Kim's bad boy hairdo made me chuckle, he looked like my old [female] English teacher 2. I had to look twice who this is lmao In general it was a fine finale made with the agenda to have a second season, so I was not surprised there were no serious goodbyes etc, we will see them all again. Also everyone needs to apologize for thinking Father Han was behind Father Lees death Hopefully S2 won't be too far away as I still wait for a life sign of Secret Forest S2. And Kim Nam Gil you PS: if you need some weekly comedy mixed with drama, Special Labor Inspector Jo Jang-Poong is a nice one. Doing some pr here
  21. Ep 75 was a good one, certainly much much better than what we had over the last two weeks. Looks like the writers are off the slump. As @lu09 said, finally everything is out. Almost everything except the truth on evil mother & son, and as a minor storyline, the whereabouts of LSH's father. From the preview, we may yet see Esther vindicating herself if she becomes the crucial snitch against AR & NJ. Makes me look forward to tonight's episode.
  22. Thank for stopping by! I quote you on that! She likes( I want to believe that and not forced to) help. Such beautiful soul! We just have to pray that her Guardian Angel will continue to protect her with the grace of God!
  23. Watched with subs. Finally everything is out. Chairman did the DNA test and it came out negative. Grandma as usual had her regular dizzy spells. It seems like they pulled this Sh""t up so that the chairman focuses on this matter instead of what's going on in his company. The fact that AR told the chairman in his face that she is the one who told NJ to do this "Eldest grandson thing" says it all. This is just stupid. Now that these trio have taken over the house, it seems like the chairman and grandma will be camping with the OH family in the near future if they escape from the trio alive lol. Well, as long as NJ doesn't remember the OH family house belongs to him lol. So it was glasses guy who was the traitor. At least, the other two workers seemed nice enough to defend their boss and don't believe this Sh"t that is going around. Since LSH now knows that he is the eldest grandson and that AR and NJ are working together, he is bound to clean up his family's mess. This mother and son duo just digged their own graveyards lol. You just don't touch his family members . Look at the work of art he learned from this duo and applied in the hospital when he rescued sleeping Snow White lol. He learned how to avoid the CCTV and pretend that he wasn't there. And did NJ just told the people cleaning LSH office to sterilize it lol? Even his touch and his breath? Dude, how do you clean that up? So Snow White woke up from his dreams . Too late buddy. Now if you can do all of us a favor and start talking on how you ended up holding that thing in your hand while your sister in law was lying in blood, it would be great. @newyee thanks for the preview as always. I was late at work today and didn't get to watch the full episode lol. @chrissydiva It was hilarious how he ran from the hospital lol. The only redeeming thing about granny today was that slap that she gave to NJ at the end. It was so satisfying. @nohamahamoud2002 Thanks for the clips.
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