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  2. When I read the article, i was like :"JH always so comfortable being with him". :)) Also, they are each other's perfect fit. I used to think JK's partner would be someone as strong as him. But in my thought, most 'strong' woman is too strong, they hardly emotional depend on anyone. A couple of strong man and weak woman is also classic one, but i have never really thought of JK being with someone like that. He also doesnt know how to react to one when they appear. I remember the ep when JK was team up with a girl to walk on the ảirbridge, he left her behind to enjoy it while the girl be like :" waaa, wait for me" *being scared and girly* at that exact moment, i thought if it was JH, she would chase right after him and they would make a great time experience it together. JH can be brave and confident to stand by his stand. She is also weak, emotional, girly in front of JK so he can protect her, guild her. I like JH, so i must say JH is perfect to everyone she will be with. But SA will make most perfect couple. JK think alot, he is caution about everything. therefore, if they are real, they would likely never break. I dont find him selfish for worry about his career. I just feel that he is very serious about his relationship and he respects his girl. Even though we have to wait for so long, but it does worth it, even if the worst scenario happen.
  3. Next day, meeting at gallery. DM chases Ryan down after the meeting but I'm not sure what they discuss. Some interview? DM is talking to her bff about it now. Hrmm she seems happy whatever it is. She pulls out her phone with her bff and messages Ryan as her fangirl self. What the heck is she imagining now lol. Omg I can't even explain it. Her and Ryan are in some enchanted forest and Ryan is made up like a lion haha whaaat. K you'll just have to watch yourself cuz I just don't know. DM seems to be extra charming as her fangirl self. Dunno what she's up to. Think Ryan tells her fangirl self that the curator is his girlfriend so stop stalking her or whatever you're doing. Guess he calls DM now and says something about the fake boyfriend thing.
  4. Ohh god, not two of them on the same day. If I see red tomorrow, you know why. Is that the preview you are talking about it? If this is the case, about time he gets kicked out of the company. He is finished with the project he was doing so there is no need for him to be there. Better he focuses on his wife and child until the bomb drops lol. I'm still waiting patiently for the day San Ha goes to collect her debts again in the Park's household lol
  5. I somewhat agree that WJ should express his love toward MM more, but in the last few episodes, he has stepped up the game. Going against his own uncle after his own grandpa died, going against the rest of his members, he even going against the members of the 6 sects to defend her. It speaks volume of his feeling toward ZM. This might sound cruel, but l somewhat glad that this version make him go through the heartbreaks and disappointments and longing before he can finally be with his MM. Through it all, he can finally learn how precious she is for him and it truly emphasis the strength of his feeling toward her. I kinda thought previous versions should have amped up the "evidence" that he truly love ZM, and this version did). Thank you again Lauren for the wonderful post and translation. Spot on and I agree with the POV. To defend WJ a bit On lighter note: Did the horse bite CYQ hand in the bts clip? I guess the horse got "scolded" by WJ. Don't mess with his Minmin. CYQ sounds so worried when she thought she accidently hurt Shuo Bude actor. I wish they released more BTS of CYQ with or without Joseph. I want more ZM
  6. SA leaving somewhere. All these fangirls swarm his car. This one girl grabs his arm and his manager pushes the girl to the ground. They drive off with a bunch of taxis full of the crazy girls following them. They arrive at next place. The one girl who had been pushed down earlier is already there and hiding in the bushes. Suddenly she steps in front of the van and all we hear is brakes screeching. Cuts to news. I think his car really did hit the girl. It's all over the news. Think Sindy writes on her blog that it's all DM 's fault so she realizes she'll have to pretend to be Ryan's girlfriend now to keep the girls from doing stupid stuff like walking in front of cars aishhh.
  7. On April 18, Park Yoochun completed his second round of police questioning with the drug investigation unit at the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency. During the questioning, the police focused on the CCTV footage they had found of Park Yoochun allegedly purchasing drugs. According to MBC, this CCTV footage shows evidence of Park Yoochun purchasing drugs using […] The post Park Yoochun Says That He Sent Payment At Hwang Ha Na’s Request + Denies Knowledge Of Drug Transaction appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. Me and u have better things tomorrow, save ur pissed off for scary face He not gonna put two and two together, he is talking with crazy SH maybe she is the one gonna put thing together - we all know she go involved when she hear the name of her ex boyfriend did I see LSH office been clean , is he out of the company as well
  9. DM arrives at gallery and goes to speak to Ryan. Unsure what they discuss. Ryan is thinking about SA's biggest fan, the blue notebook owner, aka DM. Man I can't wait for him to discover the truth hahah. Omo think he contacted her via social media. She was walking outside and saw him send a message and up it popped on her phone and she dropped her phone in shock hehe. She gonna get herself in even more trouble heh. DM and Ryan meet with the older gentleman artist I guess to discuss a new exhibition for him. He's very pleased and so is DM and even Ryan slightly smiles. Back outside, DM sees Ryan looking at her fangirl page for SA. Think Ryan believes this fangirl is a real problem and a stalker. How is DM gonna convince him she/her fangirl self isn't a stalker? Hehe
  10. woah that would really be bad, JS would feel soooo guilty I can't even imagine. I actually think that JI was the one who triggered SM's emotions because we've been seeing so many flashbacks of the time in front of the Christmas tree when young JI cutely shows young SM what 'pretty' means perhaps that's why hes also obsessive over her and watching her, mirroring the way that Kang Eun Tak is obsessive over SM's mum - who, as other people have mentioned, probably was his trigger too. The ending of ep 12 makes me really curious as to what will happen in the station. LA finds it even more traumatic than JI's kidnapping and the death of his parents??? I've been trying to think of a situation that could trump those but all I can think of is psychological torture. not too sure, but very excited for next week
  11. Soyeon uploaded a picture IG to thank drama "The Fiery Priest" team for the surprise gift to support KBS drama "My Prettiest Daughter In The World" Yoo Sun uploaded a picture as well.
  12. @Super Gal99 and @SweetLullaby I've read about an actor being offered a role in Black Dog somewhere but didn't take much notice so going to search for it and hope that it's a hottie for Super Gal99
  13. Kenneth I agree he should just say bye-bye, but for the married couple, it's really great that she can find forgiveness in her heart. I hope he would not take that for granted and will behave from now on. 982
  14. LOLLL You must have panicked there for a sec. Oh BTW. Translation to Trailer (Not that great in Chinese. Bare with me) Hae Il: I will protect it to the end. Please exile me to a place with no one. (I think the it will refer to them, which is his friends) Cut (talking to Scar face i guess) Hae il: Last time i said i give you a week, that is cancelled, I will kill anyone who stands in front of me immediately. (The tone is the voice too)
  15. I wish too. Yep, they are using the necklace. Now I'm gonna be pissed off if LSH doesn't see the necklaces that the chairman is holding in his bare hands tomorrow. This could all be solved if LSH tells his crazy San Ha what's going on. Ohh Esther, she will never be smart, NEVER lol.
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